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Textbooks are not only on academic subjects. They can be on subjects that are concerned with entertainment, as well. While textbooks aim to help with education and be informative, there are also games textbooks that aim to make the gaming experiences more pleasurable by giving valuable information about that industry. Gaming is an industry that is developing fast and one can find numerous books on what it takes to build games, play games, and get hired to make games. Check the collection of games textbooks at ValoreBooks to find the book you're looking for.

Range of games textbooks
Game development is an industry that has gained tremendous popularity. Courses and training programs have detailed games textbooks that focus on the art of making games for different platforms, including console and computer development. There are number of games textbooks that focus on game development concepts, game theories, marketing for games, graphics, coding, and software.

Purpose of games textbooks
The purpose of games textbooks is to share information regarding the gaming industry with any interested party, including gamers or students who are interested in pursuing a career in game development.

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Introduction to the Game Industry by Moore, Michael E., Sward, J... ISBN: 9780131687431 List Price: $101.33
Introduction to Casino and Gaming Operations by Rudd, Denis P., Marshall, L... ISBN: 9780139795688 List Price: $113.33
Game Studies by Mayra, Frans ISBN: 9781412934466 List Price: $46.95
Casinos Organization and Culture by Hashimoto, Kathryn, Roberts... ISBN: 9780131748125 List Price: $61.80
History of Gambling in America by Hashimoto, Kathryn, Durham,... ISBN: 9780132390798 List Price: $61.80
Video Gamers by Crawford, Garry ISBN: 9780415674416 List Price: $49.95
Anthropology of Sport An Introduction by Blanchard, Kendall, Sutton-... ISBN: 9780897893305 List Price: $35.00
Amistad by Barnes, Joyce Annette ISBN: 9780582401655 List Price: $9.27
Word Bogglers Visual Words And Idioms by Draze, Dianne ISBN: 9781593631475 List Price: $24.95
Best of Brain Teasers by Teacher Created Materials S... ISBN: 9781576904657 List Price: $24.99
Clues Book 2 by Draze, Dianne ISBN: 9781593630577 List Price: $8.95
Optical Effects Associated With Small Particles by Chang, R. K., Barber, P. W. ISBN: 9789971504120 List Price: $147.00
Chess And the Art of Negotiation Ancient Rules for Modern Combat by Karpov, Anatoly, Phelizon, ... ISBN: 9780275990657 List Price: $34.95
Economic Consequences of State Lotteries by Borg, Mary O., Mason, Paul ... ISBN: 9780275935702 List Price: $98.95
Optical Effects With Small Particles by Chang, R. K., Barber, P. W. ISBN: 9789971504625 List Price: $68.00
Out of Control Gambling and Other Impulse-Control Disorders by Bayer, Linda N. ISBN: 9780791053133 List Price: $35.00
Across the Board The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems by Watkins, John J. ISBN: 9780691130620 List Price: $23.95
Children And Chess A Guide for Educators by Root, Alexey W., McNeil, Jo... ISBN: 9781591583585 List Price: $25.00
Elementary Teacher's Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games by Kamiya, Arthur ISBN: 9780787219307 List Price: $27.95
Creatures of Rokugan - An L5R Rpg D20 Supplement by Unknown ISBN: 9781887953405 List Price: $24.95
Lobstah by Anderson, Franz ISBN: 9780787254605 List Price: $35.95
Unseen Masters Modern Struggles Against Hidden Powers by Ballon, Bruce, Carrick, Pau... ISBN: 9781568821207 List Price: $23.95
Stories on Board! : Creating Board Games from Favorite Tales by de Las Casas, Dianne ISBN: 9781591588627
Fashion Angels Makeup Sketch Portfolio : 11452 by Fashion Angels Enterprises ISBN: 9781940141152 List Price: $8.99
Chicken and Noodle Games 141 Fun Activities with Innovative Equipment by Byl, John, Baldauf, Herwig,... ISBN: 9780736063920 List Price: $22.95
Myst and Riven: The World of the D'ni (Landmark Video Games) by Wolf, Mark J. P. ISBN: 9780472051496 List Price: $24.95
Encyclopedia of Chess by Divinsky, Nathan ISBN: 9780816026418 List Price: $35.00
Fashion Angels Flower Power Compact Sketch Portfolio : 11476 by Fashion Angels Enterprises ISBN: 9781940141046 List Price: $5.99
Mind Sights by Shepard, Roger N. ISBN: 9780716721338 List Price: $21.95
Dirty Word Search by King, Puzzle ISBN: 9780978899738 List Price: $13.98
Mind Sights by Shepard, Roger N. ISBN: 9780716721345 List Price: $29.95
Worlds in Play: International Perspectives on Digital Games Research by De Castell, Suzanne, Jenson... ISBN: 9780820486437 List Price: $34.95
Complete Word Game Dictionary - Tom Pulliman - Hardcover by Pulliam, Tom, Carruth, Gorton ISBN: 9780871961129 List Price: $19.95
Masters of Arms by Second World Simulations ISBN: 9780971839700 List Price: $19.95
Risky Business America's Fascination With Gambling by Pavalko, Ronald M. ISBN: 9780830415267 List Price: $82.95
Sports Brain Teasers by Holzschuher, Cynthia ISBN: 9780743933520 List Price: $10.99
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