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Does the idea of going up a mountain appeal to you? It doesn't matter whether this is a dream of yours or you simply want to find out more about this ambitious pastime. Buy cheap mountaineering textbooks from Valore Books today and seize the biggest and cheapest discounted prices you'll find anywhere. We have titles including Life and Death on Mt Everest: Sherpas and Himalayan Mountaineering; Sport Climbing; Traversing Walls, and Climbing: The Complete Reference. Whatever aspect of this sport you are interested in, you can rent used mountaineering textbooks as well, to make it easier for you to figure out how to get the information you need. We have dozens of pre-owned text books you will love, so if you want to get the best deals and the cheapest prices, we're the ones to come to. Sell back later on as well if you buy now and want to make some cash later at some point.

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Traversing Walls by Stiehl, Jim, Chase, Dan ISBN: 9780736067775 List Price: $21.00
Three Cups of Tea : One Man's Mission to Promote Peace - One School at a Time by Mortenson, Greg, Relin, Dav... ISBN: 9780784833612
Alpine Club Library Catalogue : Books and Periodicals by Jones, J. Emlyn, Busk, Douglas ISBN: 9780435860509 List Price: $95.00
Mountain : My Time on Everest by Viesturs, Ed, Roberts, David ISBN: 9781451694741
Livewire Investigates Climbing the World's Highest Mountains by Billings, Henry, Billings, ... ISBN: 9780340869406 List Price: $5.55
Climbing by Presson, Shelley ISBN: 9780071351515 List Price: $14.95
Hotshots F.N.G. by Petretti, Stephen ISBN: 9780972455800
Illusion Dweller : the Climbing Life of Stimson Bullit by Bullit, Stimson ISBN: 9781594857744
Climbing Walls A Complete Guide by Stiehl, Jim, Ramsey, Tim B. ISBN: 9780736048316 List Price: $21.00
Himalayan Journal, 1997 by Kapadia, Harish, Devjani, M... ISBN: 9780195642858 List Price: $16.95
Sir Edmund Hillary Modern-Day Explorer by Brennan, Kristine ISBN: 9780791061633 List Price: $11.95
First Ascent of Mount Kenya by Mackinder, Halford John, Ba... ISBN: 9780821409879 List Price: $39.95
Everest 1953 : The Epic Story of the First Ascent by Conefrey, Mick ISBN: 9781594858864
Climbing: The Complete Reference - Greg Child - Hardcover by Child, Greg ISBN: 9780816026920 List Price: $44.00
Climbing: The Complete Reference - Greg Child - Paperback - REPRINT by Child, Greg ISBN: 9780816036530 List Price: $19.95
Sport Climbing by Voeller, Edward A., Voeller... ISBN: 9780736804844 List Price: $23.93
Ragged Mountain Press Pocket Guide to Wilderness Medicine and First Aid by Gill, Paul G., Jr. ISBN: 9780070245525 List Price: $14.95
Colour Atlas of Mountain Medicine by Vallotton, Jacques ISBN: 9780815189534 List Price: $90.00
Throne of the Gods: An Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas by Heim, Arnold, Gansser, August ISBN: 9788173030123
Mountaineering in India by Kohli, M. S. ISBN: 9780785536475 List Price: $110.00
Nanda Devi : Tragic Expedition by Roskelley, John ISBN: 9780785535850 List Price: $64.00
Climbing Manual : The Essential Guide to Rock Climbing by Shepherd, Nigel ISBN: 9780857333100
Illusion Dweller : The Climbing Life of Stimson Bullitt by Bullitt, Stimson ISBN: 9781594858604
Annapurna : First Woman's Ascent to Higher Peaks by Blum, A. ISBN: 9780785524755 List Price: $72.00
Passion for Mountains by Burrows-Smith, Hannah ISBN: 9780719807190
What a Long Strange Trip It's Been : My 14'er Journey by Manning, Michael ISBN: 9780985089429
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