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Oxford History of New Zealand Literature by Sturm, Terry ISBN: 9780195582116 List Price: $65.00
The Spirit of Australia: The Crime Fiction of Arthur W. Upfield by Browne, Ray B. ISBN: 9780879724030 List Price: $16.95
Uncertain Self: Essays in Australian Literature and Criticism by Heseltine, Harry ISBN: 9780195547436 List Price: $35.00
Patrick White: Fiction and the Unconscious by Tacey, David J. ISBN: 9780195548679 List Price: $42.00
Xavier Herbert by Clancy, Laurie ISBN: 9780805763942 List Price: $19.95
Critical Essays on Patrick White - Peter Wolfe - Hardcover by Wolfe, Peter ISBN: 9780816188468 List Price: $50.00
David Malouf by Indyk, Ivor ISBN: 9780195533217 List Price: $22.00
Gerald Murnane by Salusinszky, Imre ISBN: 9780195534221 List Price: $22.00
Essays on New Zealand Literature by Curnow, Wystan ISBN: 9780435181956 List Price: $15.00
Postcolonial Pacific Writing Representations Of The Body by Keown, Michelle ISBN: 9780415299572 List Price: $110.00
Oxford Literary History of Australia by Bennett, Bruce, Strauss, Je... ISBN: 9780195537376 List Price: $60.00
Das Verborgene sichtbar machen (Austrian Culture) (German Edition) by Riegler, Roxane ISBN: 9781433108310 List Price: $68.95
Reader's Guide to Australian Fiction by Clancy, Laurie ISBN: 9780195546200 List Price: $35.00
Sheer Edge Aspects of Identity in David Malouf's Writing by Hansson, Karin ISBN: 9789179661496 List Price: $29.50
Patrick White by During, Simon ISBN: 9780195534979 List Price: $35.00
Mapping Men and Empire A Geography of Adventure by Phillips, Richard ISBN: 9780415137713 List Price: $139.95
Conversation in a Train, and Other Critical Writing by Sargeson, Frank, Cunningham... ISBN: 9780196480237 List Price: $24.95
Cambridge Wizard Student Guide Henry Lawson Short Stories by McRoberts, Richard, McRober... ISBN: 9780521536141 List Price: $6.00
Literature Board A Brief History by Shapcott, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780702221255 List Price: $29.95
Patrick White Centenary : The Legacy of a Prodigal Son by Driesen, vanden Cynthia, As... ISBN: 9781443860406
Dirty Silence : Aspects of Language and Literature in New Zealand by McGregor, Graham, Harlow, R... ISBN: 9780195582277 List Price: $26.95
Feminist Criticism in Australia by Levy, Bronwen ISBN: 9780521446365
Feminist Criticism in Australia by Levy, Bronwen ISBN: 9780521440967
New Zealand Drama - Howard Douglas McNaughton - Library Binding by McNaughton, Howard ISBN: 9780805764680 List Price: $19.95
Imagining Romanticism Essays on English and Australian Romanticisms by Coleman, Deirdre, Otto, Peter ISBN: 9780933951426 List Price: $35.00
Kenneth Slessor by Caesar, Adrian ISBN: 9780195534214 List Price: $24.95
Livewire Real Lives Henry Lawson by Gordon, Janet, Merkur, Janet ISBN: 9780521776349 List Price: $6.99
To Sea with a Lyre by Maguire, Marion ISBN: 9780959807684
Essays in Australian Fiction by Eldershaw, M. Barnard ISBN: 9780598973665 List Price: $63.90
Everywhere I Look by Garner, Helen ISBN: 9781925355369
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