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For most people the language and style of writing used within engineering is like another language. Our discounted technical writing textbooks will introduce you to this 'language' and before you know it you'll be fluent. An important part of studying engineering is being able to communicate your work, and the technical writing textbooks will instruct you on how to go about doing that appropriately. It is an important skill to have in order to enter the engineering industry. Technical engineering writing is universal and breaches geographical boundaries, so once you have mastered it you will be able to use it wherever you end up working in the world. So getting a decent technical writing textbook now is a great investment. We deliver new and pre-owned technical writing textbooks to the address of your choice. By avoiding the lengthy checkout lines in bookstores you will have more time to practice your technical writing skills! Once you have finished your course you can sell your technical writing textbooks back to us.

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Technical Communication Today by Johnson-Sheehan, Richard ISBN: 9780205171194 List Price: $102.67
Handbook of Technical Writing by Alred, Gerald J., Brusaw, C... ISBN: 9780312679453
Technical Communication Strategies for Today by Richard Johnson-Sheehan ISBN: 9780205739417 List Price: $91.00
Technical Communication (12th Edition) by John M. Lannon, Laura J. Gurak ISBN: 9780205779642 List Price: $120.80
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper by Day, Robert A., Gastel, Bar... ISBN: 9780313391958 List Price: $55.00
Oral Presentations for Technical Communication by Gurak, Laura J., Dragga, Sam ISBN: 9780205294152 List Price: $87.00
Technical Editing by Nowlin, Barry, Amare, Nicol... ISBN: 9780131196773 List Price: $93.40
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper by Day, Robert A., Gastel, Bar... ISBN: 9780313391972 List Price: $29.95
Writing up Qualitative Research by Wolcott, Harry F. ISBN: 9781412970112 List Price: $49.95
Technical Writing for Success (Applied English) by Darlene Smith-Worthington, ... ISBN: 9780538450485 List Price: $92.95
Reporting Technical Information by Houp, Kenneth W., Pearsall,... ISBN: 9780195178791 List Price: $89.95
Technically-Write! by Blicq, Ronald S., Moretto, ... ISBN: 9780131148789 List Price: $106.20
Engineer's Guide To Technical Communication by Sorby, Sheryl A., Bulleit, ... ISBN: 9780130482426 List Price: $59.60
Technical Communication: A Practical Approach by Pfeiffer, William S., Adkin... ISBN: 9780135000502 List Price: $103.33
Elements of Technical Writing by Pearsall, Thomas E., Cargil... ISBN: 9780205583812 List Price: $33.20
Technical Communication by Rebecca E. Burnett ISBN: 9781413001891 List Price: $221.95
Technical Communication by Mike Markel ISBN: 9780312692162
A Guide to Writing as an Engineer by Beer, David F., McMurrey, D... ISBN: 9780470417010 List Price: $65.95
Technical Communication by Markel, Mike ISBN: 9780312485979 List Price: $94.88
Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace by Laura J. Gurak, John M. Lannon ISBN: 9780205698240 List Price: $82.33
The Essentials of Technical Communication by Tebeaux, Elizabeth, Dragga,... ISBN: 9780195384222 List Price: $51.95
A Short Guide to Writing about Biology by Pechenik, Jan A. ISBN: 9780205667277 List Price: $43.40
Technical Communication Today (3rd Edition) by Richard Johnson-Sheehan ISBN: 9780205632442 List Price: $108.00
Business and Technical Writing by Agency for Instructional Te... ISBN: 9780538432856 List Price: $47.95
WorkPlace Communications by Searles, George J. ISBN: 9780205603367 List Price: $66.67
Technical Communication by Mike Markel ISBN: 9780312441975
Writing Skills for Technical Students by Delaware Technical and Comm... ISBN: 9780132391986 List Price: $86.60
Short Guide to Writing About Biology by Pechenik, Jan A. ISBN: 9780321159816 List Price: $44.20
Elements of Technical Writing by Blake, Gary, Bly, Robert W. ISBN: 9780020130857 List Price: $9.95
Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences by McMillan, Victoria E. ISBN: 9780312258573 List Price: $26.30
Technical Writing Process and Product by Gerson, Sharon, Gerson, Steven ISBN: 9780131196643 List Price: $95.20
Resources in Technical Communication Outcomes and Approaches by Selfe, Cynthia L., Sides, C... ISBN: 9780895033741 List Price: $67.95
The Portable Technical Writer by William Murdick, Jonathan C... ISBN: 9780395986332 List Price: $66.95
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