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Electrical gadgets surround us in everyday life and in the workplace. Whether we love them or loath them there is no getting away from the fact that modern day life is somewhat dependant upon them. Having a knowledge on the working of electrics can be a great advantage in life, and can lead to numerous career prospects. No matter which area you choose the focus on we have a great range of discounted electrical textbooks for you to choose from. The topics cover the fundamentals of electric circuits, circuit analysis, principles of electronic materials and devices, electronics converters, machinery fundamentals and much, much more. If you have a college reading list just use the ISBN numbers to find the exact books you need, place your order, and we'll mail your books to the address of your choice. You don't need to be a bright spark to know it makes sense to order your textbooks here online!

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Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis by J. David Irwin, Robert M. N... ISBN: 9780470633229 List Price: $155.23
Engineering Circuit Analysis by William Hayt, Jack Kemmerly... ISBN: 9780073529578 List Price: $164.86
The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits by Roland E. Thomas, Albert J.... ISBN: 9781118065587
Introduction to Electric Circuits by Dorf, Richard C., Svoboda, ... ISBN: 9780470521571 List Price: $201.95
Circuit Analysis: Theory and Practice by Allan H. Robbins, Wilhelm C... ISBN: 9781133937692 List Price: $280.95
Adaptive Filter Theory by Haykin, Simon ISBN: 9780130901262 List Price: $164.00
Electric Motors and Control Systems by Petruzella, Frank D. ISBN: 9780073521824 List Price: $105.00
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander, Charles, Sadiku,... ISBN: 9780077263195 List Price: $186.88
Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering by Irwin, J. David, Kerns, Dav... ISBN: 9780139239700 List Price: $126.00
Introductory Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineering by Nilsson, James W., Riedel, ... ISBN: 9780130198556 List Price: $142.00
Electric Machines by Gross, Charles A. ISBN: 9780849385810 List Price: $119.95
Contemporary Electric Circuits Insights and Analysis by Strangeway, Robert, Peterse... ISBN: 9780131115286 List Price: $156.60
Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics by Bertrard Singer, Harry Fors... ISBN: 9780028050225 List Price: $166.28
Digital Signal Processing Spectral Computation and Filter Design by Chen, Chi-Tsong ISBN: 9780195136388 List Price: $147.00
Industrial Electricity by Brumbach, Michael ISBN: 9781435483743 List Price: $125.95
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering by Nasar, Syed A., Cathey, Jim... ISBN: 9780070113558 List Price: $17.95
Lines and Fields in Electronic Technology by Stanley, William D., Harrin... ISBN: 9780024156549 List Price: $159.40
Electric Motor Control by Herman, Stephen ISBN: 9781435485754 List Price: $131.95
Electric Circuits (10th Edition) by James W. Nilsson, Susan Riedel ISBN: 9780133760033 List Price: $243.20
Introductory Dc/Ac Circuits by Cook, Nigel P. ISBN: 9780131140066 List Price: $163.40
Electric Circuit Anal.-w/spice Ref.gde. by Johnson, David E., Johnson,... ISBN: 9780132524797 List Price: $104.95
Electric Machinery and Transformers by Guru, Bhag S., Hiziroglu, H... ISBN: 9780195138900 List Price: $152.00
Practical Engineering Design by Maja, Bystrom, Eisenstein, ... ISBN: 9780824723217 List Price: $85.95
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