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This is a complex subject that deals with the design of biological systems and processes that enable us to convert raw products into consumable products while expending the minimum amount of energy and having the lowest impact on the environment as possible. Careers in biochemical engineering can be incredibly diverse, working in industries such as healthcare, tissue engineering or even the brewing of beer! We have a great range of cheap chemical and biochemical textbooks to buy online which will help you with your studies of this complex subject. Not only are our new and used chemical and biochemical textbooks all in great condition, but they are also far cheaper than you will find them elsewhere. Your college bookstore will probably have all the same textbooks as us, but they will charge you a much heftier price than we will. Do yourself a favor and save you precious money by buying your chemical and biochemical textbooks here.

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Process Technology Equipment and Systems by Thomas, Charles E. ISBN: 9781435499126 List Price: $101.95
Process Systems Analysis and Control by Coughanowr, Donald R., LeBl... ISBN: 9780073397894 List Price: $194.69
Inorganic Membrane Reactors : Fundamentals and Applications by Tan, Xiaoyao, Li, Kang ISBN: 9781118672846 List Price: $155.00
Novel Process Windows : For Enabling, Speeding-Up and Uplifting Chemistry by Hessel, Volker, Kralisch, D... ISBN: 9783527328581 List Price: $175.00
Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook by Perry, Robert H., Green, Do... ISBN: 9780071422949 List Price: $199.00
Design of Multiphase Reactors by Pangarkar ISBN: 9781118807569 List Price: $120.00
Optimization of Chemical Processes by Edgar, Thomas F., Himmelbla... ISBN: 9780070393592
Process Technology Equipment by Center for the Advancement ... ISBN: 9780137004126 List Price: $99.20
Introduction to Process Technology by Pearson Custom Publishing S... ISBN: 9780536175014 List Price: $154.60
Introduction to Process Technology, 3E by Thomas, Charles E. ISBN: 9781435454255 List Price: $88.95
Analysis,synthesis+design...-w/cd by Turton, Richard, Bailie, Ri... ISBN: 9780135705650 List Price: $86.25
Process Pipe Drafting by Shumaker, Terence M. ISBN: 9781590702475 List Price: $62.64
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering by McCabe, Warren L., Harriott... ISBN: 9780070393660 List Price: $144.85
Bioseparations Science and Engineering by Harrison, Roger G., Todd, P... ISBN: 9780195123401 List Price: $130.00
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Smith, J. M., Van Ness, Hen... ISBN: 9780072402964 List Price: $137.50
Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by Kotz, John C., Treichel, Paul ISBN: 9780030237621 List Price: $134.95
Chemical Engineering : An Introduction by Denn, Morton ISBN: 9781107669376 List Price: $48.00
Product and Process Design Principles: Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation by Warren D. Seider, J. D. Sea... ISBN: 9780471216636
Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Darby, Ron ISBN: 9780824704445 List Price: $83.95
Process Modelling and Model Analysis by Hangos, Katalin, Cameron, I... ISBN: 9780121569310 List Price: $139.00
MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING by Varma, Arvind, Morbidelli, ... ISBN: 9780195098211 List Price: $147.00
Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems by Faghri, Amir, Zhang, Yuwen ISBN: 9780123706102 List Price: $108.00
Chemical Product Design by Cussler, E. L., Moggridge, ... ISBN: 9780521168229 List Price: $65.00
Applied Mathematical Methods for Chemical Engineers by Loney, Norman W. ISBN: 9780849397783 List Price: $109.95
Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering by Davis, Mark E., Davis, Robe... ISBN: 9780486488554 List Price: $27.95
Introduction to Material and Energy Balances by Reklaitis, G. V. ISBN: 9780471041313 List Price: $88.76
Safety, Health and Environment by Center for the Advancement ... ISBN: 9780536258434 List Price: $113.27
Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow by Brennen, Christopher ISBN: 9780521139984 List Price: $74.00
Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers by Rice, Richard G., Do, Duong D. ISBN: 9780471303770 List Price: $168.95
Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design by Froment, Gilbert F., Bischo... ISBN: 9780471510444 List Price: $98.56
Analysis of Transport Phenomena by Deen, William M. ISBN: 9780195084948 List Price: $139.00
Introduction to Process Technology by Thomas, Charles ISBN: 9781418028626 List Price: $97.95
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering by McCabe, Warren L., Smith, J... ISBN: 9780070448445 List Price: $95.31
Chemical Reaction Engineering A First Course by Metcalfe, Ian S. ISBN: 9780198565383 List Price: $25.00
Application of Electro-Ultrafiltration in Agricultural Production by Nemeth, K. ISBN: 9789024726417 List Price: $80.50
Inorganic Chemistry of Materials How to Make Things Out of Elements by Van der Put, P. J. ISBN: 9780306457319 List Price: $143.00
Modelling and Simulation in Thermal and Chemical Engineering A Bond Graph Approach by Thoma, Jean U., Bouamama, B... ISBN: 9783540663881 List Price: $149.00
Heterogeneous Catalysis : Fundamentals and Applications by Ross, Julian R. H. ISBN: 9780444533630 List Price: $155.00
Chemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design by Towler, Gavin, Sinnott, R. K. ISBN: 9780750684231 List Price: $91.95
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