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Self-help books are written with the objective of empowering the reader in order to enable him/her to improve him/herself. These books often help people to cope with grief, to maintain optimism, to develop skills crucial to success and even to deal with debilitating issues such as depression and substance abuse. Self-help textbooks enable readers to enact self-improvement.

Motivation, Excellence and Success
These types of books aim to instill positivity in their readers by establishing personal principles that allow them to excel in their chosen field. These books might take a general route towards living a fulfilling and successful life or else they might be intended for different audiences: students, new parents, business professionals, etc. Some titles include:

  • Psychology of Success by Denis Waitley
  • Excelling in College by Jeffrey Kottler
  • Understanding Motivation and Emotion by Johnmarshall Reeve

Stress Management
Everybody suffers from stress at some point or the other; however, stress becomes a major problem when everyday activities become cumbersome. These activities may include a person's occupation, family or other potential stress triggers. The following books may help you overcome stress so that you may work to live a content and balanced life:

  • Comprehensive Stress Management by Jerrold S. Greenberg
  • Controlling Stress and Tension by Daniel Girdano and George Everly
  • Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-it-yourself Guide for Coping with Stress by Donald A. Tubesing

Overcoming Substance Abuse
Overcoming substance abuse can prove a tough task, requiring nerves of steel. The following might help you conquer your habit:

  • Treating Addictive Behaviors by William R. Miller and Nick Heather
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs: Choosing Health by Susan C. Giarratano

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Understanding Depression Feminist Social Constructionist Approaches by Stoppard, Janet M. ISBN: 9780415165624 List Price: $78.95
Good Sex: Real Stories from Real People - Julia Hutton - Paperback by Hutton, Julia ISBN: 9780939416578 List Price: $12.95
Will the Real Women Please Stand Up by Patterson, Ella M., Ennix, ... ISBN: 9781884331015 List Price: $14.95
Pride, Shame, and Guilt by Taylor, Gabrielle ISBN: 9780198246206 List Price: $99.00
Six Myths About the Good Life Thinking About What Has Value by Kupperman, Joel J. ISBN: 9780872207820 List Price: $14.95
Creative Anger by Baruch, Rhoda, Stutman, Suz... ISBN: 9780275998745
Behavior Management Anger by DeVries, Karen ISBN: 9781570294976 List Price: $6.99
Secrets of Better Sex by Bakos, Susan Crain ISBN: 9780136066668 List Price: $18.95
Sex Education the Final Plague by Engel, Randy ISBN: 9781559220248 List Price: $8.00
Childhood's Secrets Intimacy, Privacy, and the Self Reconsidered by Van Manen, Max, Levering, Bas ISBN: 9780807735053 List Price: $22.95
God's Laws of Success by Tilton, Robert ISBN: 9780914307044 List Price: $7.95
Anger and Aggression: An Essay on Emotion by Averill, James R. ISBN: 9780387907192 List Price: $66.00
Beyond Our Limits: What Ordinary Humans Can Do in Extremis by Cooper, Wendy, Smith, Tim ISBN: 9780812828672 List Price: $14.95
Art Therapy and Anger by Liebmann, Marian ISBN: 9781843104254 List Price: $34.95
Sex Ed Film, Video, and the Framework of Desire by Eberwein, Robert T. ISBN: 9780813526379 List Price: $22.00
Communicating for Success, Books a la Carte Plus MyCommunicationLab by Hamilton, Cheryl M., Creel,... ISBN: 9780205757930 List Price: $81.33
Developing Textbook Thinking: Strategies for Success in College - Sherrie L. Nist - Hardcover by Nist, Sherrie L., Diehl, Wi... ISBN: 9780669297805 List Price: $37.96
How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People. by Giblin, Leslie T. ISBN: 9780134106885 List Price: $24.95
Extreme Stress and Communities Impact and Intervention by Hobfoll, Stevan E., De Vrie... ISBN: 9780792334682 List Price: $399.00
Anger: The Struggle for Emotional Control in America's History - Carol Zisowitz Sterns - Har... by Stearns, Carol Z., Stearns,... ISBN: 9780226771519 List Price: $24.95
Sex Education the Final Plague by Engel, Randy ISBN: 9781559220255 List Price: $7.95
Education for Sexuality and HIV-AIDS Curriculum and Teaching Strategies by Heit, Philip, Burt, John, B... ISBN: 9780963000927 List Price: $48.00
Ideate with June A. Valladares by Valladares, June A. ISBN: 9780761932710 List Price: $33.95
Dans Le Vent by Maley, Catherine A. ISBN: 9780030256066 List Price: $75.95
Clearing Your Lifepath by Lewis, Allan P., Von Bibra,... ISBN: 9780915563005 List Price: $8.95
Sexuality Counseling A Training Program by Schepp, Kay F. ISBN: 9780915202478 List Price: $52.95
Teacher's Guide to Anger Management by Blum, Paul ISBN: 9780415231985 List Price: $31.95
Inside Out Rebuilding Self & Personality Through Inner Child Therapy by Potter, Ann E. ISBN: 9781559590631 List Price: $20.95
I Never Knew I Had A Choice With InfoTrac Explorations In Personal Growth by Corey, Gerald, Corey, Maria... ISBN: 9780534607869 List Price: $124.95
Dimensions of Human Sexuality by Byer, Curtis O., Galliano, ... ISBN: 9780072412789 List Price: $184.88
Human Motivation by Weiner, Bernard ISBN: 9780803946583 List Price: $59.95
Procrastination and Task Avoidance Theory, Research, and Treatment by Ferrari, Joseph R., Johnson... ISBN: 9780306448423 List Price: $109.00
Invitation to Reading and Writing by O'Keefe, Jack ISBN: 9780130797742 List Price: $62.20
Stress and Emotion Anxiety, Anger, and Curiosity by Spielberger, Charles D., Sa... ISBN: 9781560324492 List Price: $115.00
Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy by Wakefield, Lisa, Wake, Lisa ISBN: 9780415425407
The Psychology of Happiness: A Good Human Life by Franklin, Samuel S. ISBN: 9780521138673 List Price: $23.99
Art of Being Human by Janaro, Richard Paul, Altsh... ISBN: 9780321093165 List Price: $101.20
New Stoicism by Becker, Lawrence C. ISBN: 9780691009643 List Price: $23.95
Creative Intelligence for School by Williams, Wendy M., Brigock... ISBN: 9780321012302 List Price: $33.80
Visions of the Night Dreams, Religion, and Psychology by Bulkeley, Kelly ISBN: 9780791442838 List Price: $60.50
Sexuality Now With Infotrac Embracing Diversity by Wolpert, Carroll, Jannell L. ISBN: 9780155067677 List Price: $86.95
Tobacco Industry and Smoking (Library in a Book) by Pampel, Fred C. ISBN: 9780816077939 List Price: $45.00
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