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U.s. Women's History by Buhle, Mari Jo, Murphy, Ter... ISBN: 9780131839168 List Price: $99.00
Envisioning Women in World History by Paul, Chandrika, Senecal, C... ISBN: 9780073513225 List Price: $32.50
Women in Religion by Fisher, Mary Pat ISBN: 9780321194817 List Price: $43.40
Women, Law, and Social Control by Merlo, Alida V., Pollock, J... ISBN: 9780205442072 List Price: $77.40
Womens Studies in Religion A Multicultural Reader by Bagley, Kate, McIntosh, Kat... ISBN: 9780131108318 List Price: $59.60
Women and World Religions by Carmody, Denise L. ISBN: 9780139624247 List Price: $45.40
Women's Realities, Women's Choices An Introduction To Women's Studies by Bates, Ülkü Ü., Held, Virgi... ISBN: 9780195150353 List Price: $76.95
Women in the Classical World Image and Text by Pomeroy, Sarah B., Fantham,... ISBN: 9780195098624 List Price: $59.95
Women and Power by Dublin, Thomas, Sklar, Kathryn ISBN: 9780205645756 List Price: $62.20
History of Women Philosophers Ancient Women Philosophers 600 B.C.-500 A.D. by Waithe, Mary E. ISBN: 9789024733682 List Price: $89.95
A History of Women in America by Coryell, Janet L. ISBN: 9780072878134 List Price: $88.44
Thinking about Women: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender by Andersen, Margaret L., Hyso... ISBN: 9780205578726 List Price: $102.60
Legislative Women: Getting Elected, Getting Ahead by Reingold, Beth ISBN: 9781588265678 List Price: $24.50
Women and World Religions by Lucinda Joy Peach Ph.D. ISBN: 9780130404442 List Price: $98.20
Women and the Making of America, Volume 2 by Buhle, Mari Jo, Murphy, Ter... ISBN: 9780138126872 List Price: $67.40
Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe by Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E. ISBN: 9780521695442 List Price: $26.99
Researching Women in Latin America and the Caribbean by Acosta-Belén, Edna, Bose, C... ISBN: 9780813384658 List Price: $39.00
Women Across Cultures: A Global Perspective by Shawn Meghan Burn ISBN: 9780072826739
Women's Lives: A Psychological Exploration by Etaugh, Claire A., Bridges,... ISBN: 9780205594184 List Price: $93.00
Women's America Refocusing the Past by Kerber, Linda K., Kerber, L... ISBN: 9780195159820 List Price: $59.95
Women, the State and Development (Suny Series in Feminist Political Theory) by Sue Ellen M. Charlton, Jana... ISBN: 9780791400647 List Price: $60.50
Women and Religion by Ferguson, Marianne ISBN: 9780023370014 List Price: $43.20
Women, Politics, And Power A Global Perspective by Paxton, Pamela, Hughes, Mel... ISBN: 9781412927420 List Price: $46.95
Women and the Making of America, Volume 1 by Buhle, Mari Jo, Murphy, Ter... ISBN: 9780138126889 List Price: $67.40
Breaking The Bowls Degendering And Feminist Change by Lorber, Judith ISBN: 9780393973259 List Price: $19.90
Women's Periodicals in the United States Consumer Magazines by Endres, Kathleen L., Lueck,... ISBN: 9780313286315 List Price: $159.95
Women and the American Experience A Concise History by Woloch, Nancy ISBN: 9780072418217 List Price: $61.88
Understanding the Gender Gap An Economic History of American Women by Goldin, Claudia D. ISBN: 9780195072709 List Price: $55.95
Gender and Disorder in Early Modern Seville by Perry, Mary E. ISBN: 9780691008547 List Price: $30.95
Early American Women A Documentary History 1600-1900 by Woloch, Nancy ISBN: 9780072418224 List Price: $66.88
Puritan Promenade - Martha Sherman Bacon - Hardcover by Bacon, Martha S. ISBN: 9780313229541
Women in World History: Readings from 1500 to the Present (Vol 2) (Sources and Studies in Wo... by Sarah S. Hughes, Brady Hughes ISBN: 9781563243127 List Price: $95.95
Women's Experience and Education by Rich, Sharon L., Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780916690199 List Price: $17.95
Women in Nazi Germany by Stephenson, Jill ISBN: 9780582418363 List Price: $25.00
Understanding Contemporary India by Ganguly, Sumit, Devotta, Neil ISBN: 9781555879587 List Price: $26.50
Sociology of Women The Intersection of Patriarchy, Capitalism, and Colonization by Ollenburger, Jane C., Moore... ISBN: 9780136716372 List Price: $55.80
Women, Work, and Fertility 1900-1987 - Susan H. Van Horn - Paperback by Van Horn, Susan H., Stearns... ISBN: 9780814787601 List Price: $15.00
Women + Politics by Ford, Lynne E. ISBN: 9780618371341 List Price: $78.95
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