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Sport Ethics: Applications for Fair Play by Angela Lumpkin, Sharon Kay ... ISBN: 9780072462098
Sociology of North American Sport by Eitzen, D. Stanley, Sage, G... ISBN: 9781594515750 List Price: $84.95
Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport by Robert L. Simon ISBN: 9780813343686 List Price: $35.00
Sport Ethics Applications for Fair Play by Lumpkin, Angela, Stoll, Sha... ISBN: 9780072552522 List Price: $67.45
Sociological Perspective of Sport by Leonard, Wilbert Marcellus ISBN: 9780205275069 List Price: $108.40
Contemporary Issues in Sociology of Sport Andrew Yiannakis, Merrill J. Melnick Editors by Yiannakis, Andrew, Melnick,... ISBN: 9780736037105 List Price: $54.00
Ethics in Sport by Morgan, William ISBN: 9780736064286 List Price: $63.00
Sport Ethics: Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation by David Cruise Malloy, Saul R... ISBN: 9781550771299 List Price: $29.95
Sports Talk by Beckelhimer, Lisa ISBN: 9780205583379 List Price: $21.80
The Sport and Society Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780415772495 List Price: $57.95
Sports in Society Issues & Controversies by Coakley, Jay ISBN: 9780072930351 List Price: $192.95
Sport and Society by Houlihan, Barrie ISBN: 9781412921367 List Price: $58.95
New Game Plan for College Sport by Lapchick, Richard E. ISBN: 9780275981471 List Price: $49.95
Sociology of North American Sport by Eitzen, D. Stanley, Sage, G... ISBN: 9780072552508 List Price: $120.19
Sport, Economy and Society in Britain, 1750-1914 by Tranter, Neil L., Kirby, Ma... ISBN: 9780521572170 List Price: $63.00
Sport in Contemporary Society An Anthology by Eitzen, D. Stanley ISBN: 9781572599543
Visual in Sport by Huggins, Mike, O'Mahony, Mike ISBN: 9780415585071
Performance Versus Results A Critique of Values in Contemporary Sport by Gibson, John H. ISBN: 9780791413531 List Price: $21.50
Sociology of Sport and Social Theory by Smith, Earl ISBN: 9780736075725 List Price: $57.00
Sport, Culture and Society: An Introduction by Jarvie, Grant ISBN: 9780415483933 List Price: $59.95
Sociology of Sport An Introduction by Vogler, Conrad C., Schwartz... ISBN: 9780138184513 List Price: $44.00
Making Sense of Sports by CASHMORE, Ellis ISBN: 9780415552219 List Price: $53.95
Understanding Sport by Schirato, Tony ISBN: 9781412907392 List Price: $37.95
Sport Violence and Society by Young, Kevin ISBN: 9780415549950
Sport, Power, and Society: Institutions and Practices: A Reader by Washington, Robert E., Kare... ISBN: 9780813344874 List Price: $49.00
Sport in Society: Issues and Controversies by Jay J. Coakley ISBN: 9780815120278 List Price: $65.00
Why Sport?: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport by Sheryle Bergmann Drewe ISBN: 9781550771305 List Price: $29.95
America's Obsession Sports and Society Since 1945 by Davies, Richard O., Nash, G... ISBN: 9780030733321 List Price: $53.95
Beyond the Cheers Race As Spectacle in College Sport by King, C. Richard, Springwoo... ISBN: 9780791450062 List Price: $29.95
Social Aspects of Sport - Eldon E. Snyder - Paperback - 3rd ed by Snyder, Eldon E., Spreitzer... ISBN: 9780138157050 List Price: $62.00
The Ethics of Sports Coaching (Ethics and Sport) by Hardman, Alun R., Jones, Ca... ISBN: 9780415557757 List Price: $49.95
Sports in America! 1960 to 1969 by Fischer, David, Keith, Larry ISBN: 9781604134537 List Price: $39.95
Race and Sport by Hylton, Kevin ISBN: 9780415436564 List Price: $49.95
Patriotic Games Sporting Traditions in the American Imagination, 1876-1926 by Pope, Steven W. ISBN: 9780195091335 List Price: $85.00
Sport and Political Ideology - John M. Hoberman by Hoberman, John M. ISBN: 9780292775886 List Price: $12.95
Europe, Sport, World Shaping Global Society by Mangan, J. A., Majumdar, Boria ISBN: 9780714651477 List Price: $150.00
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