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We have more than a dozen text books available for students who are focusing on architecture in their studies. You can buy professional practice textbooks online today and enjoy affordable prices on every book we sell. We also provide rental terms for many of our books, so you may wish to look for discounted deals here too. You never know how many books could help you to make the most of your studies. Take a look now and discover titles such as Future Practice; Design Innovation for the Built Environment; Francois Blondel: Architecture, Erudition and the Scientific Revolution; and Actions of Architecture: Architects and Creative Users. There are many other affordable deals to be had here as well, so if you find the books you really want, you can enjoy the cheapest options we have for you today. Trust in Valore Books and make sure you have the best choice of pre-owned books.

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Success Strategies for Design Profess. by Coxe, Weld, Hartung, Nina F... ISBN: 9780894647321 List Price: $36.95
Integrated Strategies in Architecture by Bougdah, Hocine, Bougdah, H... ISBN: 9780415360845 List Price: $37.00
Actions of Architecture Architects and Creative Users by Hill, Jonathan ISBN: 9780415290432 List Price: $52.50
Architect the 1st 10 Years by Donaghey, John ISBN: 9780960429806 List Price: $5.50
Architectural Practice by Cole, C. Richard ISBN: 9780133621129 List Price: $53.33
Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty by Flowers, Benjamin ISBN: 9781409445753
McMorran & Whitby (TWENTIETH-CENTURY ARCHITECTS) by Denison, Edward ISBN: 9781859463208 List Price: $40.00
Actions of Architecture Architects and Creative Users by Hill, Jonathan ISBN: 9780415290425 List Price: $145.00
Field/Work by Ewing, Suzanne, Speed, Chris ISBN: 9780415595407
Design Process by Hammond, H. Bradley ISBN: 9781570741531 List Price: $21.00
Organizing for Change Integrating Architectural Thinking in Other Fields by Shamiyeh, Michael, DOM Rese... ISBN: 9783764378097 List Price: $44.95
Design Innovation for the Built Environment by Hensel, Michael U. ISBN: 9780415596640
Dynamic Acoustics for Windows by Townsend, Thomas H. ISBN: 9780923745080 List Price: $199.95
Architecture Chronicle : Diary of an Architectural Practice by Kattein, Jan ISBN: 9781409451860 List Price: $59.95
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