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As awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle grows, so to does the demand for ways of achieving it. In America 62% of males play in competitive sports and 48% of females. This is a huge chunk of the population showing that a knowledge of sport and recreation could help you gain a career in a lucrative market. We have the cheapest sports and recreation textbooks available to help you make that dream become a reality. With textbooks on walking and jogging, sociology of sport, problems in American sport history, social issues in sport, sport psychology and managing sports facilities to name but a few, we will have a textbook that covers your area of sports and recreation study. It's simple to order your textbooks here online. Simply browse through the collection to find what you want, or if you have exact books in mind just use the ISBN number from your college reading list. When you are done with the books, take advantage of our sell back service.

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Sports in Society by Coakley, Jay ISBN: 9780073376547 List Price: $125.94
Introduction to Recreation and Leisure by Human Kinetics (Organizatio... ISBN: 9781450424172 List Price: $70.00
Sports Economics by Fort, Rodney D. ISBN: 9780136066026 List Price: $193.33
Principles of Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers by Houglum, Joel, Harrelson, G... ISBN: 9781556429019 List Price: $42.95
Sports Marketing by Fullerton, Sam ISBN: 9780073381114 List Price: $135.31
Concepts of Athletic Training by Ronald P. Pfeiffer ISBN: 9780763737450 List Price: $73.95
Sports in American History by Gems, Gerald R., Borish, Li... ISBN: 9780736056212 List Price: $68.00
Sport Psychology (with InfoTrac) by Arnold LeUnes, Jack R. Nation ISBN: 9780830415489 List Price: $100.95
Strategic Sport Communication by Miloch, Kimberly S., Laucel... ISBN: 9780736065245 List Price: $68.00
Sports Marketing by Michael Fetchko, Donald Roy... ISBN: 9780132135467 List Price: $141.60
Sport Ethics Applications for Fair Play by Lumpkin, Angela, Stoll, Sha... ISBN: 9780072462098 List Price: $82.81
Advances in Sport Psychology by Horn, Thelma S. ISBN: 9780736057356 List Price: $76.00
Sociology of North American Sport by Eitzen, D. Stanley, Sage, G... ISBN: 9781594515750 List Price: $84.95
Understanding the Outboard Motor by Stagner, Eugene W. ISBN: 9780130943187 List Price: $137.40
Sport Promotion and Sales Management by Irwin, Richard L., Sutton, ... ISBN: 9780736064774 List Price: $72.00
Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport, Third Edition by Simon, Robert L. ISBN: 9780813343686 List Price: $33.00
Winning Lacrosse for Girls (Winning Sports for Girls) by Swissler, Becky, Bergstrom,... ISBN: 9780816077137 List Price: $14.95
Best Golf Course Management Practices by McCarty, L. B. E. ISBN: 9780135047095 List Price: $116.80
American Sports [4 volumes]: A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas by Unknown ISBN: 9780313397523 List Price: $415.00
Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing by Eric C. Schwarz, Jason D. H... ISBN: 9780415518482 List Price: $67.95
Sport Ethics Applications for Fair Play by Lumpkin, Angela, Stoll, Sha... ISBN: 9780072552522 List Price: $67.45
Sociological Perspective of Sport by Leonard, Wilbert Marcellus ISBN: 9780205275069 List Price: $108.40
Imagery In Sport by Morris, Tony, Spittle, Mich... ISBN: 9780736037525 List Price: $73.00
Sports Economics by Roger D. Blair ISBN: 9780521876612 List Price: $130.00
Ethics in Sport by Morgan, William ISBN: 9780736064286 List Price: $63.00
Measurement in Sport and Exercise Psychology w/Web Resource by Tenenbaum, Gershon, Eklund,... ISBN: 9780736086813 List Price: $89.00
Cultural Sport Psychology by Schinke, Robert, Hanrahan, ... ISBN: 9780736071338 List Price: $49.00
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