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This is not an easy subject for anyone except people studying chemistry to get their heads around. Theoretical chemistry aims to provide explanations to physical and chemical observations. In order to understand that you first need to have an appreciation of the different areas of chemistry. Our extensive range of cheap physical and theoretical textbooks will provide you with this basic level of knowledge before delving deeper into the theoretical side of it. There are many branches of theoretical chemistry that you can choose to specialize in including; quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics, molecular mechanics, and mathematical chemistry. By ensuring you get good textbooks to help you through your studies you can make an educated decision on what aspect to focus on and eventually specialize in. If you have a reading list from your tutor just use the ISBN numbers to locate the exact textbooks that you need through our website.

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Physical Chemistry A Molecular Approach by McQuarrie, Donald A., Simon... ISBN: 9780935702996 List Price: $99.00
Physical Chemistry by Atkins, Peter, dePaula, Julio ISBN: 9781429218122 List Price: $136.95
Introduction to Thermal Physics by Schroeder, Daniel V. ISBN: 9780201380279 List Price: $56.00
Physical Chemistry by Robert J. Silbey, Robert A.... ISBN: 9780471215042
Experiments in Physical Chemistry by Carl Garland, Joseph Nibler... ISBN: 9780072828429
Student Solutions Manual for Physical Chemistry by Atkins, Atkins, Peter, dePa... ISBN: 9781429231282 List Price: $47.95
Physical Chemistry by Silbey, Robert J., Alberty,... ISBN: 9780471658023 List Price: $69.95
Physical Chemistry by Laidler, Keith James, Meise... ISBN: 9780618123414 List Price: $259.95
Physical Chemistry Volume 1: Thermodynamics and Kinetics by Atkins, Atkins, Peter, dePa... ISBN: 9781429231275 List Price: $90.95
Principles of Physical Chemistry by Raff, Lionel M. ISBN: 9780130278050 List Price: $172.40
Elecrochemical Methods fundamentals and applications by Bard, Allen J., Faulkner, L... ISBN: 9780471405214 List Price: $65.95
Physical Chemistry Vol 2: Quantum Chemistry by Atkins, Atkins, Peter, dePa... ISBN: 9781429231268 List Price: $90.95
Prentice Hall Periodic Table (3rd Edition) by Pearson Education ISBN: 9780131429130 List Price: $10.80
Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Tro, Nivaldo Jose ISBN: 9780321560049 List Price: $162.20
Physical Chemistry by Ball, David W. ISBN: 9780534266585 List Price: $207.95
Energy Landscapes by Wales, David, Saykally, Ric... ISBN: 9780521814157 List Price: $150.00
Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams by T. B. Massalski ISBN: 9780871704030 List Price: $1,635.00
Physical Chemistry With Applications to the Life Sciences by Eisenberg, David S., Crothe... ISBN: 9780805324020 List Price: $59.06
Elements of Physical Chemistry by Atkins, Peter, de Paula, Julio ISBN: 9781429218139 List Price: $97.70
Basic Physical Chemistry for the Atmospheric Sciences by Hobbs, Peter V. ISBN: 9780521785679 List Price: $46.99
Froth Flotation A Century of Innovation by Fuerstenau, Maurice C., Jam... ISBN: 9780873352529 List Price: $189.00
Chemical Bonding in Solids by Burdett, Jeremy K. ISBN: 9780195089929 List Price: $85.95
Physical Chemistry by Atkins, Peter, De Paula, Julio ISBN: 9780716787594 List Price: $135.20
Physical Chemistry for the Biosciences by Drobny, Gary, Engel, Thomas... ISBN: 9780805382778 List Price: $146.80
Microbial Ecology An Evolutionary Approach by McArthur, J. Vaun ISBN: 9780123694911 List Price: $96.95
Physical Chemistry by Engel, Thomas, Reid, Philip ISBN: 9780805338423 List Price: $162.60
Experiments in Physical Chemistry by Shoemaker, David P., Garlan... ISBN: 9780072318210 List Price: $93.40
Physical Chemistry by Levine, Ira N. ISBN: 9780072534955
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