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Tracking the Dragon National Intelligence Estimates on China During the Era of Mao, 1948-1976 by Hutchings, Robert L., Allen... ISBN: 9780756745080 List Price: $95.00
Old Shanghai: Gansters in Paradise by Ling, Pan ISBN: 9789622251649 List Price: $16.50
Operation China: Introducing All the Peoples of China by Hattaway, Paul, Johnstone, ... ISBN: 9780953575756 List Price: $35.99
Chinese Democracy and the Crisis of 1989 Chinese and American Reflections by Ning, Luo, Yen-bo, Wu, DesF... ISBN: 9780791412695 List Price: $27.50
China's Arms Acquisitions from Abroad A Quest for 'Supreb and Secret Weapons' by Gill, Bates, Kim, Taeho ISBN: 9780198291961 List Price: $62.50
China by Pye, Mary W. ISBN: 9780673464866 List Price: $30.31
To Rebuild the Empire Lu Chih's Confucian Pragmatist Approach to the Mid-Tang Predicament by Chiu-Duke, Josephine ISBN: 9780791445020 List Price: $29.95
China's Southern Tang Dynasty, 937-975 by Kurz ISBN: 9780415454964
Democracy Movement of Nineteen Eighty-Nine and China's Future by Jia Hao ISBN: 9780962636905 List Price: $20.00
Government and People in Hong Kong, 1841-1962 : A Constitutional History by Endacott, George B. ISBN: 9789622091016 List Price: $17.95
Forbidden City : Inside the Court of China's Emperors by Cheng, Wen-Chien ISBN: 9780888545008
Memories of Loyang: Yang Hsan-chih and the Lost Capital (493-534) by Jenner, William J. ISBN: 9780198215684 List Price: $120.00
Han Civilization by Wang, Zhongshu, Chang, K. C. ISBN: 9780300027235 List Price: $50.00
Letters Home by Hlavacek, John ISBN: 9780595531714 List Price: $20.95
China in Antiquity by Maspero, Henri, Kierman, Fr... ISBN: 9780870231933 List Price: $35.00
Companion to Chinese History by O'Neill, Hugh B. ISBN: 9780816018253 List Price: $14.95
Faith, Myth And Reason In Han China by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872207578 List Price: $44.00
Faith, Myth And Reason In Han China by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872207561 List Price: $14.95
Persistence/Transformation Text As Image in the Art of Xu Bing by Silbergeld, Jerome, Ching, ... ISBN: 9780691125329 List Price: $24.95
Chinese: Adapting the past, Building the Future - Robert F. Dernberger - Paperback by Dernberger, Robert F. ISBN: 9780892640713 List Price: $17.75
Rise of Modern China - Immanuel C. Hsu - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Hsu, Immanuel C. ISBN: 9780195032185 List Price: $34.00
Modern China: A History by Moise, Edwin E. ISBN: 9780582490772 List Price: $30.80
Four Lamas of Dolpho Tibetan Biographies by Snellgrove, David L., Snell... ISBN: 9780836428865 List Price: $28.00
Intellectuals at a Crossroads The Changing Politics of China's Knowledge Workers by Hao, Zhidong ISBN: 9780791455791 List Price: $92.50
Production, Equality and Participation in Rural China by Stiefel, M., Wertheim, W. F. ISBN: 9780862321239 List Price: $9.95
Great Wall in Ruins Communication and Cultural Change in China by Chu, Godwin C., Ju, Yanan ISBN: 9780791416211 List Price: $27.50
Modernization of the Chinese Past by Lee, Mabel, Syrokomla-Stefa... ISBN: 9780867586589 List Price: $20.00
Chinese Military Modernization Force Development and Strategic Capabilities by Cordesman, Anthony H., Klei... ISBN: 9780892064960 List Price: $24.95
Military Strategy in the Third Indochina War The Last Maoist War by O'Dowd, Edward C. ISBN: 9780415414272 List Price: $135.00
Modern Chinese Journey to the West Economic Globalization And Dualism by Killion, Ulric ISBN: 9781594549052 List Price: $79.00
Changing Gods in Medieval China, 1127-1276 by Hansen, Valerie ISBN: 9780691055596
Old China in Historic Photographs: 288 Views by Boerschmann, Ernest, Weng, ... ISBN: 9780486242828 List Price: $13.95
Values Vs Interests The U. S. Response to the Tiananmen Square Massacre by Hyer, Eric A. ISBN: 9781569271704 List Price: $3.50
Chinese Local History Stone Inscriptions from Fulkien in the Sung to Ch'Ing Periods by Vermeer, Eduard B. ISBN: 9780813384122 List Price: $57.50
China's Industrial Reform by Tidrick, Gene, Jiyuan, Chen ISBN: 9780195205923 List Price: $74.00
China Unbound Evolving Perspectives on the Chinese Past by Cohen, Paul A. ISBN: 9780415298223 List Price: $170.00
Captive Spirits Prisoners of the Cultural Revolution by Xiguang , Yang, McFadden, S... ISBN: 9780195868456 List Price: $19.95
Greater China: The Next Superpower? by Shambaugh, David ISBN: 9780198289340 List Price: $45.00
New Peace County: A Chinese Gazetteer of the Hong Kong Region by Ng, Peter Y., Baker, Hugh ISBN: 9789622090439 List Price: $14.95
Retirement of Revolutionaries in China by Manion, Melanie ISBN: 9780691086538
China: An Uncensored Look by Schuman, Julian ISBN: 9780933256415 List Price: $5.95
Wandering Knights China Legacies, Lived and Recalled by Barnett, Robert W. ISBN: 9780873325134 List Price: $60.95
Wholeness Lost and Wholeness Regained Forgotten Tales of Individuation from Ancient Tibet by Guenther, Herbert V. ISBN: 9780791419892 List Price: $22.50
Time and Ritual in Early China by Hollmann, Thomas O., Wang-R... ISBN: 9783447061063
Pragmatic Dragon : China?s Grand Strategy and Boundary Settlements by Hyer, Eric ISBN: 9780774826358 List Price: $99.00
History of China by Roberts, J. A. G., Black, J... ISBN: 9781403992741 List Price: $80.00
China since Mao by Kwan Ha Yim ISBN: 9780871962102 List Price: $24.95
Records of the Grand Historian : Han Dynasty and Qin Dynasty by Qian, Sima, Watson, Burton ISBN: 9780231082402 List Price: $231.00
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