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Technology and engineering is a vast area to learn about, but if you are interested in fuel and power, you're in the right place. You can buy cheap power resources textbooks here today and learn about electrical and nuclear fuels to name just two. We also stock text books on fossil fuels and alternative and renewable fuels, so you have everything you need. Invest in the opportunity to rent used power resources textbooks now and see how easy it is to get access to the cheapest text books online for college students today. From Alternative Energy Systems by Hodge, to Power System Analysis and Design, written by multiple authors, it is simple to find the textbooks you need to get ahead in college. We add new titles all the time as well, thanks to our buyback service. Don't hesitate to add to our collection if you have books you wish to sell - and make money from.

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Power System Analysis and Design, Fifth Edition by J. Duncan Glover, Mulukutla... ISBN: 9781111425777 List Price: $202.95
Energy Environment & Climate by Morling, Beth, Wolfson, Ric... ISBN: 9780393912746
Energy and the Environment by Ristinen, Robert A., Kraush... ISBN: 9780471739890 List Price: $125.95
Power System Analysis by Grainger, John J., Stevenso... ISBN: 9780070612938 List Price: $203.44
Powerplant Technology by El-Wakil, M. M. ISBN: 9780072871029 List Price: $182.19
Energy for Sustainability by Randolph, John, Masters, Gi... ISBN: 9781597261036 List Price: $90.00
Power System Analysis & Design, SI Version by Glover, J. Duncan, Sarma, M... ISBN: 9781111425791 List Price: $222.95
Electrical Power and Controls by Skvarenina, Timothy L., DeW... ISBN: 9780131130456 List Price: $168.40
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering by Lamarsh, John R., Baratta, ... ISBN: 9780201824988 List Price: $180.67
Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering by Shultis, J. Kenneth, Faw, R... ISBN: 9781420051353 List Price: $109.95
Nuclear Reactor Analysis by Duderstadt, James J., Hamil... ISBN: 9780471223634 List Price: $195.95
Energy by Dukert, Joseph M. ISBN: 9780313348778 List Price: $55.00
Alternative Energy Systems by Hodge, B. K., Hodge ISBN: 9780470142509 List Price: $128.95
Electronic Transmission Technology by Sinnema, William ISBN: 9780132524124 List Price: $160.40
Electromechanical Energy Devices and Power Systems by Yamayee, Zia A., Bala, Juan... ISBN: 9780471572176 List Price: $159.95
Energy, Environment, and Climate Change by Wolfson, Richard ISBN: 9780393927634 List Price: $105.75
Power System Analysis by Charles A. Gross ISBN: 9780471862062
Symmetrical Components for Power Systems Engineering by Blackburn, J Lewis ISBN: 9780824787677 List Price: $96.95
Energy, Physics and the Environment by McFarland, E. L., Hunt, J. ... ISBN: 9781426624339 List Price: $52.95
Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology by Hunt, John M. ISBN: 9780716724414 List Price: $107.95
Power System Operations and Electricity Markets by Denny, Fred I., Dismukes, D... ISBN: 9780849308130 List Price: $99.95
Coal-Bearing Depositional Systems by Diessel, C. F. ISBN: 9780387525167 List Price: $170.00
Power Systems Analysis and Design by Glover, J. Duncan, Sarma, M... ISBN: 9780534548841 List Price: $200.95
Nuclear Systems II Elements of Thermal Hydraulic Design by Todreas, Neil E., Kazimi, M... ISBN: 9781560320791 List Price: $139.95
Underground Storage of Natural Gas Theory and Practice by Tek, M. Rasin ISBN: 9780792303381 List Price: $346.00
Radioactive Waste Management by Saling, James H., Fentiman,... ISBN: 9781560328421 List Price: $167.95
Elements of Power Sys.analysis (cloth) by Stevenson, William D., Jr. ISBN: 9780070612785 List Price: $84.25
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