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Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Fut... by Richard T. Wright List Price: $138.40
Rent it For: $22.38
Save: $116.02 (83%)
Prentice Hall Real Nursing Skills Basic Nursing... by Prentice-Hall Staff, Pearson Education Staff List Price: $76.95
Rent it For: $5.00
Save: $71.95 (93%)
The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mini... by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman List Price: $89.95
Rent it For: $39.20
Save: $50.75 (56%)
Clinical Psychology, 7th Edition (with InfoTrac) by Timothy J. Trull List Price: $326.95
Rent it For: $21.38
Save: $305.57 (93%)
Health Care Management: Organization Design and... by Stephen M. Shortell, Arnold D. Kaluzny List Price: $186.95
Rent it For: $21.15
Save: $165.80 (88%)
Looking Out/ Looking in by Adler, Ronald B., Proctor, Russell F., II, Towne, Neil List Price: $129.95
Rent it For: $19.99
Save: $109.96 (84%)
Reasearch Methods Knowledge Base by Trochim, William, Donnelly, James P., Trochim, William M. K. List Price: $134.95
Rent it For: $24.91
Save: $110.04 (81%)
Financial Management Theory and Practice by Brigham, Eugene F., Ehrhardt, Michael C. List Price: $236.95
Rent it For: $21.16
Save: $215.79 (91%)
Contemporary Sport Management - 3rd Edition by Janet Parks, Jerome Quarterman, Lucie Thibault List Price: $78.00
Rent it For: $5.00
Save: $73.00 (93%)
Understanding Art (with ArtExperience CD-ROM) by Lois Fichner-Rathus List Price: $218.95
Rent it For: $21.45
Save: $197.50 (90%)