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With more than a thousand titles to choose from, we've made it superbly easy and cost-effective to buy cheap women's studies textbooks from our popular marketplace. Students across all states of America have already knocked huge margins off the usual prices charged for these text books. With titles including Imperial Harem Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire, through to Women's Lives: A Psychological Exploration and finally to Women, Politics and Power: A Global Perspective, all the information you need to help you pass your social science courses is here. You can rent used women's studies textbooks from our vast marketplace and see just how much money you can keep in your pocket as a result. With hundreds of titles available, it has never been easier to ensure you have all the books you need to succeed in your college class. Choose the ones you need now.

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Finding an Identity by Woolf, Alex ISBN: 9781604139273 List Price: $35.00
Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century China by Bailey, Paul J. ISBN: 9780230577763
Women in Religion by Fisher, Mary Pat ISBN: 9780321194817
Plato's Dialectic on Woman by Blair, Elena ISBN: 9780415526913
Women in Stuart England and America : A Comparative Study by Thompson, Roger ISBN: 9780415629805
Women in Europe Since 1750 by Branca, Patricia ISBN: 9780415625838
Main Problems in American History Vol. 4 : The Emergence of the "New Woman," 1870-1920 and N... by Dye, Nancy S., Woloch, Nancy ISBN: 9781877891359 List Price: $2.25
Readings in Women's History by Symonds, Deborah ISBN: 9781878045973 List Price: $25.00
Things That Liberate: An Australian Feminist Wunderkammer by Alison Bartlett ISBN: 9781443844130 List Price: $75.99
Cherchez la Femme : Women and Values in the Francophone World by F�L�P, Erika, Angelo, Adrienne ISBN: 9781443829335
Women and War in the Middle East : Transnational Perspectives by Al-Ali, Nadje Sadig, Pratt,... ISBN: 9781848131873
From the Personal to the Political : A Women's Education Workbook by Aontas Women's Education Gr... ISBN: 9781855940239
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