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As one branch of physical science chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them, with a focus on the properties of substances and different types of matter, especially reactions and changes that involve electrons. Buy our cheap chemistry textbooks to gain an understanding of the details involved in the subject. Understanding the interactions between matter and energy helps us understand the world around us and our everyday lives. Everything you taste or smell is a chemical, cooking is chemistry. By understanding the subject you will have a greater appreciation of how the world around us works. So many professions require an understanding of chemistry, including; doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, hairdressers, firefighters, chefs and engineers to name but a few. You don't need to be a mad scientist to appreciate that these new and pre-owned textbooks are fantastic value and will help you on your way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

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Conceptual Introduction to Chemistry by Bauer, Rich, Birk, James, M... ISBN: 9780077274306 List Price: $149.69
Chemistry by Chang, Raymond ISBN: 9780077274313 List Price: $198.75
Survey of Industrial Chemistry by Chenier, Philip J. ISBN: 9780306472466 List Price: $169.00
Fundamental Concepts in Heterogeneous Catalysis by N�rskov, Jens K., Studt, Fe... ISBN: 9781118888957 List Price: $99.95
Biosynthesis of Heterocycles : From Isolation to Gene Cluster by Cirrincione, Girolamo, Dian... ISBN: 9781118028674 List Price: $195.00
Chemistry of Peroxides by Liebman, Joel F., Greer, Al... ISBN: 9781118412718 List Price: $1,265.00
Organic Laboratory Techniques by Fessenden, Ralph J., Fessen... ISBN: 9780534379810 List Price: $93.95
Cesp Set 2011 Lvp by Acers ISBN: 9781118089606 List Price: $625.00
Organic Syntheses, Volume 90 by Hughes ISBN: 9781118893845 List Price: $99.95
Practical Proteomics by Sickmann, A. ISBN: 9780470027943 List Price: $60.00
Environmental Proteomics : Stress and Cellular Mechanism by Tomanek ISBN: 9781118061695 List Price: $139.99
Chemistry by Fay, Robert C., McMurry, Jo... ISBN: 9780131993235 List Price: $218.67
Small Scale Synthesis A Laboratory Text of Organic Chemistry by Zanger, Murray, McKee, Jame... ISBN: 9780072846034 List Price: $118.60
Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry by Burtis, Carl A., Ashwood, E... ISBN: 9780721638652 List Price: $112.00
Environmental Toxicology by Wright, David A., Welbourn,... ISBN: 9780521588607 List Price: $91.00
Pushing Electrons A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry by Weeks, Daniel P. ISBN: 9780030206931 List Price: $104.95
Organic Chemistry A Brief Course by Atkins, Robert Charles, Car... ISBN: 9780072319446 List Price: $116.25
Introductory Chemistry by Zumdahl, Steven S., DeCoste... ISBN: 9780538736398 List Price: $154.95
Chemistry by Brady, James E., Senese, Fr... ISBN: 9780470120941 List Price: $215.95
Conceptual Design of Distillation Systems by Doherty, Michael F., Malone... ISBN: 9780072488630
Basic Chemistry by Zumdahl, Steven S., DeCoste... ISBN: 9780538736374 List Price: $147.95
Chemical Kinetics Reaction Dynamics by Houston, Paul L. ISBN: 9780072435375 List Price: $110.80
Chemistry in Focus: A Molecular View of Our World by Tro, Nivaldo J. ISBN: 9780495605478 List Price: $176.95
Chemical Principles by Atkins, Peter, Jones, Loretta ISBN: 9781429219556 List Price: $154.95
Olefin Metathesis : Theory and Practice by Grela, Karol ISBN: 9781118207949 List Price: $165.00
Analytical Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis by Hage, David S., Carr, James R. ISBN: 9780321596949 List Price: $164.80
Chemistry of Printing Inks and Their Electronics and Medical Applications by Fink, Johannes Karl ISBN: 9781119041306 List Price: $195.00
Organic and Biochemistry for Today by Seager, Spencer L., Slabaug... ISBN: 9780538734318 List Price: $165.95
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