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Self-help books are written with the objective of empowering the reader in order to enable him/her to improve him/herself. These books often help people to cope with grief, to maintain optimism, to develop skills crucial to success and even to deal with debilitating issues such as depression and substance abuse. Self-help textbooks enable readers to enact self-improvement.

Motivation, Excellence and Success
These types of books aim to instill positivity in their readers by establishing personal principles that allow them to excel in their chosen field. These books might take a general route towards living a fulfilling and successful life or else they might be intended for different audiences: students, new parents, business professionals, etc. Some titles include:

  • Psychology of Success by Denis Waitley
  • Excelling in College by Jeffrey Kottler
  • Understanding Motivation and Emotion by Johnmarshall Reeve

Stress Management
Everybody suffers from stress at some point or the other; however, stress becomes a major problem when everyday activities become cumbersome. These activities may include a person's occupation, family or other potential stress triggers. The following books may help you overcome stress so that you may work to live a content and balanced life:

  • Comprehensive Stress Management by Jerrold S. Greenberg
  • Controlling Stress and Tension by Daniel Girdano and George Everly
  • Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-it-yourself Guide for Coping with Stress by Donald A. Tubesing

Overcoming Substance Abuse
Overcoming substance abuse can prove a tough task, requiring nerves of steel. The following might help you conquer your habit:

  • Treating Addictive Behaviors by William R. Miller and Nick Heather
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs: Choosing Health by Susan C. Giarratano

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Understanding Motivation and Emotion by Johnmarshall Reeve ISBN: 9780470392232 List Price: $160.50
Social Beings: A Core Motives Approach to Social Psychology by Fiske, Susan T. ISBN: 9780470129111 List Price: $125.95
Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental by Deckers, Lambert ISBN: 9780205610815 List Price: $122.40
Illuminated Life by Arkoff, Abe ISBN: 9780205150083 List Price: $138.00
Becoming a Critical Thinker by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero ISBN: 9780495909057 List Price: $80.95
The Good Life (Hackett Publishing Co.) by Guignon, Charles ISBN: 9780872204386 List Price: $16.95
Human Motivation Metaphors, Theories, and Research by Weiner, Bernard ISBN: 9780761904915 List Price: $118.00
Controlling Stress and Tension by Girdano, Daniel, Everly, Ge... ISBN: 9780321537027 List Price: $99.20
Comprehensive Stress Management by Jerrold Greenberg ISBN: 9780073380919
Individual and Family Stress and Crises by Weber, Janice G. ISBN: 9781412936910 List Price: $44.95
Stress Management for Life with Premium Web Site by Michael Olpin, Margie Hesson ISBN: 9780324599435 List Price: $188.95
Motivation and Personality by Frager, Robert, Fadiman, James ISBN: 9780060419875 List Price: $117.80
The Art of Being Human by Janaro, Richard, Altshuler,... ISBN: 9780205605422 List Price: $134.20
Violence and Society: A Reader by Matthew Silberman ISBN: 9780130967732 List Price: $120.20
Your Personal Stress Profile And Activity Workbook by Greenberg, Jerrold S. ISBN: 9780073106755 List Price: $41.55
Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior (10th Edition) by Karen Grover Duffy, Steven ... ISBN: 9780205790364 List Price: $150.40
Psychological Dynamics of Sport and Exercise by Gill, Diane L., Williams, L... ISBN: 9780736062640 List Price: $63.00
Psychology for Living Adjustment, Growth and Behavior Today by Atwater, Eastwood, Duffy, K... ISBN: 9780132224475 List Price: $118.20
Creative Problem Solving An Introduction by Treffinger, Donald J., Isak... ISBN: 9781593631871 List Price: $24.95
R.E.A.D.: Seventy Strategies to Support Reading Success by Kimbell-Lopez, Kimberly, Cu... ISBN: 9780470521038 List Price: $53.95
Excelling in College by Kottler, Jeffrey (Jeffrey K... ISBN: 9781428231207
Motivation The Organization of Action by Mook, Douglas G. ISBN: 9780393967173 List Price: $88.75
Stress Management for Law Enforcement Officers by Anderson, Wayne, Swenson, D... ISBN: 9780131469457 List Price: $57.40
Motivation: Theory, Research, and Applications (with InfoTrac) by Herbert L. Petri, John M. G... ISBN: 9780534568801 List Price: $286.00
Morality of Happiness by Annas, Julia ISBN: 9780195096521 List Price: $45.00
Drunken Comportment A Social Explanation by MacAndrew, Craig, Edgerton,... ISBN: 9780971958760 List Price: $32.50
Social Psychology of Motivation by Plaks, Jason ISBN: 9780195431858 List Price: $72.95
Managing Stress: A Creative Journal by Brian Luke Seaward ISBN: 9780763723781 List Price: $45.95
Motivation Biological, Psychological, and Environmental by Deckers, Lambert ISBN: 9780205404551 List Price: $126.60
Human Relations: Personal and Professional Development, with CD by David A. DeCenzo, Beth Silh... ISBN: 9780130145741 List Price: $102.79
Your Personal Stress Profile and Activity Workbook by Jerrold S. Greenberg ISBN: 9780697141095 List Price: $13.70
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