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At ValoreBooks - we know college textbooks. We have been in this game for a very long time, since 2002 to be exact, and we consider ourselves to be experts on textbooks for college. So to showcase our knowledge of the top college textbooks available, we put our engineers to work and they created an algorithm which populates not only the top titles our customers are buying, but also the most searched for textbooks based on volume. The result is the list of top textbooks for college you see below.

The list of top textbooks for college below includes a variety of titles and subjects. This list includes textbooks which are consistently purchased by our customers, top sellers as reviewed by professors, as well as top textbooks for college which have received outstanding recommendations and were written by respected scholars. One such textbook is Biology with MasteringBiology. Did you know that this is the best-selling biology textbook in the world? That's right, those clever scientists Neil Campbell and Jane Reece put together what is singlehandedly the unsurpassed top textbook title in introductory biology.

We hope that our engineers have helped you by providing you with this ever important list of top textbooks for college - which will surely propel you on your way to greatness and world domination. So study and study hard, because at the very least, a good education will help you land that first internship. If you are unsure about buying textbooks online checkout our buy textbooks FAQ to learn more.

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Elementary Statistics by Triola, Mario F. ISBN: 9780321836960 List Price: $175.33
Organizational Behavior by Robbins, Stephen P., Judge,... ISBN: 9780133507645 List Price: $227.80
Management Information Systems by Laudon, Kenneth C., Laudon,... ISBN: 9780133050691 List Price: $230.00
Management by Robbins, Coulter, Mary ISBN: 9780133043600 List Price: $239.00
My Math Lab Student Access Kit by Mathematics, Addison-Wesley ISBN: 9780321199911 List Price: $86.67
Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Ferdinand, Johnston, ... ISBN: 9780073398235
International Business by Daniels, John, Radebaugh, L... ISBN: 9780133457230 List Price: $227.80
Rules for Writers by Hacker, Diana, Sommers, Nancy ISBN: 9780312647360
System Dynamics by William Palm III ISBN: 9780073398068
Principles of Heat Transfer by Kreith, Frank, Bohn, Mark, ... ISBN: 9780495667704 List Price: $199.95
Loose Leaf Version for Human Biology by Mader, Sylvia ISBN: 9780077596101
Loose-Leaf Crafting and Executing Strategy: the Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts an... by Thompson, Arthur, Gamble, J... ISBN: 9780077537104 List Price: $184.48
Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Carolyn Jarvis PhD APN CNP ISBN: 9781437701517 List Price: $105.00
Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World (6th Edition) by Joseph Valacich, Christoph ... ISBN: 9780132971218 List Price: $209.20
Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology by Shier, David, Butler, Jacki... ISBN: 9780078024290
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by Borgnakke, Moran, Michael J... ISBN: 9780470495902 List Price: $210.95
The Developing Person Through the Life Span by Berger, Berger, Kathleen St... ISBN: 9781429232036 List Price: $161.25
Practical Argument : A Text and Anthology by Kirszner, Laurie G., Mandel... ISBN: 9781457622373
Thermodynamics for Engineers by Kenneth A. Kroos, Merle C. ... ISBN: 9781133112860 List Price: $194.95
Public Finance by Rosen, Gayer ISBN: 9780078021688
Essentials of Geology 4E by Marshak ISBN: 9780393919394 List Price: $90.92
We the People : An Introduction to American Politics by Ginsberg, Benjamin, Lowi, T... ISBN: 9780393921106 List Price: $23.44
Global Marketing Management by Kotabe, Masaaki (Mike), Hel... ISBN: 9781118466483 List Price: $218.95
Leadership Experience by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9781435462854 List Price: $321.95
Merrill's Pocket Guide to Radiography, 12e by Eugene D. Frank MA RT(R) ... ISBN: 9780323073325 List Price: $44.95
Traffic and Highway Engineering by Nicholas J. Garber, Lester ... ISBN: 9781133605157 List Price: $198.95
Organic Chemistry by Vollhardt, K. Peter C., Sch... ISBN: 9781429204941 List Price: $148.00
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