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Why rent textbooks from ValoreBooks.com?

Let's be honest here. There are very few books you're going to keep after graduation. Along with that thumbtacked Katy Perry poster, most of your college textbooks are going to be history - and we don't mean the class subject. When you rent your books from ValoreBooks.com not only will you come out way ahead on costs, but you can choose to keep the books for as long as you want. Plus, renting books is eco-friendly...and almost as trendy as Katy Perry.

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The cost of textbooks is staggering and increases every term. When you rent textbooks online, you'll save up to $500 a year on average (gasp!). Think of what you could do with all that extra money. Fund a fierce internship wardrobe? Afford your med school or law school applications? Do it up in Vegas? Oh, the places you'll go! For vacation destination ideas, simply consult with a passionate Earth Science major on some of nature's most stunning locations, beautifully illustrated in Earth 10th Edition.

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Getting your textbooks on time is as important as showing up to class. Simply choose your textbook rentals and choose the shipping option that suits you best. You can even have your books expedited and receive them in 2-5 business days! Let us take care of the return shipping. At ValoreBooks.com, rental return shipping is always on the house regardless of your order size. It's that easy to get the books you want when you need them!

Choose the length of your rental

Another one of the awesome benefits of textbook rental is that you choose the length of time you want to rent textbooks. We know that each course and curriculum is different, so we've made our rentals uber flexible. The most popular terms are quarter and semester rentals, but you can pick any length that works for you. This way, you Human Health majors can keep your copy of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Edition text for exactly as long as it takes to peruse the "Substance Use and Abuse" chapter and decide if there's any cause for concern. Perhaps you'll opt for a longer rental period for the ever-popular Fit & Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness. Lord knows it wouldn't hurt to read and reread the sections on personal safety and appropriate stress management.

Giddyup, Partner

College is the Wild West, and it's every student for him or herself out there. Win the showdown with hassle and save yourself some bags of money when you saddle up for college book rentals from ValoreBooks.com. Now giddyup and lasso those textbooks before sundown. After all, you'll need that lasso for Vegas. Yee-haw!

These are just a few of the key benefits of putting your trust in ValoreBooks.com. Whatever reason you might have, rest assured that you will always get the textbook you need, as quickly as possible, and at the best prices available. And we will ship them to you for $1.99 with FREE shipping on returns!

Textbook rental SavingsView Top Textbook Rentals
Fundamentals of Management by Griffin, Miriam, Griffin, Ricky W. List Price: $175.95
Rent it For: $15.50 Save: $160.45 (91%)
Leadership Theory And Practice by Northouse, Peter G. List Price: $73.95
Rent it For: $25.26 Save: $48.69 (65%)
Human Resource Managment by Mathis, Robert L., Jackson, John H. List Price: $227.95
Rent it For: $17.36 Save: $210.59 (92%)
Drugs and Society by Hanson, Glen, Venturelli, Peter J., Fleckenstein, Annette E. List Price: $120.95
Rent it For: $17.30 Save: $103.65 (85%)