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If you thought literary criticism from Africa would be hard to find out about, think again. With our help you can access many affordable text books you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Our secret is to buyback used books from other students, so you can get the cheapest deals for all kinds of superb books and volumes. Buy used African textbooks from Valore Books now and discover just why plenty of other people are always coming back to our marketplace. Buy the likes of Death and the King's Horseman: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism; Myth, Literature and the African World; Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol; Bearing Witness: Readers, Writers and the Novel in Nigeria; and Moving the Centre: The Struggle for Cultural Freedom. You'll find plenty more affordable books here as well, so when you have the chance to find and rent used African textbooks you will be able to save more cash than you thought.

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Myth, Literature, and the African World by Soyinka, Wole ISBN: 9780521398343 List Price: $24.99
Wole Soyinka by Msiska, Mpalive, Armstrong,... ISBN: 9780746308110 List Price: $17.00
Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol by P'Bitek, Okot, Horley, Fran... ISBN: 9780435902667 List Price: $12.44
Liminal Novel Studies in the Francophone-African Novel As Bildungsroman by Nyatetu-Waigwa, Wangari W. ISBN: 9780820421681 List Price: $32.95
Interpreters by Soyinka, Wole, Jones, Eldre... ISBN: 9780435900762 List Price: $14.95
Moving the Centre The Struggle for Cultural Freedom by Ngugi wa Thiong'o ISBN: 9780435080792 List Price: $25.00
Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories by Rifaat, Alifa ISBN: 9780435909123 List Price: $14.94
Growth of the African Novel by Palmer, Eustace ISBN: 9780435918026 List Price: $17.50
Novel and the Globalization of Culture by Moses, Michael V. ISBN: 9780195089523 List Price: $60.00
Olive Schreiner A Biography by First, Ruth, Scott, Ann, Go... ISBN: 9780813516226 List Price: $23.95
Chinua Achebe by Innes, Catherine L., Irele,... ISBN: 9780521428972 List Price: $33.99
Bearing Witness Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria by Griswold, Wendy M. ISBN: 9780691058290 List Price: $44.00
Reading the African Novel by Gikandi, Simon ISBN: 9780435080181 List Price: $26.25
Tragic Life Bessie Head and Literature in Southern Africa by Abrahams, Cecil ISBN: 9780865431775 List Price: $9.95
Resistance in Postcolonial African Fiction by Lazarus, Neil ISBN: 9780300045536 List Price: $35.00
Somewhere in the Double Rainbow by Stobie, Cheryl ISBN: 9781869141301
Cry, the Beloved Country by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9780791075722 List Price: $30.00
Remembering Africa by Mudimbe-Boyi, Elisabeth ISBN: 9780325070728 List Price: $100.00
Silence Is Not Golden A Critical Anthology of Ethiopian Literature by Adero, Taddesse, Ahmed, Ali J. ISBN: 9780932415479 List Price: $16.95
South Africa in English-Language Children's Literature 1814-1912 by Jenkins, Elwyn ISBN: 9780786411054 List Price: $65.00
Text, Theory, Space Post-Colonial Representations and Identity by Nuttall, Sarah, Gunner, Liz... ISBN: 9780415124089 List Price: $39.95
Who's Afraid of Wole Soyinka? Essays on Censorship by Maja-Pearce, Adewale ISBN: 9780435909772 List Price: $17.50
Writing and Africa by Msiska, Mpalive-Hangson, Hy... ISBN: 9780582214187 List Price: $30.00
Myth, Realism, and the West African Writer by Priebe, Richard K., Arnold,... ISBN: 9780865430983 List Price: $18.95
Experimental Nations Beyond the Boundaries of Francophony by Bensmaia, Reda, Waters, Alyson ISBN: 9780691089379 List Price: $22.95
Writing of Wole Soyinka by Jones, Eldred Durosimi ISBN: 9780435916459
Francophone African Text Translation and the Postcolonial Experience by Gyasi, Kwaku Addae ISBN: 9780820478302 List Price: $59.95
Magical Realism in West African Fiction Seeing With a Third Eye by Cooper, Brenda ISBN: 9780415340618 List Price: $35.95
Uhuru's Fires by Roscoe, Adrian A. ISBN: 9780521212953 List Price: $42.50
Remembering the Nation, Dismembering Women? by Samuelson, Meg ISBN: 9781869141202
Black Writers in French A Literary History of Negritude by Kesteloot, Lilyan ISBN: 9780882580661 List Price: $32.95
Challenging Hierarchies Issues and Themes in Colonial and Postcolonial African Literature by Saaka, Yakubu, Podis, Leona... ISBN: 9780820437101 List Price: $34.95
Colonialism & Cultural Identity Crises of Tradition in the Anglophone by Hogan, Patrick Colm ISBN: 9780791444603 List Price: $29.95
African Novels in the Classroom by Hay, Margaret Jean ISBN: 9781555878788 List Price: $25.00
African Horizons The Landscapes of African Fiction by Loflin, Christine ISBN: 9780313297335 List Price: $99.95
Tungo Zetu - Ibrahim N. Shariff - Paperback by Shariff, Ibrahim N. ISBN: 9780932415332 List Price: $9.95
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