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Valore Books has many text books on sports of all kinds. This is the section where you can buy cheap rugby textbooks so you can find out all about this fascinating sport. From Coaching Rugby League to Rugby's Greatest Split by Tony Collins, you can get the inside scoop on this rough and tough sport. Rugby: Body and Soul describes exactly what it is like to play and take part in it, however much or little you know about it. Buy rugby textbooks online from Valore Books today and you will find out just how cheap and attractive these books are. We provide massive discounts and we're also looking to expand our collection all the time. Sell your rugby books back to us today if you already own some and make sure you are ready to make the most of selling your own copies of these text books to us today.

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Rugby : Body and Soul by Samuel, Bill ISBN: 9780863832895
Coaching Rugby League by French, Ray ISBN: 9780571119554 List Price: $4.95
Coaching Rugby League by French, Ray ISBN: 9780571119547 List Price: $11.95
Take the Ball and Run : A Rugby Anthology by Smith, Godfrey ISBN: 9781851458295
Rugby World Cup 2015 : The Official Guide by Baldock, Andrew ISBN: 9781780976501
Proud : My Autobiography by Thomas, Gareth ISBN: 9780091958404
Library of Wales : Carwyn by Richards, Alun ISBN: 9781910409862
One of Us : PC by McGowan, Phil, The RFU, Lan... ISBN: 9781445651026
Proud : My Autobiography by Thomas, Gareth ISBN: 9780091958343
First XV, the - a Selection of the Best Welsh Rugby Writing by Williams, Gareth, Davies, G... ISBN: 9781910901069
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