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Do you want to buy cheap environmental textbooks on topics including waste management and pollution control? We can provide discounted titles in this area and we have more than one thousand text books to look through. Our rental service means you can also rent used environmental textbooks on such topics as the water supply, so you can further your education in your relevant college course. We provide clear pricing for purchases and rentals, and you will see exactly how much you are saving on the typical list prices as well. With savings reaching way over 50% in many cases, we can make your college budget go way further than you may have thought. Buy Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science or invest in your own copy of Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse. Alternatively, why not rent Environmental Engineering Science? The choice is yours. Sell back your text book later too if you wish.

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Solid Waste Engineering by Worrell, William A., Vesili... ISBN: 9781439062159
Water Supply and Pollution Control by Viessman, Warren, Jr., Hamm... ISBN: 9780132337175 List Price: $184.00
Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse by Tchobanoglous, George, Burt... ISBN: 9780070418783 List Price: $205.31
Environmental Engineering Science by Nazaroff, William W., Alvar... ISBN: 9780471144946 List Price: $172.95
Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Vesilind, P. Aarne, Morgan,... ISBN: 9780495295839 List Price: $186.95
Natural Hazards and Disasters by Hyndman, Donald, Hyndman, D... ISBN: 9780538737524 List Price: $152.95
Principles of Environmental Engineering and Science by Masten, Susan J. ISBN: 9780073122359 List Price: $182.50
Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Cornwell, David A., Davis, ... ISBN: 9780072424119 List Price: $188.13
Environmental Information Systems by G√ľnther, Oliver ISBN: 9783540609261 List Price: $89.95
Biological Wastewater Treatment by Grady, Jr., C.P. Leslie, C... ISBN: 9780849396793 List Price: $119.95
Industrial Water Quality by Englande, Andrew, Jr., Ford... ISBN: 9780071548663 List Price: $160.00
Introduction to Engineering and the Environment by Rubin, Edward S., Davidson,... ISBN: 9780072354676 List Price: $116.75
Water Reuse Issues, Technology, and Applications by Metcalf and Eddy Staff, Asa... ISBN: 9780071459273 List Price: $139.00
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials by Meyer, Eugene ISBN: 9780135041598 List Price: $94.67
The Sanitary City by Melosi, Martin V. ISBN: 9780822959830 List Price: $27.95
Water in Environmental Planning by Dunne, Thomas, Leopold, Lun... ISBN: 9780716700791 List Price: $76.58
Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Mines, Richard O., Lackey, ... ISBN: 9780132347471 List Price: $53.00
Hazardous Materials Operations by Weber, Chris R. ISBN: 9780132190275 List Price: $56.00
Statistics for Environmental Engineers by Berthouex, Paul Mac, Brown,... ISBN: 9781566705929 List Price: $95.95
Industrial Wastewater Management by Water Environment Federation ISBN: 9780071592383
Flammable Hazardous Material by Kenley, Scott W., Meidl, Ja... ISBN: 9780023801365 List Price: $136.00
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