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Open Empire A History of China to 1600 by Hansen, Valerie ISBN: 9780393973747 List Price: $55.40
Modern China: Continuity and Change, 1644 to the Present by Elleman, Bruce, Paine, S. C... ISBN: 9780136000600 List Price: $57.80
Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective by Schrecker, John E. ISBN: 9780275974763 List Price: $29.95
Rise of Modern China by Hsü, Immanuel C. ISBN: 9780195125047 List Price: $69.95
China in the Early Bronze Age Shang Civilization by Thorp, Robert L. ISBN: 9780812239102 List Price: $69.95
Cambridge History of China by Fairbank, John K., Fairbank... ISBN: 9780521220293 List Price: $242.00
Cambridge History of China Late Ch'Ing, 1800-1911, Part 1 by Fairbank, John K., Fairbank... ISBN: 9780521214476 List Price: $230.00
Modern China by Moise, Edwin E. ISBN: 9780582772779 List Price: $49.60
Brief History of Chinese And Japanese Civilizations by Brown, Miranda, Gay, Suzann... ISBN: 9780618914944 List Price: $126.95
Wu Zhao: China's Only Female Emperor by N. Harry Rothschild, Peter ... ISBN: 9780321394262 List Price: $30.40
China Since 1949 by Benson, Linda ISBN: 9781408237694
Brief History of Chinese Civilization by Schirokauer ISBN: 9780618915064 List Price: $106.95
Twentieth Century China : A History in Documents by Schoppa, R. Keith ISBN: 9780199732005 List Price: $24.95
Culture and Customs of China by Gunde, Richard ISBN: 9780313308765 List Price: $57.95
Daily Life in Traditional China The Tang Dynasty by Benn, Charles D. ISBN: 9780313309557 List Price: $55.00
China Today An Encyclopedia of LIfe in the People's Republic by Luo, Jing ISBN: 9780313321702 List Price: $209.95
China on the Eve of the Communist Takeover (Westview Encore Edition) by A. Doak Barnett ISBN: 9780813301631 List Price: $69.00
Search for Modern China A Documentary Collection by Cheng, Pei-kai, Lestz, Mich... ISBN: 9780393973723 List Price: $74.06
Breaking the China-Taiwan Impasse by Zagoria, Donald S. ISBN: 9780275980221 List Price: $35.00
Establishment of the Han Empire and Imperial China by Hardy, Grant, Kinney, Anne ... ISBN: 9780313325885 List Price: $46.95
From War to Nationalism China's Turning Point, 1924-1925 by Waldron, Arthur N. ISBN: 9780521472388 List Price: $62.99
China's Campaign To 'open Up The Wes' National, Provincial And Local Perspectives by Goodman, David S. G., Edmon... ISBN: 9780521613491 List Price: $41.00
Region and Nation by Lary, Diana C., Hannan, Pat... ISBN: 9780521202046 List Price: $44.50
Search for Modern China by Spence, Jonathan D. ISBN: 9780393973518 List Price: $46.15
China in the World by the Curriculum Specialists ... ISBN: 9780887276217 List Price: $49.95
Opium War, 1840-1842 - Peter Ward Fay - Paperback by Fay, Peter W. ISBN: 9780393008234
Cambridge History of China The People's Republic, Part 1 The Emergence of Revolutionary Chi... by MacFarquhar, Roderick, Fair... ISBN: 9780521243360 List Price: $209.00
Brief History of Chinese Civilization by Schirokauer, Conrad, Brown,... ISBN: 9780534643058 List Price: $66.95
People's China A Brief History by Dietrich, Craig ISBN: 9780195106299 List Price: $39.95
Revolution And Its Past Indentities And Change In Modern Chinese History by Schoppa, R. Keith ISBN: 9780131930391 List Price: $64.40
From War to Nationalism by Waldron, Arthur, Hannan, Pa... ISBN: 9780521523325 List Price: $53.00
Bureaucracy of Han Times by Bielenstein, Hans, Twitchet... ISBN: 9780521225106 List Price: $47.50
Cultural Realism Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Ming China by Johnston, Alastair I. ISBN: 9780691002392 List Price: $37.50
Shanghai Global City by Wasserstrom, Jeff, Wasserst... ISBN: 9780415213288 List Price: $35.95
Manchuria Under Japanese Dominion by Fogel, Joshua A., Yamamuro,... ISBN: 9780812239126 List Price: $59.95
Literary Dissent in Communist China by Goldman, Merle R. ISBN: 9780689702600 List Price: $3.75
Orphan Warriors Three Manchu Generations and the End of the Qing World by Crossley, Pamela Kyle ISBN: 9780691008776 List Price: $44.00
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