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Old items and antiques are precious treasures that reflect a particular age or time period. They may be valued for their rarity, unique features, and historical worth. People have always been interested in discovering the significance of such precious pieces, which may be collected for business, pleasure, or educational purposes. But only people who understand the worth of such collectibles can appreciate them. For such people, there are plenty of antiques and collectibles textbooks available. These books aim to share information regarding antiques and collectibles. At ValoreBooks, you can search for and compare prices on these books, finding them at prices you can actually afford.

Value of antiques and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks uncover the worth of the items they discuss, focusing on the historical significance. These books contain a lot of valuable information that may be useful for those who are doing research.

Range of antique and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks cover their subjects from unique angles that include: the methods of preserving these valued items, their origin, the artistic value they represent, and information on how to buy or sell them. These books also cover topics including: learning about the identity and value of antiques and collectibles, tips for buying the right art items, and getting to know the price guides for antiques. In addition to these, you can find information on archaeological collections, marble antiques, precious gems, museum collectibles, classic antiques, Byzantine and early Mediaeval antiques, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese antiques, English pottery, and more.

Purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks
The purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks is to share knowledge on these collections for educational and informational purposes.

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Yu-gi-oh! Trading Card Game Official Card Catalog by Stratton, Stephen ISBN: 9780761551621 List Price: $14.99
Bottle Biology An Idea Book for Exploring the World Through Plastic Bottles and Other Recycl... by University of Wisconsin Sta... ISBN: 9780840386014 List Price: $27.95
Blue Book of gun Values - S. P. Fjestad - Paperback - REV by Fjestad, S. P. ISBN: 9781886768215 List Price: $34.95
Coin Atlas: The World of Coinage from Its Origins to the Present Day - Joe Cribb - Hardcover by Cribb, Joe, Cook, Barrie, C... ISBN: 9780816020973 List Price: $45.00
Collecting Baseball Memorabilia A Handbook by Zachofsky, Dan ISBN: 9780786407613 List Price: $24.95
Barbie Culture by Rogers, Mary F. ISBN: 9780761958888 List Price: $53.95
They Know Who They Are by Larsen, Mike, Larsen, Martha ISBN: 9780979785849
Coinage in Roman Egypt The Hoard Evidence by Christiansen, Erik ISBN: 9788772889641 List Price: $29.95
Stamp-Seals of Ancient Cyprus by Reyes, A. T. ISBN: 9780947816520 List Price: $65.00
Managerial Economics: Theory, Practice, and Problems by Douglas, Evan J. ISBN: 9780135502105
Detective Work with Ballistics by West, David, Boccanfuso, Em... ISBN: 9781404214354 List Price: $14.05
Baruch Collection The Bernard M. and Annie Griffen Baruch Silver Collection by McKissick Museum Staff ISBN: 9780872499591 List Price: $25.00
Principles of Flat Pattern Design by MacDonald, Nora M. ISBN: 9781563672361 List Price: $98.00
Medieval Islamic Swords and Swordmaking Kindi's Treatise "On Swords and Their Kinds" (Editi... by Hoyland, Robert G., Gilmour... ISBN: 9780906094525 List Price: $55.00
Morgantina Studies by Butt, T., Erim, K. T., Grov... ISBN: 9780691040134
Antique Furniture: A Basic Primer on Furniture Featuring 25 Distinct Periods by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9781422351628 List Price: $13.00
American Comic Strip Collections, 1884-1939: The Evolutionary Phase by Gifford, Dennis ISBN: 9780816172702 List Price: $55.00
Alexander's Drachm Mints I Sardes and Miletur by Thompson, Margaret ISBN: 9780897221931 List Price: $55.00
Conservation Science Heritage Materials by May, Eric, Jones, M. ISBN: 9780854046591 List Price: $79.95
Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards by Thompson, Margaret, Kraay, ... ISBN: 9780897220682 List Price: $60.00
Bker Pottry Guide to Britn Vl 1-2 by Clarke, Grahame ISBN: 9780521072496 List Price: $160.00
Know Your Ruger Single Action: The Second Decade 63-73 by Dougan, John C. ISBN: 9780941540155 List Price: $19.95
Magic and Romance of Art Dolls by Farago, Stephanie, Dennison... ISBN: 9780935363005 List Price: $49.95
Clearly Art Pilchuck's Glass Legacy by Herman, Lloyd E. ISBN: 9780938506003 List Price: $19.95
Coinage of the Atrebates and Regni by Bean, Simon C. ISBN: 9780947816506 List Price: $55.00
De Aqui Y De Alla Estampas Del Mundo-Hispanico by Zayas-Bazan, Eduardo, Suare... ISBN: 9780669173789 List Price: $52.36
The Oxus Treasure (Objects in Focus) by Curtis, John ISBN: 9780714150796 List Price: $10.00
Brick layers II: Creative engineering with LEGO constructions by Erickson, Sheldon, Seymour,... ISBN: 9781881431862 List Price: $18.95
African and Asian Costumed Dolls: Price Guide - Polly Judd - Paperback by Judd, Polly, Judd, Pam ISBN: 9780875884455 List Price: $14.95
Children's Book Collecting by Michaels, Carolyn ISBN: 9780208022677 List Price: $35.00
Billions of Balls: Historical Toys by Stevens, Beth Dvergsten, As... ISBN: 9780789128744 List Price: $9.00
American Material Culture The Shape of the Field by Martin, Ann S., Garrison, J... ISBN: 9780912724355 List Price: $39.95
Ten Thousand Years of Pottery by Cooper, Emmanuel ISBN: 9780812235548 List Price: $69.95
Principles of Flat Pattern Design by MacDonald, Nora M. ISBN: 9780134424507 List Price: $72.00
Guide to Environmental Protection Of... by Appelbaum, Barbara ISBN: 9780932087164 List Price: $39.00
American Numismatic Society Museum Notes by Unknown ISBN: 9780897221955
Decade of Collecting : Maps by Silvestro, Clement M., Silv... ISBN: 9780962110795 List Price: $5.95
Glass Paperweights by Mackay, James ISBN: 9780871967022 List Price: $8.95
Bolshevik Poster by White, Stephen ISBN: 9780300043396 List Price: $50.00
Chinese Snuff Bottles by Kleiner, Robert L. ISBN: 9780195857566 List Price: $29.95
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