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Every piece of writing comes from an individual source and is subject to criticism. Literature criticism textbooks comprise of analysis and opinions by experts who consider the value of different literature works so that they may discuss them according to their own logic.

Collection of literary criticism textbooks
If you are looking for literary criticism textbooks, then you can search the diverse and interesting collection available at Valore Books. The different types of literary criticism such as feminist, formalist, historical, psychological are all available, as each covers the distinct approaches and techniques used by different authors and different interpretations of literature produced at different times throughout history. Readers can review literary criticism on English, American or European writers, romantic writers, literature of the western world, children's literature, fairytales, fiction, drama, poetry and famous authors (e.g. Shakespeare).

Worth of Literary criticism textbooks
Literary criticism textbooks are quite helpful for students and scholars, as these books discuss literature while paying special attention to themes and motifs, expression, cultural and literary significance and the impact of the demonstrated language. Criticism is extremely exciting, as many times, critics challenge certain ideological norms. Critics continually address questions that cause readers to think deeper so that they may hone the ability to think critically.

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A Glossary of Literary Terms by Abrams, M. H. (M. H. Abrams... ISBN: 9780495898023 List Price: $53.95
Introduction to Literature, An (16th Edition) by Barnet, Sylvan, Burto, Will... ISBN: 9780205633098 List Price: $80.00
Handbook to Literature, A (12th Edition) by Harmon, Harmon, William ISBN: 9780205024018 List Price: $55.00
Dubliners by Joyce, James, Norris, Margo... ISBN: 9780393978513 List Price: $79.28
Waste Land Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism by Equiano, Olaudah, North, Mi... ISBN: 9780393974997 List Price: $12.50
The Art of the Short Story by Gioia, Dana, Gwynn, R. S. ISBN: 9780321363633 List Price: $19.60
Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms by Murfin, Ross C., Ray, Supry... ISBN: 9780312461881 List Price: $46.45
Preface to Paradise Lost by Lewis, C. S. ISBN: 9780195003451 List Price: $19.95
Understanding Poetry by Brooks, Cleanth, Warren, Ro... ISBN: 9780030769801 List Price: $112.95
Dracula (Norton Critical Editions) by Stoker, Bram, Auerbach, Nin... ISBN: 9780393970128 List Price: $14.20
Beowulf A Verse Translation by Heaney, Seamus, Donoghue, D... ISBN: 9780393975802 List Price: $83.64
The Complete Works of Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205606283 List Price: $98.20
Litterature Francaise Textes Et Contextes by Berg, Robert J., Leroy, Fab... ISBN: 9780470002919 List Price: $120.95
Critical Theory Since Plato by Adams, Hazard, Adams, Hazar... ISBN: 9780155055049 List Price: $153.95
Bible As Literature An Introduction by Gabel, John B., Citino, Dav... ISBN: 9780195179071 List Price: $59.95
A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature by Guerin, Wilfred, Labor, Ear... ISBN: 9780195394726 List Price: $52.95
Portrait of a Lady An Authoritative Text Henry James and the Novel Reviews and Criticism by James, Henry, Bamberg, Robe... ISBN: 9780393966466 List Price: $18.50
English Renaissance Drama A Norton Anthology by Bevington, David, Engle, La... ISBN: 9780393976557 List Price: $67.45
Concise Anthology of American Literature by McMichael, George L., Leona... ISBN: 9780131937925 List Price: $92.20
Sense and Sensibility Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism by Johnson, Claudia L. ISBN: 9780393977516 List Price: $67.49
The Necessary Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205652167 List Price: $76.60
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