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Most of us can remember our favorite childhood book and the huge amount of enjoyment it gave us, as well as unlocking our imaginations in a way that TV programmes had never managed to do. Whether it be a masterpiece by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, The Brothers Grimm or the simply the Hungry Caterpillar, a good children's book is one of the most powerful tools in a child's education. We have a great range of cheap children's literature textbooks for you to buy or rent. We offer the same textbooks that you will find in your college bookstore but we sell them at much lower prices. You can save yourself the time that you would waste searching through the over-crowded shelves and waiting in long checkout lines by ordering your discounted children's literature textbooks here. The benefits of ordering through us are numerous and so obvious to see that even a child would see it makes sense.

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Pleasures of Children's Literature by Nodelman, Perry, Reimer, Mavis ISBN: 9780801332487 List Price: $76.00
Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature by Kiefer, Barbara, Hickman, J... ISBN: 9780073257693 List Price: $112.20
Discovering Children's Literature by Hillman, Judith ISBN: 9780130423320 List Price: $68.00
Through the Eyes of a Child An Introduction to Children's Literature by Norton, Donna E., Norton, S... ISBN: 9780132202961 List Price: $137.40
Creative Power The Nature and Nurture of Children's Writing by Cramer, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780321049131 List Price: $47.99
Global Perspectives in Children's Literature by Freeman, Evelyn B., Lehman,... ISBN: 9780205308620 List Price: $48.00
Young Adult Literature Exploration, Evaluation, and Appreciation by Bucher, Katherine T., Manni... ISBN: 9780131118416 List Price: $65.00
Reading, Writing, and Gender Instructional Strategies and Classroom Activities That Work for... by Goldberg, Gail Lynn, Roswel... ISBN: 9781930556232 List Price: $29.95
Teaching about Disabilities through Children's Literature by Prater, Mary Anne, Dyches, ... ISBN: 9781591585411 List Price: $38.00
Potential of Picture Books by Kiefer, Barbara Z. ISBN: 9780023635359 List Price: $43.80
Classics of Young Adult Literature by Frey, Charles H., Rollin, Lucy ISBN: 9780130942180 List Price: $91.00
Gotcha for Guys! Nonfiction Books to Get Boys Excited About Reading by Baxter, Kathleen A., Kochel... ISBN: 9781591583110 List Price: $35.00
Teaching With Favorite Read-A-Louds in First Grade by Lunsford, Susan ISBN: 9780439404181 List Price: $16.99
Harry Potter's World Wide Influence by Diana Patterson ISBN: 9781443813945 List Price: $75.99
Fairy Tales Readers Theatre by Fredericks, Anthony D. ISBN: 9781591588498 List Price: $25.00
Critical Handbook of Children's Lit. by Lukens, Rebecca J. ISBN: 9780321003614 List Price: $36.75
Teaching Young Adult Literature Sharing the Connection by Brown, Jean E., Stephens, E... ISBN: 9780534199388 List Price: $83.95
Through the Eyes of a Child An Introduction to Children's Literature by Norton, Donna E., Norton, S... ISBN: 9780130422071 List Price: $103.00
Passion for Print Promoting Reading And Books to Teens by Mahood, Kristine ISBN: 9781591581468 List Price: $40.00
Modern Children's Literature An Introduction by Reynolds, Kimberley ISBN: 9781403916129 List Price: $29.95
Fairy Tales and Society: Illusion, Allusion and Paradigm - Ruth B. Bottigheimer - Paperback by Bottigheimer, Ruth B. ISBN: 9780812212945 List Price: $17.95
Children & Books by Sutherland, Zena ISBN: 9780673997333 List Price: $159.00
Critical Handbook of Children's Literature by Lukens, Rebecca J. ISBN: 9780205492183 List Price: $84.00
Children's Literature An Invitation to the World by Mitchell, Diana, Waterbury,... ISBN: 9780321049155 List Price: $89.20
Cullinan and Galda's Literature and the Child With Infotrac College Edition by Galda, Lee, Cullinan, Berni... ISBN: 9780534246839 List Price: $98.95
Introduction to Children's Literature by Hunt, Peter ISBN: 9780192892430 List Price: $50.00
Case of Peter Pan Or the Impossibility of Children's Fiction by Rose, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780812214352 List Price: $21.95
Victorian Fairy Tales The Revolt of the Fairies and Elves by Zipes, Jack D. ISBN: 9780415901406 List Price: $30.95
Madeline by Holzschuher, Cynthia ISBN: 9781557345387 List Price: $7.99
Literature and the Child by Cullinan, Bernice E., Galda... ISBN: 9780155009851 List Price: $66.00
Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction 22 Easy Lessons With Color Transparencies ,High Interes... by Boynton, Alice, Blevins, Wiley ISBN: 9780439376525 List Price: $23.99
Charlotte Huck's Children Literature With Literature Database by Kiefer, Barbara, Hepler, Su... ISBN: 9780073310213
An Introduction to the Interpretation of Fairy Tales - Marie Louise Vonfranz - Paperback by Von Franz, Marie-Louise ISBN: 9780882141015 List Price: $12.50
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