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Moroccan Women's Rights Movement by Evrard, Amy Young ISBN: 9780815633501
Eve's Century A Sourcebook of Writings on Women and Journalism 1895-1918 by Varty, Anne ISBN: 9780415195454 List Price: $39.95
Inventing American Woman,v.ii by Riley, Glenda ISBN: 9780882959238 List Price: $16.95
Reflections on the Way to the Gallows Rebel Women in Prewar Japan by Hane, Mikiso, Hane, Mikiso ISBN: 9780520084216 List Price: $24.95
Complexities Women in Mathematics by Case, Bettye A., Leggett, Anne ISBN: 9780691114620 List Price: $37.95
British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928 by Smith, Harold L. ISBN: 9781405832847 List Price: $24.00
Participation and Protest Women and Politics in a Global World by Henderson, Sarah, Jeydel, A... ISBN: 9780195159257 List Price: $39.95
Connecting Links The British and American Woman Suffrage Movements, 1900-1914 by Harrison, Patricia Greenwood ISBN: 9780313310843 List Price: $105.00
Victorian London's Middle-Class Housewife What She Did All Day by Draznin, Yaffa Claire ISBN: 9780313313998 List Price: $67.95
Convergence of Lives Sofia Kovalevskaia Scientist, Writer, Revolutionary by Koblitz, Ann H. ISBN: 9780813519630 List Price: $27.95
Women in the Ancient near East by Chavalas ISBN: 9780415448567
Power and Everyday Life The Lives of Working Women in Nineteenth-Century Brazil by Dias, Maria O., Frost, Ann ISBN: 9780813522050 List Price: $22.95
Early American Women: A Documentary History, 1600-1900 by Unknown ISBN: 9780070715332 List Price: $41.90
My Daughter, the Teacher Jewish Teachers in the New York City Schools by Markowitz, Ruth J. ISBN: 9780813519753 List Price: $24.95
Women in San Juan, 1820-1868 by Rodriguez, Felix V. M. ISBN: 9781558762831 List Price: $24.95
Women in Higher Education An Encyclopedia by Martinez Aleman, Ana M., Re... ISBN: 9781576076149 List Price: $85.00
Women in the Politics of Postcommunist Eastern Europe by Rueschemeyer, Marilyn ISBN: 9780765602961 List Price: $32.95
Women Administrators in Higher Education Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Nidiffer, Jana, Bashaw, Car... ISBN: 9780791448175 List Price: $57.50
Viva:women+popular Protest in Latin Am. by Radcliffe, Sarah A., Westwo... ISBN: 9780415073127 List Price: $55.00
Women of the Dail Gender, Republicanism and the Anglo-irish Treaty by Knirck, Jason ISBN: 9780716528036 List Price: $29.50
Post-Soviet Women From the Baltic to Central Asia by Buckley, Mary ISBN: 9780521565301 List Price: $38.99
Women and the American Experience by Woloch, Nancy ISBN: 9780072293197 List Price: $49.68
Annual Review of Women in World Religions, the by Sharma, Arvind, Young, Kath... ISBN: 9780791408650 List Price: $40.50
Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy : Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships by Weber, Jill P. ISBN: 9781442238336 List Price: $22.00
Water and Womanhood Religious Meanings of Rivers in Maharashtra by Feldhaus, Anne ISBN: 9780195092837 List Price: $45.95
Women and Politics in Canada an Introductory Text by MacIvor, Heather ISBN: 9781551110363 List Price: $24.95
Woman of Genius The Intellectual Autobiography of Sor Juana De LA Cruz by Peden, Margaret Sayers, Sey... ISBN: 9780915998159 List Price: $7.95
Sacrificed Wife/Sacrificer's Wife Women, Ritual, and Hospitality in Ancient India by Jamison, Stephanie W. ISBN: 9780195096637 List Price: $55.95
Women of the Sacred Groves Divine Priestesses of Okinawa by Sered, Susan ISBN: 9780195124873 List Price: $50.00
Going Coed Women's Experiences in Formerly Men's Colleges and Universities, 1950 - 2000 by Miller-Bernal, Leslie, Poul... ISBN: 9780826514493 List Price: $29.95
Reflections on the Way to Gallows by Hane, Mikiso, Hane, Mikiso ISBN: 9780520062597 List Price: $40.00
A World Full of Women by Martha Coonfield Ward, Mart... ISBN: 9780205169924 List Price: $33.05
Daughters of Revolution by Clements, Barbara E., Euban... ISBN: 9780882959085 List Price: $11.95
Bitter Bonds A Colonial Divorce Drama of the 17th Century by Blusse, Leonard ISBN: 9781558762534 List Price: $24.95
Hidden Face of Eve by El Saadawi, Nawal ISBN: 9780905762500 List Price: $19.95
Women's Voices on Africa A Century of Travel Writings by Romero, Patricia W., Kingsl... ISBN: 9781558760486 List Price: $24.95
Inventing American Woman,v.i by Riley, Glenda ISBN: 9780882959221 List Price: $16.95
Specters of Mother India The Global Restructuring of an Empire by Sinha, Mrinalini, Walkowitz... ISBN: 9780822337829 List Price: $94.95
Women and the American Experience, Vol. 1 by Woloch, Nancy ISBN: 9780075536017
My Daughter, the Teacher Jewish Teachers in the New York City Schools by Markowitz, Ruth J. ISBN: 9780813519746 List Price: $40.00
Puerto Rican Women and Work Bridges in Transnational Labor by Ortiz, Altagracia ISBN: 9781566394512 List Price: $28.95
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