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When you were four, you built towers with blocks. Age ten found you constructing intricate castles in the sand. You have always known that you have the soul of an architect, and now it's time to transform your design hobby into a career. In order to do that, you need architecture textbooks. In tandem with incisive lectures from your professors, these architecture textbooks will provide you with the knowledge base that will enable you to systematically plan and design buildings, urban areas, and outdoor spaces. Unlike many of the college text books you read briefly and never pick up again, your architecture books will furnish you with resources you can use throughout your career. However, that doesn't mean that you must pay a king's ransom for these volumes. Cheap textbooks can be yours if you take a little time to search for them. So don't be afraid to save money by buying used textbooks. With the money you save, you can invest in a new model airplane kit.

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Architectural Drafting: Structure & Environment by John D Bies ISBN: 9780672978555
Understanding Islamic Architecture by Petruccioli, Attilio, Piran... ISBN: 9780700714384 List Price: $48.95
Materials and Components of Interior Architecture by Riggs, J. Rosemary ISBN: 9780130483997 List Price: $79.40
Achieving Invisibility by Crespi, Adam ISBN: 9781563675416 List Price: $75.00
Urban Space And Cityscapes Perspectives from Modern And Contemporary Culture by Lindner, Christoph ISBN: 9780415366533 List Price: $41.95
Designs of Water-retaining Structures by Ian Batty, Roger Westbrook ISBN: 9780582042827
Architectural Drafting Using Autocad 2006/2007 Drafting/design/presentation by Madsen, David A., Palma, Ro... ISBN: 9781590706404 List Price: $52.50
Print Reading for the Machine Trades by Pouler, Wilfred B. ISBN: 9780827366510 List Price: $111.95
Landscape Construction by Sauter, David ISBN: 9781401842819 List Price: $159.95
Machine Trades Print Reading by Barsamian, Michael A., Gize... ISBN: 9781566375948 List Price: $53.28
Building by the Book: Pattern Book Architecture in New Jersey by Guter, Robert P. ISBN: 9780813518480 List Price: $34.95
Construction Specifications Portable Handbook by Stitt, Fred A. ISBN: 9780071341035 List Price: $54.95
ABC of Architecture by O'Gorman, James F., McGrath... ISBN: 9780812216318 List Price: $16.95
Design Portfolios by Bender, Dianne ISBN: 9781563674839 List Price: $88.00
Design and Security in the Built Environment by Awwad-Rafferty, Rula, O'She... ISBN: 9781563674976 List Price: $78.00
Buildings across Time with CD-ROM by Moffett, Marian, Fazio, Mic... ISBN: 9780072878646 List Price: $73.12
Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D.K. Ching ISBN: 9780442215378 List Price: $32.95
Materials - Alan Everett - Paperback - 5TH by Everett, Alan, Barritt, C. ... ISBN: 9780582219236
Designing a Quality Lighting Environment by Winchip, Susan M. ISBN: 9781563673177 List Price: $98.50
Print Reading For Architecture And Construction Technology by Madsen, David, Jefferis, Alan ISBN: 9781401851675 List Price: $140.95
Writing For Interior Design by Eakins, Patricia ISBN: 9781563672798 List Price: $25.00
Sun, Wind, and Light; Architectural Design Strategies - G. Z. Brown by Brown, G. Z. ISBN: 9780471820635 List Price: $54.95
Architectural Lighting by Egan, M. David, Olgyay, Vic... ISBN: 9780070205871
Dictionary of Islamic Architecture by Petersen, Andrew ISBN: 9780415213325 List Price: $71.95
Building the Kingdom: Giannozzo Manetti on the Materials and Spiritual Edifice (Medieval and... by Christine Smith, Joseph F. ... ISBN: 9780866983624 List Price: $69.00
Building Security: Security Responsibilities for Federally Owned and Leased Facilities by Bernard L. Ungar ISBN: 9780756729929 List Price: $20.00
Interior Design by Pile, John F. ISBN: 9780810934634 List Price: $58.20
Landscape Construction Procedures, Techniques, and Design by Giles, Floyd A. ISBN: 9780875638843 List Price: $44.80
Blueprint Reading for the Machine Trades by Schultz, Russell R., Smith,... ISBN: 9780130397904 List Price: $77.40
Built from Below: British Architecture and the Vernacular by Guillery, Peter ISBN: 9780415565332 List Price: $53.95
Built from Below: British Architecture and the Vernacular by Guillery, Peter ISBN: 9780415565325 List Price: $165.00
British Architectural Books and Writers: 1556-1785 by Eileen Harris ISBN: 9780521385510 List Price: $155.00
Anglo-Saxon Architecture by Taylor, H. M. ISBN: 9780521224826 List Price: $105.00
Civilizing the Museum The Collected Writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian by Gurian, Elaine Heumann ISBN: 9780415357623 List Price: $39.95
Chavin by Conklin, William J., Quilte... ISBN: 9781931745451
AutoCAD 2010 for Interior Designers and Space Planning by Kirkpatrick, James M., Kirk... ISBN: 9780135069929 List Price: $85.00
Dictionary of Architecture & Construction by Harris, Cyril M. ISBN: 9780071351782 List Price: $69.95
Landscape Planning Environmental Applications by Marsh, William M. ISBN: 9780471485834 List Price: $119.95
Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study by Kent, Susan, Ashmore, Wendy... ISBN: 9780521445771 List Price: $46.00
Old Barn Book A Field Guide to North American Barns and Other Farm Structures by Noble, Allen G., Cleek, Ric... ISBN: 9780813521732 List Price: $23.95
What Is Japanese Architecture? by Kazuo Nishi, Kazuo Hozumi ISBN: 9780870117114 List Price: $35.00
Modernity and Tradition: Contemporary Architecture in Pakistan (The Jubilee Series) by Mumtaz, Kamil K. ISBN: 9780195778533 List Price: $35.00
Robert Venturi and Venise Scott Brown by Rattenbury, Kester, Harding... ISBN: 9780415434140
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