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Advertisements plastered across a building or published in magazines are two examples of how design has infiltrated our daily lives. Design textbooks are made to help students interested in this word or in pursuing degrees in the field.helping them learn the principles, tricks, and practicalities of the industry. Books in this field may contain titles related to many aspects of design such as:

Graphic Design
This discipline employs the use of images and other visual means to convey a message. This is widely used in advertising and marketing services. The graphic design process may begin with a creative thought, which is translated into a visual design through illustration of computer programs. The end result of graphic design is both printed and digital design work.

Fashion Design
Fashion design focuses on, of course, designing fashion. This may include specializations such as shoes, accessories, bridal dresses, and jewelry design, among many more.

Textile Design
While fashion design focuses on making clothes that suit each client's needs and looks, textile design involves designing the fabric with which fashion designers work. Students learn about the different compositions and types of fabric and how to utilize them when making clothes or accessories.

Floral Design
Floral design deals with designing floral arrangements. This is an upcoming field, and may help you find a career as an event planner or decorator. It's an integral part of interior design.

Product Design
Product designers use art and technology to formulate ideas and facilitate the development of a product through these ideas. Product designers are not only creative individuals but also need to study the psychology of consumers to determine what features (like color and shape) would attract the consumer, increasing sales of a final product.

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Interior Design by Pile, John F. ISBN: 9780132408905 List Price: $145.20
Interior Design Illustrated by Scalise, Christina ISBN: 9781563675317 List Price: $95.50
Textiles for Residential and Commercial Interiors by Wilbanks, Amy, Oxford, Nanc... ISBN: 9781563676512 List Price: $112.00
Presentation Strategies and Dialogues by Scalise, Christina ISBN: 9781609011444 List Price: $65.00
Painting & Decorating Skills and Techniques for Success by Blankenbaker, E. Keith ISBN: 9781566375061 List Price: $60.00
Research Methods for Interior Design by Robinson, Lily B., Parman, ... ISBN: 9781563677212 List Price: $90.00
Photoshop for Interior Designers by Ding, Suing, Ding, Suining ISBN: 9781609015442 List Price: $90.00
Daylighting by Tregenza, Peter ISBN: 9780419257004
Evidence-Based Design for Interior Designers by Nussbaumer, Linda L. ISBN: 9781563677595 List Price: $80.00
Demystifying Math for the Interior Designers by Allison, Diana ISBN: 9781609015190 List Price: $75.00
Informing Design by Dickinson, Joan I., Marsden... ISBN: 9781563675638 List Price: $94.50
Designing Interiors by Kilmer, Rosemary, Kilmer, W... ISBN: 9780030322334 List Price: $189.95
Foundations of Interior Design by Slotkis, Susan J. ISBN: 9781563672866 List Price: $104.50
AutoCAD 2009 for Interior Design and Space Planning by Kirkpatrick, Beverly L., Ki... ISBN: 9780135000991 List Price: $99.00
Achieving Invisibility by Crespi, Adam ISBN: 9781563675416 List Price: $75.00
Interior Design Illustrated by Ching, Francis D. K. ISBN: 9780442215378 List Price: $32.95
Designing a Quality Lighting Environment by Winchip, Susan M. ISBN: 9781563673177 List Price: $98.50
Writing For Interior Design by Eakins, Patricia ISBN: 9781563672798 List Price: $25.00
Architectural Lighting by Egan, M. David, Olgyay, Vic... ISBN: 9780070205871
Interior Design by Pile, John F. ISBN: 9780810934634 List Price: $58.20
AutoCAD 2010 for Interior Designers and Space Planning by Kirkpatrick, James M., Kirk... ISBN: 9780135069929 List Price: $85.00
Interior Design, Swatch Kit by Price ISBN: 9780980149593 List Price: $56.95
Interior Planning and Design Project Programs, Plans, Charettes by Scalise, Christina Marie ISBN: 9781401828097 List Price: $103.95
Notes on Interior Design by Information Design, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781560521549 List Price: $9.95
Materials of Interior Design by Gladys N. Murphy ISBN: 9780938614005 List Price: $19.00
Fundamentals of Interior Lighting by Burton, Jack L. ISBN: 9780139076275 List Price: $61.00
Yacht Style Design and Decor Ideas from the World's Finest Yachts by Spurr, Daniel ISBN: 9780070605633 List Price: $39.95
Lamps and Lighting by Henderson, S. T., Marsden, ... ISBN: 9780844800639 List Price: $42.50
The Fundamentals of Interior Design and Decoration by Francis J. Geck ISBN: 9780697052797 List Price: $31.55
Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Lighting by Steffy, Gary R., Woodall, G... ISBN: 9780070610460 List Price: $150.00
Detailing Fundamentals for Interior Design by Veitch, Ronald M., Dixon, Jess ISBN: 9781895411577 List Price: $39.95
Sarah Faulkner's Planning a Home: A Projects Manual by Faulkner, Ray ISBN: 9780030454769
Making of Interiors by Tate, Allen ISBN: 9780060466718 List Price: $24.95
Scottish Interiors Series by Moubray House Publishing Lt... ISBN: 9780948473067 List Price: $35.00
Fundamentals of Lighting by Winchip, Susan M. ISBN: 9781563675287 List Price: $95.00
Solar Radiation and Daylight Models by Muneer, Tariq, Gueymard, C.... ISBN: 9780750659741 List Price: $78.95
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