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As awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle grows, so to does the demand for ways of achieving it. In America 62% of males play in competitive sports and 48% of females. This is a huge chunk of the population showing that a knowledge of sport and recreation could help you gain a career in a lucrative market. We have the cheapest sports and recreation textbooks available to help you make that dream become a reality. With textbooks on walking and jogging, sociology of sport, problems in American sport history, social issues in sport, sport psychology and managing sports facilities to name but a few, we will have a textbook that covers your area of sports and recreation study. It's simple to order your textbooks here online. Simply browse through the collection to find what you want, or if you have exact books in mind just use the ISBN number from your college reading list. When you are done with the books, take advantage of our sell back service.

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Sport Business Management by Lori K. Miller ISBN: 9780834209428 List Price: $157.95
New Science of Swimming by Counsilman, James E., Couns... ISBN: 9780130998880 List Price: $88.60
Sport: Critical Concepts in Sociology by Unknown ISBN: 9780415262927 List Price: $1,855.00
Clinical Sport Psychology by Gardner, Frank, Moore, Zella ISBN: 9780736053051 List Price: $64.00
Contemporary History of Women's Sport by Williams, Jean ISBN: 9780415886017
Walking for Fun and Fitness by Hawkins, Jerald D., Hawkins... ISBN: 9780495558569 List Price: $42.95
Applied Sport Management Skills by Lussier, Robert, Kimball, D... ISBN: 9780736074353 List Price: $72.00
Financing the Sport Enterprise by Sawyer, Thomas H., Hypes, M... ISBN: 9781571675200 List Price: $54.95
Weight Training for Life by Hesson, James L. ISBN: 9780495559092 List Price: $87.95
Foundations of Sport And Exercise Psychology by Weinberg, Robert S., Gould,... ISBN: 9780736064675 List Price: $89.00
Sports Talk by Beckelhimer, Lisa ISBN: 9780205583379 List Price: $21.80
Principles and Practice of Sport Management by Masteralexis, Lisa Pike, Ba... ISBN: 9780763749583 List Price: $97.95
Sport Finance by Fried, Gil, Shapiro, Steven... ISBN: 9780736067706 List Price: $73.00
Teaching Children Gymnastics-3rd Edition by Werner, Peter, Williams, Lo... ISBN: 9781450410922 List Price: $35.00
Basic Weight Training for Men and Women by Fahey, Thomas D., Fahey, Th... ISBN: 9780073376585 List Price: $42.50
Cross-cultural Management by Browaeys, Marie-Joelle, Pri... ISBN: 9780273703365
Team Sports Marketing by Wakefield, Kirk L. ISBN: 9780750679794 List Price: $48.95
International Cases in the Business of Sport by Chadwick, Simon, Arthur, Dave ISBN: 9780750685436 List Price: $48.95
Beginning Racquetball by Norton, Cheryl, Bryant, Jam... ISBN: 9780840048103 List Price: $42.95
Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance by Hoffman, Jay ISBN: 9780736034241 List Price: $66.00
Applying Sport Psychology Four Perspectives by Wilson, Gregory S., Taylor,... ISBN: 9780736045124 List Price: $58.00
Walking & Jogging for Health & Wellness by Rosato, Frank D. ISBN: 9780534517267 List Price: $45.95
Badminton for Beginners (Morton Activity Series) by Ralph Ballou ISBN: 9780895823953 List Price: $66.95
Whitewater Rescue Manual New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers, and Rafters by Sundmacher, Wayne A., Walbr... ISBN: 9780070677906 List Price: $17.95
Teaching Basic Gymnastics A Coeducational Approach by Cooper, Phyllis S., Trnka, ... ISBN: 9780023247019 List Price: $98.00
Chemical Muscle Enhancement Bodybuilders Desk Reference by L. Rea ISBN: 9780972512404 List Price: $49.95
Case Studies in Sports Psychology by Rotella, Bob, Boyce, B. Ann... ISBN: 9780763703554 List Price: $55.95
Teaching Fundamental Gymnastic Skills by Mitchell, Debby, Davis, Bar... ISBN: 9780736001243 List Price: $37.00
Michael Jordan Basketball Player by McGovern, Mike ISBN: 9780816058761 List Price: $25.00
Economics of Sports by Leeds, Michael A., Von Allm... ISBN: 9780321415561 List Price: $180.00
Introduction to Recreation And Leisure by Human Kinetics Staff ISBN: 9780736057813 List Price: $68.00
Bowling by Charlene Agne-Traub, Joan M... ISBN: 9780697345394
Learning Experiences in Sport Psychology by Roberts, Glyn, Spink, Kevin... ISBN: 9780880119320 List Price: $36.00
Finance for Sport and Leisure Managers an Introduction by Wilson, Robert J., Joyce, John ISBN: 9780415404464 List Price: $145.00
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