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When you were four, you built towers with blocks. Age ten found you constructing intricate castles in the sand. You have always known that you have the soul of an architect, and now it's time to transform your design hobby into a career. In order to do that, you need architecture textbooks. In tandem with incisive lectures from your professors, these architecture textbooks will provide you with the knowledge base that will enable you to systematically plan and design buildings, urban areas, and outdoor spaces. Unlike many of the college text books you read briefly and never pick up again, your architecture books will furnish you with resources you can use throughout your career. However, that doesn't mean that you must pay a king's ransom for these volumes. Cheap textbooks can be yours if you take a little time to search for them. So don't be afraid to save money by buying used textbooks. With the money you save, you can invest in a new model airplane kit.

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Commercial Drafting and Detailing by Jefferis, Alan, Smith, Kenneth ISBN: 9781435425972 List Price: $151.95
Basic Construction Materials by Marotta, Theodore, Coffey, ... ISBN: 9780135129692 List Price: $86.60
Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching by Olivo, Thomas P., Olivo, C.... ISBN: 9781435483781 List Price: $117.95
Landscape Construction by Sauter, David ISBN: 9781435497184 List Price: $178.95
Architectural Drafting and Design by Jefferis, Alan, Madsen, Dav... ISBN: 9781435481626 List Price: $168.95
Architecture From Prehistory to Post Modernism by Hyman, Isabelle, Trachtenbe... ISBN: 9780131830653 List Price: $144.40
Interior Design Illustrated by Scalise, Christina ISBN: 9781563675317 List Price: $95.50
Homes & Interiors by Sherwood, Ruth F., McGraw-H... ISBN: 9780078744204 List Price: $63.88
Textiles for Residential and Commercial Interiors by Wilbanks, Amy, Oxford, Nanc... ISBN: 9781563676512 List Price: $112.00
Foundations of Interior Design by Susan J. Slotkis ISBN: 9781609011154 List Price: $120.00
Guide to Producing a Fashion Show by Judith C. Everett, Kristen ... ISBN: 9781609015060 List Price: $95.00
History of Architecture Settings and Rituals by Kostof, Spiro, Castillo, Gr... ISBN: 9780195083798 List Price: $125.00
Blueprint Reading for Welders by Bennett, A. E., Siy, Louis J. ISBN: 9781428335288 List Price: $109.95
Analysing Architecture by Unwin, Simon ISBN: 9780415489287 List Price: $44.95
Shaping Interior Space, Second Edition by Rengel, Roberto J. ISBN: 9781563675188 List Price: $95.50
Designing the Landscape by Bertauski, Tony ISBN: 9780135135105 List Price: $56.80
Buildings Across Time by Fazio, Michael, Moffett, Ma... ISBN: 9780073053042 List Price: $124.38
Landscape Design Theory and Application by VanDerZanden, Ann Marie, Ro... ISBN: 9781418012861 List Price: $112.95
Evidence Based Design: A Process for Research and Writing by Kopec, David A., Sinclair, ... ISBN: 9780132174060 List Price: $66.67
Architecture, from Prehistory to Postmodernity by Trachtenberg, Marvin, Hyman... ISBN: 9780130918413 List Price: $97.67
Studies in Castles and Castle-Building by Taylor, A. J. P. ISBN: 9780907628514 List Price: $65.00
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