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If the idea of motor racing appeals to you and you want to learn more about the goings on inside this sport, we've got the cheapest deals you could ever want. Buy cheap motor sports textbooks from us now and take advantage of some of the best deals you'll find online today. Buy or rent the likes of books such as Tony Stewart; NASCAR Nation: A History of Stock Car Racing in the United States; Street Luge Racing, and Adventure Racing Activities for Fun and Fitness. As you can see we have many more text books than you might think, and not just about the famous motor racing sports either. Sell your motor sports books back to us now if you own some you don't need; alternatively you can hang on to them and get some brand new ones from us now if you need more. Trust Valore Books to deliver exactly what you need.

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NASCAR Nation: A History of Stock Car Racing in the United States by Beekman, Scott ISBN: 9780275994242 List Price: $44.95
Insider's Guide to Indy Car Racing by Amabile, Rick, Taylor, Don ISBN: 9780962238208 List Price: $9.95
Adventure Racing Activities for Fun and Fitness by DeJager, Dan, Himberg, Cath... ISBN: 9780736069243 List Price: $21.00
Car Posters by Lopez, Emmanuel ISBN: 9781851497591
Talladega Superspeedway by Whitaker, Kent ISBN: 9781467111980 List Price: $21.99
Jeff Gordon by Brinster, Dick ISBN: 9780791057551 List Price: $10.60
Awesome Freestyle Motocross Tricks and Stunts by Polydoros, Lori, Fox, Barba... ISBN: 9781429654104
Zoom : Personal Images and Insights from the Stars of Formula 1 by of Formula 1, The Stars of ... ISBN: 9781909534193
Rusty Wallace by Mello, Tara Baukus ISBN: 9780791057575 List Price: $10.60
Street Luge Racing by Ryan, Pat, Ryan, Pam Muñoz ISBN: 9781560655381 List Price: $23.93
Tony Stewart by Mello, Tara Baukus ISBN: 9780791058411 List Price: $25.00
Inside Indy Car Racing, 1990 by Amabile, Richard R., Gilles... ISBN: 9780962238215 List Price: $11.95
Typography Now: The Next Wave by Lehbrink, Hartmut, Oleski, ... ISBN: 9783927258198 List Price: $40.00
Rockcrawling by Mead, Sue, Fleischman, Bill ISBN: 9780791086919 List Price: $25.00
Motocross by Galashan, Kathy ISBN: 9780340747148
Lowe's Motor Speedway : A Weekend at the Track by Persinger, Kathy, Hinson, H... ISBN: 9780756789497
Nascar Safety on the Track by Stewart, Mark, Kennedy, Mike ISBN: 9780822593393 List Price: $52.95
Biggest NASCAR Races by Cefrey, Holly ISBN: 9781615133000 List Price: $53.00
Formula 1 : Pictures with a Message by Lehbrink, Hartmut ISBN: 9783768837125
Touch Wood! by Duncan, Hamilton ISBN: 9781782197737
Both Sides of the Fence by Fearman, Reg ISBN: 9780750958486
Grand Prix Cars since 1966 by Pritchard, Anthony ISBN: 9780946627820
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