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Every piece of writing comes from an individual source and is subject to criticism. Literature criticism textbooks comprise of analysis and opinions by experts who consider the value of different literature works so that they may discuss them according to their own logic.

Collection of literary criticism textbooks
If you are looking for literary criticism textbooks, then you can search the diverse and interesting collection available at Valore Books. The different types of literary criticism such as feminist, formalist, historical, psychological are all available, as each covers the distinct approaches and techniques used by different authors and different interpretations of literature produced at different times throughout history. Readers can review literary criticism on English, American or European writers, romantic writers, literature of the western world, children's literature, fairytales, fiction, drama, poetry and famous authors (e.g. Shakespeare).

Worth of Literary criticism textbooks
Literary criticism textbooks are quite helpful for students and scholars, as these books discuss literature while paying special attention to themes and motifs, expression, cultural and literary significance and the impact of the demonstrated language. Criticism is extremely exciting, as many times, critics challenge certain ideological norms. Critics continually address questions that cause readers to think deeper so that they may hone the ability to think critically.

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Understanding Poetry by Kalaidjian, Walter ISBN: 9780618386291 List Price: $97.95
Early Modern English Poetry A Critical Companion by Hadfield, Andrew, Sullivan,... ISBN: 9780195153873 List Price: $45.95
Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, ... ISBN: 9780415263580 List Price: $28.95
Literature and Gender by Primamore, Elizabeth, DeLui... ISBN: 9780205744879
New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics by Preminger, Alex, Brogan, Te... ISBN: 9780691021232 List Price: $45.00
American Novel Sinclair Lewis to the Present by Nevius, Blake ISBN: 9780882955247 List Price: $13.95
Discovering Children's Literature by Hillman, Judith ISBN: 9780130423320 List Price: $68.00
American Literature for Life and Work by Johnson, Elaine Bowe, LaRoc... ISBN: 9780538642798 List Price: $70.64
Bedford Anthology of American Literature Beginnings to 1865 by Belasco, Susan, Johnson, Linck ISBN: 9780312412074 List Price: $55.40
Creative Revolt A Study of Wright, Ellison, and Dostoevsky by Lynch, Michael F. ISBN: 9780820410180 List Price: $42.95
Prentice Hall Literature Portfolio by Hart, Alexis, Desmet, Chris... ISBN: 9780131935082 List Price: $48.00
Bold Words A Century of Asian American Writing by Srikanth, Rajini, Iwanaga, ... ISBN: 9780813529660 List Price: $26.95
Through the Looking Glass by Nicolson, Sheryl A., Shipst... ISBN: 9780136519935 List Price: $33.25
Six Records of a Life Adrift by Shen Fu, Sanders, Graham, S... ISBN: 9781603841986 List Price: $13.95
Literary Experience by Beiderwell, Bruce, Wheeler,... ISBN: 9781413019179 List Price: $108.95
Western Wind An Introduction to Poetry by Mason, David, Nims, John Fr... ISBN: 9780073031804 List Price: $67.10
Fantastic Literature A Critical Reader by Sandner, David ISBN: 9780275980535 List Price: $62.95
Literature, Race, and Ethnicity Contesting American Identities by Skerrett, Joseph T., Jr., S... ISBN: 9780321011626 List Price: $72.40
Images of Women in Literature by Ferguson, Mary A., Carr, Jean ISBN: 9780395551165 List Price: $119.95
British Literature 1780 to 1830 by Mellor, Anne K., Matlak, Ri... ISBN: 9781413022537 List Price: $115.95
Propaganda and Aesthetics The Literary Politics of African-American Magazines in the Twentie... by Johnson, Abby Arthur, Johns... ISBN: 9780870234026 List Price: $19.95
Through the Eyes of a Child An Introduction to Children's Literature by Norton, Donna E., Norton, S... ISBN: 9780132202961 List Price: $137.40
Comedies by Shakespeare, William, Green... ISBN: 9780393931419 List Price: $46.25
Heath Introduction to Poetry by De Roche, Joseph ISBN: 9780395958247 List Price: $81.95
Glencoe Literature Reading With Purpose, Course 3 by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078454783 List Price: $66.99
Bold Words: A Century of Asian American Writing by Srikanth, Rajini, Iwanaga, ... ISBN: 9780813529653 List Price: $59.00
Geographies of Modernism Literatures, Cultures, Spaces by Brooker, Peter, Thacker, An... ISBN: 9780415331166 List Price: $35.95
Power of Reading Insights from the Research by Krashen, Stephen D. ISBN: 9781591581697 List Price: $27.00
Theory Into Practice by Dobie, Ann B. (Ann B. Dobie) ISBN: 9781413033403 List Price: $105.95
Before the Sun Has Set Retribution in the Fiction of Flannery O'connor by Darretta, John ISBN: 9780820481661 List Price: $60.95
Native Son - Richard Wright by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9780791096253 List Price: $45.00
Simply Shakespeare by Widdicombe, Toby ISBN: 9780321077042 List Price: $50.80
Socratic Seminars and Literature Circles for Middle and High School English by Moeller, Marc V., Moeller, ... ISBN: 9781930556225 List Price: $29.95
Stephen Crane Encyclopedia by Wertheim, Stanley ISBN: 9780313296925 List Price: $122.95
Reading Lessons An Introduction to Theory by Carpenter, Scott ISBN: 9780130211002 List Price: $56.20
Lord Jim Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Sources, Criticism by Conrad, Joseph, Moser, Thom... ISBN: 9780393963359 List Price: $17.05
Melville's Short Novels Authoritative Texts, Contexts, Criticism by Melville, Herman, McCall, D... ISBN: 9780393976410 List Price: $67.49
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