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Asia covers a large area, encompassing Central Asia, Japan, Korea, China and many other areas too. If you are looking to buy cheap Asia textbooks in the area of history, you will find a wide range of tempting volumes in this collection. In fact, we have thousands of titles you might want to delve into, all pre-owned and available at heavily discounted prices. From discovering a brief history about East Asia to learning about the cultural and social history of the region, this just touches the surface of what is available. Other titles include Search for Modern China, Nationalism Without a Nation in India and Heritage of Japanese Civilization. Whatever textbooks you need, we can provide the chance to rent used Asia textbooks at the cheapest prices. Sell your Asia books back to us too if you wish. It's one way we can keep the service going for other college students.

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History of Asia by Murphey, Rhoads ISBN: 9780205649167 List Price: $99.00
A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present by Gordon, Andrew ISBN: 9780195339222 List Price: $45.95
Rise of Modern China by Hsü, Immanuel C. ISBN: 9780195125047 List Price: $69.95
East Asia: A New History by Murphey, Rhoads ISBN: 9780205695225 List Price: $99.60
Modern East Asia: An Integrated History by Lipman, Jonathan, Molony, B... ISBN: 9780321234902
Concise History of Modern India by Metcalf, Barbara, Metcalf, ... ISBN: 9781107672185 List Price: $29.99
Making of Modern Japan by Pyle, Kenneth B. ISBN: 9780669200201 List Price: $83.95
Search for Modern China A Documentary Collection by Cheng, Pei-kai, Lestz, Mich... ISBN: 9780393973723 List Price: $74.06
A History of India by Kulke, Hermann, Rothermund,... ISBN: 9780415485432 List Price: $43.95
Search for Modern China by Spence, Jonathan D. ISBN: 9780393973518 List Price: $46.15
East Asia A Cultural, Social, And Political History by Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, Wa... ISBN: 9780618133840 List Price: $126.95
Modern East Asia: Brief History by Schirokauer, Conrad, Clark,... ISBN: 9780618920709 List Price: $124.95
Rice As Self Japanese Identities Thru Time by Ohnuki-Tierney, Emiko ISBN: 9780691021102 List Price: $27.95
Selected Subaltern Studies by Guha, Ranajit, Spivak, Gaya... ISBN: 9780195052893 List Price: $40.00
Japanese Imperialism 1894-1945 by Beasley, William G. ISBN: 9780198221685 List Price: $65.00
The History of Japan: Second Edition by Perez, Louis G. ISBN: 9780313364426 List Price: $49.95
Japan A Modern History by McClain, James L. ISBN: 9780393977202 List Price: $56.80
New History of India by Wolpert, Stanley, Wolpert, ... ISBN: 9780195337563 List Price: $49.95
India: From Mughal Empire to British Raj - Paul Goalen - Paperback by Goalen, Paul ISBN: 9780521407816 List Price: $15.95
Heritage of Chinese Civilization by Craig, Albert M. ISBN: 9780135766200 List Price: $36.00
Taiwan: Nation-State or Province? by Copper, John F. ISBN: 9780813344225 List Price: $36.00
Wu Zhao Woman Emperor of China by Rothschild, N. Harry, Stear... ISBN: 9780321394262 List Price: $23.40
Short History of Asia by Mason, Colin ISBN: 9781403936127 List Price: $38.00
Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945 by Myers, Ramon H., Peattie, M... ISBN: 9780691102221 List Price: $55.00
Through Indian Eyes by Johnson, Donald, Johnson, Jean ISBN: 9780938960553 List Price: $24.95
Brief History of Chinese And Japanese Civilizations by Brown, Miranda, Gay, Suzann... ISBN: 9780618914944 List Price: $126.95
India Under Colonial Rule 1700-1885 by Peers, Douglas M. ISBN: 9780582317383 List Price: $26.00
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