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Modern History of China and Japan by Lee, Thomas B. ISBN: 9780842202121 List Price: $6.95
Hong Kong Basic Law Blueprint for "Stability and Prosperity" Under Chinese Sovereignty? by Chan, Ming K., Clark, David J. ISBN: 9780873328357 List Price: $88.95
Ili Rebellion The Moslem Challenge to Chinese Authority in Xinjiang, 1944-1949 by Benson, Linda ISBN: 9780873325097 List Price: $85.95
Experiences of Harry Wu As a Political Prisoner in the Peoples Republic of China Hearing Bef... by Smith, Christopher E. ISBN: 9780788170256 List Price: $20.00
Exploring Nationalisms of China Themes and Conflicts by Wei, C. X. George, Liu, Xia... ISBN: 9780313315121 List Price: $97.95
Failure of Charisma The Cultural Revolution in Wuhan by Wang, Shaoguang ISBN: 9780195859508 List Price: $105.00
History of China by Roberts, J. A. G., Black, J... ISBN: 9781403992741 List Price: $80.00
Social Engineering And the Social Sciences in China, 1919-1949 by Chiang, Yung-chen, Kirby, W... ISBN: 9780521027243 List Price: $61.00
Operation China: Introducing All the Peoples of China by Hattaway, Paul, Johnstone, ... ISBN: 9780953575756 List Price: $35.99
Democracy Orgn Chnse Enpse by Brugger, William E. ISBN: 9780521207904 List Price: $49.50
Old China in Historic Photographs: 288 Views by Boerschmann, Ernest, Weng, ... ISBN: 9780486242828 List Price: $13.95
China at War 1901-1949 by Dreyer, Edward L. ISBN: 9780582051232
Party-Military Relations in the PRC and Taiwan: Paradoxes of Control by Hsiao-Shih, Cheng ISBN: 9780813377384 List Price: $41.50
China's Art of Revolution: The Mobilization of Discontent by Ristaino, Marcia R. ISBN: 9780822307181 List Price: $54.95
China since Mao by Kwan Ha Yim ISBN: 9780871962102 List Price: $24.95
Roots of Chinese Culture and Medicine by Tsuei, Wei ISBN: 9780962515606 List Price: $9.75
Working Daughters of Hong Kong: Female Piety or Power in the Family? by Salaff, Janet W., Campbell,... ISBN: 9780521281485 List Price: $17.95
Through Chinese Eyes Tradition, Revolution And Transformation by Vernoff, Edward, Seybolt, P... ISBN: 9780938960522 List Price: $44.95
Tracking the Dragon National Intelligence Estimates on China During the Era of Mao, 1948-1976 by Hutchings, Robert L., Allen... ISBN: 9780756745080 List Price: $95.00
Government of the Qin And Han Empires 221 Bce-220 Ce by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872208193 List Price: $37.95
Military Strategy in the Third Indochina War The Last Maoist War by O'Dowd, Edward C. ISBN: 9780415414272 List Price: $135.00
Modern Chinese Journey to the West Economic Globalization And Dualism by Killion, Ulric ISBN: 9781594549052 List Price: $79.00
Nanking Atrocity, 1937-38 Complicating the Picture by Wakabayashi ISBN: 9781845451806 List Price: $95.00
France/China Intercultural Imaginings by Hughes, Alex ISBN: 9781904350934 List Price: $65.00
Military History of Modern China From the Manchu Conquest to the Present by Worthing, Peter M. ISBN: 9780275987800 List Price: $49.95
Building a Nation State China After Forty Years by Kallgren, Joyce K. ISBN: 9781557290229 List Price: $12.00
Faith, Myth And Reason In Han China by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872207578 List Price: $44.00
Nationalist Era in China, 1927-1949 - Lloyd E. Eastman - Hardcover by Eastman, Lloyd E., Ch'en, J... ISBN: 9780521392730 List Price: $72.99
Faith, Myth And Reason In Han China by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872207561 List Price: $14.95
Companion to Chinese History by O'Neill, Hugh B. ISBN: 9780871968418 List Price: $27.50
History of Western Tibet: One of the Unknown Empires by Francke, A. H. ISBN: 9788120610439
Letters Home by Hlavacek, John ISBN: 9780595531714 List Price: $20.95
Brill's Encyclopedia of China, Vol. 20 by Leese, Daniel ISBN: 9789004168633
Aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Crisis for Mainland China by Bih-Jaw Lin ISBN: 9780813314075 List Price: $45.00
Rethinking Chinese Popular Culture: Cannibalizations of the Canon, Vol. 1 by Rojas, Carlos, Chow, Eileen ISBN: 9780415468800
Han Civilization by Wang, Zhongshu, Chang, K. C. ISBN: 9780300027235 List Price: $50.00
Recent Chinese Studies of the Boxer Movement by Buck, David D. ISBN: 9780873324410 List Price: $46.95
China by Westpoint ISBN: 9780395763339 List Price: $22.36
China, Nineteen Forty-Nine to Nineteen Seventy-Six by Bown, Colin ISBN: 9780435320119 List Price: $16.95
Land and Lineage in China: A Study of T'ung-Ch'eng Country, Anhwei, in the Ming and Ch'ing D... by Beattie, Hilary J., Hannan,... ISBN: 9780521219747 List Price: $44.50
Working Daughters of Hong Kong: Filial piety or power in the family? (American Sociological ... by Salaff, Janet W., Campbell,... ISBN: 9780521236799 List Price: $34.50
China by Pye, Mary W. ISBN: 9780673464866 List Price: $30.31
In Search of Personal Welfare by Poo, Mu-Chou ISBN: 9780791436295 List Price: $25.50
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