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In Manchuria : Journeys Across China's Northeast Frontier by Meyer, Michael ISBN: 9781620402863
State and Scholars in T'ang China by McMullen, D. L. ISBN: 9780521329910 List Price: $75.00
China, a Political History, 1917-1980 by Thornton, Richard C. ISBN: 9780865311978 List Price: $54.00
Nanking Atrocity, 1937-38 Complicating the Picture by Wakabayashi ISBN: 9781845451806 List Price: $95.00
Chinas Establishment Intellectuals by Hamrin, Carol L., Cheek, Ti... ISBN: 9780873323673 List Price: $42.95
Global Studies China by Ogden, Suzanne ISBN: 9781561342211 List Price: $12.95
Rise of Modern China by Hsü, Immanuel C. ISBN: 9780195087208 List Price: $49.95
Hong Kong's History State and Society Under Colonial Rule by Ngo, Tak-Wing ISBN: 9780415208680 List Price: $39.95
Chinese Army Today by Blasko, Dennis ISBN: 9780415770033 List Price: $42.95
Monarchs+ministers by Bartlett, Beatrice S. ISBN: 9780520086456 List Price: $24.95
Discovering Chinese Nationalism..china by Zheng, Yong-Nian, Ravenhill... ISBN: 9780521641807 List Price: $73.99
Cambridge Encyclopedia of China - Brian Hook - Hardcover by Hook, Brian ISBN: 9780521230995 List Price: $54.50
Introduction to Chinese Civilization by Meskill, John T. ISBN: 9780669735024 List Price: $43.96
China at War 1901-1949 by Dreyer, Edward L. ISBN: 9780582051232
Enlightened Judgments Ch'Ing-Ming Chi, the Sung Dynasty Collection by McKnight, Brian E., Liu, Ja... ISBN: 9780791442449 List Price: $34.95
Western Images of China by Mackerras, Colin ISBN: 9780195907384 List Price: $45.00
Pro-Democracy Protests in China by Unger, Jonathan ISBN: 9780873328371 List Price: $39.95
Hong Kong Basic Law Blueprint for "Stability and Prosperity" Under Chinese Sovereignty? by Chan, Ming K., Clark, David J. ISBN: 9780873328357 List Price: $88.95
Chinese Democracy and the Crisis of 1989 Chinese and American Reflections by Ning, Luo, Yen-bo, Wu, DesF... ISBN: 9780791412701 List Price: $29.95
Rural People's Communes in Lien-Chiang by Chen, C. S., Ridley, Charle... ISBN: 9780817918316 List Price: $11.95
The History of China (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) by Wright, David Curtis ISBN: 9780313377488 List Price: $49.95
Rise of Modern China by Hsü, Immanuel C. ISBN: 9780195058673 List Price: $39.95
History of Chinese Civilization by Gernet, Jacques, Foster, J. R. ISBN: 9780521241304 List Price: $94.95
China: A History (Hacket Edition) by Tanner, Harold M. ISBN: 9780872209169 List Price: $54.00
Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia : A Political History of Republican Sinkiang, 1... by Forbes, Andrew D. W. ISBN: 9780521255141 List Price: $62.50
Global Studies China by Ogden, Suzanne ISBN: 9780072432978 List Price: $25.25
China: A Political History by Thornton, Richard C. ISBN: 9780865311985 List Price: $24.90
To Rebuild the Empire Lu Chih's Confucian Pragmatist Approach to the Mid-Tang Predicament by Chiu-Duke, Josephine ISBN: 9780791445020 List Price: $29.95
China by Pye, Mary W. ISBN: 9780673464866 List Price: $30.31
Chinese Democracy and the Crisis of 1989 Chinese and American Reflections by Ning, Luo, Yen-bo, Wu, DesF... ISBN: 9780791412695 List Price: $27.50
China's Arms Acquisitions from Abroad A Quest for 'Supreb and Secret Weapons' by Gill, Bates, Kim, Taeho ISBN: 9780198291961 List Price: $62.50
Recent Events and Present Policies in China by Bland, J. O. ISBN: 9780700710195 List Price: $135.00
China's Global Presence by Lampton, David M., Keyser, ... ISBN: 9780844736433 List Price: $42.25
Global Studies China by Ogden, Suzanne ISBN: 9780073198729 List Price: $33.75
Region and Nation by Lary, Diana C., Hannan, Pat... ISBN: 9780521202046 List Price: $44.50
Working Daughters of Hong Kong: Female Piety or Power in the Family? by Salaff, Janet W., Campbell,... ISBN: 9780521281485 List Price: $17.95
Government of the Qin And Han Empires 221 Bce-220 Ce by Loewe, Michael ISBN: 9780872208193 List Price: $37.95
Old Shanghai: Gansters in Paradise by Ling, Pan ISBN: 9789622251649 List Price: $16.50
Operation China: Introducing All the Peoples of China by Hattaway, Paul, Johnstone, ... ISBN: 9780953575756 List Price: $35.99
Tracking the Dragon National Intelligence Estimates on China During the Era of Mao, 1948-1976 by Hutchings, Robert L., Allen... ISBN: 9780756745080 List Price: $95.00
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