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Are you looking for books providing more information about well test analyses or mine planning? Whatever area of mining you are learning about at college, if your course is related to technology and engineering, you'll be able to find a wide selection of pre-owned books here to invest in. Buy cheap mining textbooks now and learn about surface subsidence engineering as well as open pit mines and how they are planned and designed. Every area of this discipline is covered, so you will always know exactly what to expect. From minerals and metals to case histories in the mining industry, it is simple to rent used mining text books to further your knowledge in this area. Our buyback service also means you can make money from your old books once you are finished with them. Make them available to other students instead of keeping them, and you'll see why we're such a popular website.

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Surface Mining by Kennedy, B. A. ISBN: 9780873351027 List Price: $82.00
Open Pit Mine Planning And Design by Hustrulid, Willam, Kuchta, ... ISBN: 9780415407410 List Price: $133.95
Mining Engineering Analysis by Bise, Christopher J. ISBN: 9780873352215 List Price: $99.00
Sme Mining Engineering Handbook by Hartman, Howard L. ISBN: 9780873351003 List Price: $179.00
Mining and Its Environmental Impact by Hester, R. E., Harrison, R. M. ISBN: 9780854042005 List Price: $39.95
Dreadful Month by Jackson, Carlton ISBN: 9780879722050 List Price: $17.95
International Mineral Economics - Werner Gocht - Hardcover by Gocht, W., Eggert, R. G., Z... ISBN: 9780387187495 List Price: $69.95
The Fallacy of Flexibility: Workplace Reform in the Queensland Open Cut Coal Industry by Michael Barry, Bradley Bowd... ISBN: 9781864487824 List Price: $35.00
Russia's Diamond Economy The Republic of Sakha by Tichotsky, John ISBN: 9789057024207 List Price: $89.95
Open Pit Mine Planning & Design by Hustrulid, W., Kuchta, Mark ISBN: 9780415407373 List Price: $133.95
History of the British Coal Industry Before 1700 Towards the Age of Coal by Hatcher, John ISBN: 9780198282822 List Price: $199.00
The International Tin Cartel (Routledge Explorations in Economic History) by Hillman, John ISBN: 9780415554121 List Price: $190.00
Idaho'S Bunker Hill by Aiken, Katherine G. ISBN: 9780806138985 List Price: $24.95
Solution Mining Leaching and Fluid Recovery of Materials by Bartlett, Robert W. ISBN: 9789056996338 List Price: $135.00
History of the British Coal Industry 1830-1913 Victorian Pre-Eminence by Church, Roy, Kanefsky, John... ISBN: 9780198282846 List Price: $264.00
History of the British Coal Industry 1946-1982 The Nationalized Industry by Ashworth, William, Pegg, Mark ISBN: 9780198282952 List Price: $176.00
Povysheniye Proizveditelnosti i Obshchey Ekonomicheskoy Effektivnosti Putem Vnedreniya Sovre... by Almgren, Gunnar, Berge, I.,... ISBN: 9789061917045 List Price: $305.00
Coal Towns Life, Work, and Culture in Company Towns of Southern Appalachia, 1880-1960 by Shifflett, Crandall A. ISBN: 9780870498855 List Price: $18.95
Dylife by Pound House Staff ISBN: 9780906885048
Well Test Analysis (Prentice Hall Petroleum Engineering) by Raghavan, Rajagopal, Jones ... ISBN: 9780139533655 List Price: $90.00
World Statistics on Mining and Utilities 2014 by United Nations Industrial D... ISBN: 9781783477951 List Price: $150.00
Study of a Static Screen, Jig, Spiral and a Compound Water Cyclone in a Placer Gold Recovery... by Walsh, Daniel E., Cook, Don... ISBN: 9780911043013 List Price: $10.00
Computerized Basin Analysis The Prognosis of Energy and Mineral Resources/1993 by Harff, J., Merriam, D. F. ISBN: 9780306444999 List Price: $205.00
Ancient Mines and Quarries: A Trans-Atlantic Perspective by Brewer-LaPorta, Margaret, B... ISBN: 9781842174012 List Price: $60.00
EPD Congress 2014 by Unknown ISBN: 9781118889763 List Price: $145.00
Mining in Africa Today Strategies and Prospects by Yachir, Faysal ISBN: 9780862327392 List Price: $15.00
Minerals, Energy and Economic Development in China by Dorian, James P. ISBN: 9780198287445 List Price: $75.00
Mining Engineering Analysis by Bise, Christopher J. ISBN: 9780873350570 List Price: $61.00
Mining Subsidence Engineering by Kratzsch, H., Fleming, R. F. ISBN: 9780387119304 List Price: $139.00
Thatcherism and the Fall of Coal (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies) by M. J. Parker ISBN: 9780197300251 List Price: $99.00
Sme Mining Engineering Handbook by Hartman, H.L. ISBN: 9780873351775 List Price: $179.00
Mineral Processing Design by Yarar, Baki, Dogan, Z. M. ISBN: 9789024734726 List Price: $336.00
Designing Optimal Strategies for Mineral Exploration - J. G. De Geoffroy - Hardcover by De Geoffroy, J. G., Wignall... ISBN: 9780306419775 List Price: $126.00
Magmatic Sulfide Deposits by Naldrett, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780195051193 List Price: $99.00
Gold, Silver and Uranium from Seas and Oceans The Emerging Technology by Necker, Maksymilian B. ISBN: 9781877582127 List Price: $68.00
Working for the Chessie System Olde King Coal's Prime Carrier by Toothman, Fred R. ISBN: 9780961754556 List Price: $12.95
Open Pit Mine Planning & Set Design Volume 2 by William A. Hustrulid, Mark ... ISBN: 9789054101833 List Price: $105.00
Miners and Medicine: West Virginia Memories by Frazier, Claude A., Brown, ... ISBN: 9780806124544 List Price: $21.95
Cultural Landscape Of Prehistoric Mines by Topping, Peter, Lynott, Mark ISBN: 9781842171479 List Price: $56.00
Ferric Chloride Leaching of the Delta Sulfide Ores and Gold Extraction from the Leaching Res... by Lin, H. K., Rao, P. Dharma ISBN: 9780911043082 List Price: $4.00
The Story Behind Gold by Raum, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781432923402
Coal Preparation Technology by Osborne, D. G. ISBN: 9781853330926 List Price: $899.00
Case Histories and Methods in Mineral Resource Evaluation by Annels, A. E. ISBN: 9780903317795 List Price: $107.00
Applicability of Siberian Placer Mining Technology to Alaska by Skudrzyk, F., Barker, J., W... ISBN: 9780911043129 List Price: $5.00
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