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As one branch of physical science chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them, with a focus on the properties of substances and different types of matter, especially reactions and changes that involve electrons. Buy our cheap chemistry textbooks to gain an understanding of the details involved in the subject. Understanding the interactions between matter and energy helps us understand the world around us and our everyday lives. Everything you taste or smell is a chemical, cooking is chemistry. By understanding the subject you will have a greater appreciation of how the world around us works. So many professions require an understanding of chemistry, including; doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, hairdressers, firefighters, chefs and engineers to name but a few. You don't need to be a mad scientist to appreciate that these new and pre-owned textbooks are fantastic value and will help you on your way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

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Chemistry: The Central Science (12th Edition) by Theodore E. Brown, H. Eugen... ISBN: 9780321696724 List Price: $279.00
Organic Chemistry by John E. McMurry ISBN: 9780840054449 List Price: $358.95
Chemistry (6th Edition) by John E. McMurry, Robert C. Fay ISBN: 9780321704955 List Price: $279.00
Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Tro ISBN: 9780321651785 List Price: $78.60
General, Organic and Biochemistry by Katherine Denniston, Joseph... ISBN: 9780073402765 List Price: $154.99
Quantitative Chemical Analysis by Harris, Daniel C., Harris, ... ISBN: 9781429218153 List Price: $152.40
Basic Concepts of Chemistry by Leo J. Malone, Theodore Dolter ISBN: 9780470938454
Process Dynamics and Control by Edgar, Thomas F., Mellicham... ISBN: 9780470128671 List Price: $182.95
Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treic... ISBN: 9780840048288 List Price: $354.95
Chemistry: Atoms First by Julia Burdge, Jason Overby ISBN: 9780073511160 List Price: $47.78
Introductory Chemistry (4th Edition) by Nivaldo J. Tro ISBN: 9780321687937 List Price: $198.20
Techniques in Organic Chemistry by Jerry R. Mohrig, Christina ... ISBN: 9781429219563
Chemistry: The Molecular Science by Moore, John W., Stanitski, ... ISBN: 9781439049303 List Price: $225.95
General Chemistry by McQuarrie, Donald A., Rock,... ISBN: 9781891389603 List Price: $98.50
Organic Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith ISBN: 9780077354725 List Price: $100.47
Chemistry (Available 2010 Titles Enhanced Web Assign) by Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A.... ISBN: 9780547125329 List Price: $390.95
Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Donald A. McQuarrie, John D... ISBN: 9780935702996 List Price: $126.50
Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry by Hein, Morris, Peisen, Judit... ISBN: 9780470598818 List Price: $137.95
Principles of General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith ISBN: 9780073511153 List Price: $91.80
General, Organic, and Biochemistry: An Applied Approach by James Armstrong ISBN: 9780534493493 List Price: $174.95
Physical Chemistry by Atkins, Peter, dePaula, Julio ISBN: 9781429218122 List Price: $136.95
Organic Chemistry: A Short Course by Harold Hart, Christopher M.... ISBN: 9781111425562 List Price: $272.95
Chemistry: Principles and Practice by Reger, Daniel L., Goode, Sc... ISBN: 9780534420123 List Price: $225.95
Chemistry: Principles and Reactions by William L. Masterton, Cecil... ISBN: 9781111427108 List Price: $286.95
Chemistry: The Central Science (11th Edition) by Bursten, Bruce E., Brown, T... ISBN: 9780136006176 List Price: $218.67
Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation by Zumdahl, Steven S., DeCoste... ISBN: 9781439049402 List Price: $178.95
General, Organic & Biological Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith ISBN: 9780077274290 List Price: $119.92
Chemistry in Context by American Chemical Society ISBN: 9780073375663
Introduction to Organic Chemistry by Brown, William H., Poon, Th... ISBN: 9780470129234 List Price: $199.95
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter by Neil D. Jespersen, James E.... ISBN: 9780470577714 List Price: $74.44
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