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If you're pursuing an Engineering degree, you're preparing yourself to help change the world. Consider some of the most spectacular achievements of the past 100 years. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Space Shuttle, and even the computer you're using would not exist without the imagination of engineers. Let engineering textbooks feed your dreams of creation, whether you're ready to build the next wonder of the world, or the newest hot social network. Search for new or used textbooks representing every discipline of the boundless engineering field. Whether you are pursuing a degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, software development or other categories of the profession, the textbooks you need are a click away. You can explore every dimension of the engineering universe with our comprehensive selection of college text books. Best of all, you don't have to use your rocket science training to buy cheap textbooks. Put away that calculator and save your brainpower for NASA, because our prices for engineering textbooks add up to significant savings.

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Principles of Instrumental Analysis by Skoog, Douglas A., Holler, ... ISBN: 9780495012016 List Price: $262.95
Design of Concrete Structures by Nilson, Arthur, Darwin, Dav... ISBN: 9780073293493 List Price: $194.38
Matrix Analysis of Structures by Kassimali, Aslam ISBN: 9781111426200 List Price: $185.95
Analog Integrated Circuit Design by Johns, David A., Martin, Ke... ISBN: 9780470770108 List Price: $185.95
Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Ferdinand Pierre, DeW... ISBN: 9780073380285
Engineering Economy (15th Edition) by William G. Sullivan, Elin M... ISBN: 9780132554909 List Price: $171.00
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods by Peurifoy, Robert L., Schexn... ISBN: 9780073401126 List Price: $216.55
Degarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing by DeGarmo, E. Paul, Black, J.... ISBN: 9780470924679 List Price: $192.95
Programmable Logic Controllers by Petruzella, Frank D. ISBN: 9780073510880 List Price: $155.00
Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving by Eide, Arvid R., Jenison, Ro... ISBN: 9780073534916 List Price: $195.25
Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology by Sze, Simon M., Lee, Ming-Kwei ISBN: 9780470537947 List Price: $187.95
Engineering Circuit Analysis by Hayt, Kemmerly, Durbin ISBN: 9780073529578 List Price: $196.25
Aerospace Engineering : From the Ground Up by Senson, Ben (Ben Senson), R... ISBN: 9781435447530
Mechanics of Materials by Pytel, Andrew, Kiusalaas, Jaan ISBN: 9780495667759 List Price: $193.95
Statistical Methods for Engineers by Vining, G Geoffrey, Kowalsk... ISBN: 9780538735186 List Price: $201.95
Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard M. Felder, Ronald W... ISBN: 9780471687573
Engineering Economy by Blank, Leland, Tarquin ISBN: 9780073376301
Power System Analysis and Design, Fifth Edition by J. Duncan Glover, Mulukutla... ISBN: 9781111425777 List Price: $202.95
Solid Waste Engineering by Worrell, William A., Vesili... ISBN: 9781439062159
Digital Fundamentals by Floyd, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780132359238 List Price: $156.24
Micro and Smart Systems by Ananthasuresh, Gondi, Vinoy... ISBN: 9780470919392 List Price: $128.95
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering by McCabe, Warren L., Smith, J... ISBN: 9780072848236 List Price: $192.39
Loose Leaf Version for Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Ferdinand, Johnston, ... ISBN: 9780077430795
Elementary Principles Of Chemical Processes by Felder, Richard M., Roussea... ISBN: 9780471720638 List Price: $188.95
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