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Every piece of writing comes from an individual source and is subject to criticism. Literature criticism textbooks comprise of analysis and opinions by experts who consider the value of different literature works so that they may discuss them according to their own logic.

Collection of literary criticism textbooks
If you are looking for literary criticism textbooks, then you can search the diverse and interesting collection available at Valore Books. The different types of literary criticism such as feminist, formalist, historical, psychological are all available, as each covers the distinct approaches and techniques used by different authors and different interpretations of literature produced at different times throughout history. Readers can review literary criticism on English, American or European writers, romantic writers, literature of the western world, children's literature, fairytales, fiction, drama, poetry and famous authors (e.g. Shakespeare).

Worth of Literary criticism textbooks
Literary criticism textbooks are quite helpful for students and scholars, as these books discuss literature while paying special attention to themes and motifs, expression, cultural and literary significance and the impact of the demonstrated language. Criticism is extremely exciting, as many times, critics challenge certain ideological norms. Critics continually address questions that cause readers to think deeper so that they may hone the ability to think critically.

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The Jungle (Norton Critical Editions) by Upton Sinclair ISBN: 9780393977790
Candide and Related Texts by Voltaire, Francois, Wootton... ISBN: 9780872205468 List Price: $7.95
Literature and the Young Adult Reader by Bond, Ernest L. ISBN: 9780131116955 List Price: $38.00
Gulliver's Travels by Swift, Jonathan, Fox, Chris... ISBN: 9780312066659 List Price: $12.95
The Complete Works of Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205606283 List Price: $98.20
Wife of Bath by Beidler, Peter G., Chaucer,... ISBN: 9780312111281 List Price: $154.95
Grand Inquisitor on the Nature of Man by Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, Garnet... ISBN: 9780023406003 List Price: $8.80
The Necessary Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205652167 List Price: $76.60
George Bernard Shaw by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9780877546498 List Price: $45.00
Red Badge of Courage by Crane, Stephen, Pizer, Dona... ISBN: 9780393930757 List Price: $12.50
An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory by Andrew Bennett, Nicholas Royle ISBN: 9781405859141 List Price: $40.99
Contemporary Literary Criticism Literary and Cultural Studies by Davis, Robert C., Schleifer... ISBN: 9780801330025 List Price: $159.00
English Romantic Writers by Perkins, David, Perkins, David ISBN: 9780155016880 List Price: $182.95
A Short Course in Teaching Reading Skills by Mikulecky, Beatrice S. ISBN: 9780131363854 List Price: $54.67
Confessions of Nat Turner and Related Documents by Greenberg, Kenneth S., Gree... ISBN: 9780312112073 List Price: $15.95
One World of Literature by Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Norma... ISBN: 9780395588802 List Price: $164.95
Children's Literature Remembered Issues, Trends, and Favorite Books by Pavonetti, Linda M. ISBN: 9780313320774 List Price: $57.00
Early Modern English Poetry A Critical Companion by Hadfield, Andrew, Sullivan,... ISBN: 9780195153873 List Price: $45.95
Songs of Aristophanes by Parker, L. P. ISBN: 9780198149446 List Price: $450.00
Thoreau Journal by Thoreau, Henry David ISBN: 9780691065403 List Price: $65.00
Walden, Civil Disobedience, and Other Writings by Thoreau, Henry David, Rossi... ISBN: 9780393930900 List Price: $57.83
Introduction to Play Analysis by Cal Pritner, Scott Walters ISBN: 9780072500325
The Birthday Book: Birthdates, Birthplaces, and Biographical Sources for American Authors an... by Mary H. Munroe, Judith Banja ISBN: 9781555700515 List Price: $61.25
The Literary Experience, Compact Edition (Available Titles CengageNOW) by Bruce Beiderwell, Jeffrey M... ISBN: 9781413019254 List Price: $135.95
Literature Across Cultures by Gillespie, Sheena, Fonseca,... ISBN: 9780321460073 List Price: $96.20
Letters of Charles Dickens 1862-1864 by Dickens, Charles, Storey, G... ISBN: 9780198122944 List Price: $299.00
Commentary on Virgil Eclogues by Clausen, Wendell, Clausen, ... ISBN: 9780198150350 List Price: $85.00
Glencoe Literature Reading With Purpose, Course 3 by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078454783 List Price: $66.99
William Shakespeare A Study of Facts and Problems by Chambers, Edmund K. ISBN: 9780198117742 List Price: $274.00
Multicultural Children's Literature by Norton, Donna E. ISBN: 9780135145289 List Price: $49.80
The Holkham Bible by Brown, Michelle, British Li... ISBN: 9780712309905
Riverside Milton by Milton, John, Flannagan, Ro... ISBN: 9780395809990 List Price: $142.95
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