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As awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle grows, so to does the demand for ways of achieving it. In America 62% of males play in competitive sports and 48% of females. This is a huge chunk of the population showing that a knowledge of sport and recreation could help you gain a career in a lucrative market. We have the cheapest sports and recreation textbooks available to help you make that dream become a reality. With textbooks on walking and jogging, sociology of sport, problems in American sport history, social issues in sport, sport psychology and managing sports facilities to name but a few, we will have a textbook that covers your area of sports and recreation study. It's simple to order your textbooks here online. Simply browse through the collection to find what you want, or if you have exact books in mind just use the ISBN number from your college reading list. When you are done with the books, take advantage of our sell back service.

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Ragged Mountain Press Pocket Guide to Wilderness Medicine and First Aid by Gill, Paul G., Jr. ISBN: 9780070245525 List Price: $14.95
Recreation for Better Living by Segien, Robert R., Epps, Gayle ISBN: 9780961232405 List Price: $14.95
Reins of Life by Davies, John A. ISBN: 9780851314495 List Price: $29.95
Report of the Special Bid Oversight Commission U.S. Olympic Committee by Mitchell, George J. ISBN: 9780756708511 List Price: $25.00
Royce's Sailing Illustrated The Sailors Bible Since '56 by Royce, Patrick M., Warren, ... ISBN: 9780911284003 List Price: $15.00
Ropers and Riders by Sherman, Josepha ISBN: 9781588103604 List Price: $7.50
Minor League Football, 1960-1985 Standings, Statistics, and Rosters by Gill, Bob, Brainerd, Steven... ISBN: 9780786413676 List Price: $49.95
More Than a Game Sports and Politics by Vinokur, Martin B. ISBN: 9780313253539 List Price: $98.95
Musclemag International's North American Bodybuilding and Fitness Directory Find What You're... by Shaw, Mark, Kennedy, Robert... ISBN: 9781552100189 List Price: $19.95
National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, 1996 by Rappaport Clark, Jamie ISBN: 9780788178894 List Price: $25.00
Nautilus Plus by Seager, Charles R. ISBN: 9780945483366 List Price: $14.95
No-Hitters The 225 Games, 1893-1999 by Lewis, Allen, Westcott, Rich ISBN: 9780786407224 List Price: $45.00
Not Just Pumping Iron On the Psychology of Lifting Weights by Smith, Edward W. ISBN: 9780398055448 List Price: $38.95
Northeast Guide to Saltwater Fishing and Boating by Sporano, Vin T. ISBN: 9780070598935 List Price: $24.95
Now Hiring. Ski Resort Jobs, 1995 The Insider's Guide to Seasonal and Year-Round Employment ... by Giordano, Steve, Thomas, Ge... ISBN: 9781881199519 List Price: $14.95
Jersey Game The History of Modern Baseball from Its Birth to the Big Leagues in the Garden S... by Diclerico, James M., Pavele... ISBN: 9780813519432 List Price: $17.00
Jogging Everyone by Williams, Charles, Moore, C... ISBN: 9780887250019 List Price: $11.96
Jogging a Guide to Successful Aerobics by Campbell, Dale ISBN: 9780896412019 List Price: $7.95
John Elway by Temple, Bob ISBN: 9781567666618 List Price: $22.79
Horsemanship Handbook by Unknown ISBN: 9780808779674 List Price: $14.00
How to Coach Youth Soccer Using Small Team Systems by Fotbollforbundet, Svenska, ... ISBN: 9781879397002 List Price: $10.00
How to Own a Yacht and Make It Pay by Seabern, Jack E. ISBN: 9780961994006 List Price: $10.95
Hunters and Gatherers in Central Africa by Beauclerk, John ISBN: 9780855981914 List Price: $12.95
Independent Carolina Baseball League, 1936-1938 Baseball Outlaws by Utley, R. G., Verner, Scott ISBN: 9780786405350 List Price: $35.00
Individualized Instructional Approach to Tennis by Smith, Charles ISBN: 9780840323651 List Price: $10.95
Inside Sports by Coakley, Jay J., Donnelly, ... ISBN: 9780415170888 List Price: $114.95
Inside Indy Car Racing, 1990 by Amabile, Richard R., Gilles... ISBN: 9780962238215 List Price: $11.95
Golf a Target Sport by Miller, Glenn A., Pender, R... ISBN: 9780896411999 List Price: $8.95
Bicycle Racing Sport, Technology and Modernity, 1869-1903 - Sport in the Global Society No 41 by Ritchie, Andrew, Nakaya, Ma... ISBN: 9780714682969 List Price: $29.95
Bicycle Racing Sport, Technology and Modernity, 1869-1903 - Sport in the Global Society No 41 by Ritchie, Andrew, Nakaya, Ma... ISBN: 9780714653617 List Price: $70.00
Biographical Dictionary of Major League Baseball Managers by Skipper, John C. ISBN: 9780786410217 List Price: $59.95
Head Lifeguard by American Red Cross Staff ISBN: 9780801675546 List Price: $10.00
Coache's Guide to Social Issues by Coakley, Jay ISBN: 9780763710781 List Price: $34.95
Racquetball by Dowell, Linus J., Grice, Wi... ISBN: 9780896411234 List Price: $13.95
Basic Weight Training for Men and Women by Fahey, Thomas D. ISBN: 9780767412032 List Price: $25.60
Golf by Hardy, Merrill D., Walsh, E... ISBN: 9780881337440 List Price: $12.95
Sport and Society A Student Introduction by Houlihan, Barrie ISBN: 9780761970347 List Price: $59.95
Golf: The Game for Everyone by Johnson, John, Armstrong, B... ISBN: 9780896413573 List Price: $10.95
105 Practical Soccer Drills The History of Olympic Soccer by Yakzan, Rudy ISBN: 9780967672014 List Price: $15.95
50 Key Concepts in Sports Studies by Wheaton, Belinda, Wagg, Ste... ISBN: 9780761949640 List Price: $60.95
Advanced Short Baton Techniques Modern Methods Made Easy by Pekar, George M., Oettmeier... ISBN: 9780398048976 List Price: $24.95
Administrative Procedures for Conducting Recreational Sports Tournaments From Archery to Wre... by Rokosz, Francis M., Taylor,... ISBN: 9780398058951 List Price: $79.95
Air Devils Sky Racers, Sky Divers, and Stunt Pilots by Hopkins, Ellen H. ISBN: 9780789151469 List Price: $8.95
Al-Mansur's Book on Hunting by Clarke, Terence, Derhalli, ... ISBN: 9780856687440 List Price: $28.00
Weight Training by Rasch, Philip J. ISBN: 9780697104175 List Price: $20.25
Managing Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Programs: Concepts and Practices by Stier, William F. ISBN: 9780205159444 List Price: $72.20
Tennis Let's Analyze Your Game by Stolle, Fred, Knight, Bob G. ISBN: 9780895822369 List Price: $16.95
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