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Communication Systems 5E by Haykin, Simon, Haykin, Simon ISBN: 9780471697909 List Price: $142.95
Principles of Communications by Ziemer, Rodger E., Tranter,... ISBN: 9780470252543 List Price: $201.95
Digital Communications by Proakis, John G., Salehi, M... ISBN: 9780072957167 List Price: $198.75
Fundamentals of Communication Systems by Proakis, John G., Salehi, M... ISBN: 9780131471351 List Price: $164.00
Electronic Media: An Introduction by Gross, Lynne Schafer S., Fi... ISBN: 9780073378862 List Price: $126.88
Modern Electronic Communication by Miller, Gary M., Beasley, J... ISBN: 9780132251136 List Price: $160.00
Satellite Communications by Timothy Pratt, Charles W. B... ISBN: 9780471370079
Electronic Commuications Principles and Systems by Stanley, William, Jeffords,... ISBN: 9781418000035 List Price: $173.95
Media Now : Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology by Straubhaar, Joseph, LaRose,... ISBN: 9781439082577
Using Information Technology by Williams, Brian K., Sawyer,... ISBN: 9780073516752 List Price: $100.63
Digital Communication by Barry, John R., Lee, Edward... ISBN: 9780792375487 List Price: $115.00
Principles of Communication Engineering by Wozencraft, John M., Jacobs... ISBN: 9780881335545 List Price: $90.95
Data, Voice and Video Cabling by Hayes, Jim, Rosenberg, Paul ISBN: 9781428334724 List Price: $78.95
CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual by Cisco Networking Academy Pr... ISBN: 9781587133046
Communication Networking An Analytical Approach by Kumar, Anurag, Manjunath, D... ISBN: 9780124287518 List Price: $107.00
Digital and Analog Communication Systems by Couch, Leon W. ISBN: 9780131424920 List Price: $173.00
Schaum's Outline of Signals and Systems (Schaum's Outline Series) by Hsu, Hwei P. ISBN: 9780071634724 List Price: $22.00
Digital Signal Processing by Oppenheim, Alan V., Schafer... ISBN: 9780132146357 List Price: $152.00
Introduction to Spread-Spectrum Communications by Peterson, Roger L., Borth, ... ISBN: 9780024316233 List Price: $165.00
Network Society by van Dijk, Jan A. G M. ISBN: 9781446248966
Introduction to Communication Systems by Stremler, Ferrel G. ISBN: 9780201184983 List Price: $164.00
Advanced Electronic Communications Systems by Tomasi, Wayne ISBN: 9780130453501 List Price: $137.80
Network Management Principles and Practice by Subramanian, Mani ISBN: 9780201357424 List Price: $105.20
Contemporary Communications System Using Matlab and Simulink by Proakis, John G., Salehi, M... ISBN: 9780534406172 List Price: $84.95
Human Communication on the Internet by Shedletsky, Leonard, Aitken... ISBN: 9780205360314 List Price: $80.00
Communication Electronics Principles and Applications by Frenzel, Louis E., Jr., Fre... ISBN: 9780028048376
Text Messaging by Alberti, John ISBN: 9780618722235 List Price: $90.95
Electronic Communications : A System Approach by Beasley, Jeff, Miller, Gary... ISBN: 9780132988636 List Price: $137.33
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