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The Film Experience: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by Timothy Corrigan, Patricia ... ISBN: 9780312681708
The Art of Watching Films by Dennis Petrie, Joe Boggs ISBN: 9780073386171 List Price: $124.49
Flashback: A Brief Film History (6th Edition) by Louis Giannetti, Scott Eyman ISBN: 9780205695904 List Price: $132.00
Film History: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by Kristin Thompson, David Bor... ISBN: 9780073386133
Film: A Critical Introduction (3rd Edition) by Maria T. Pramaggiore, Tom W... ISBN: 9780205770779 List Price: $161.60
The Anatomy of Film by Bernard F. Dick ISBN: 9780312487119
Film Art: An Introduction by Bordwell, David, Thompson, ... ISBN: 9780073386164 List Price: $96.25
Critical Visions in Film Theory by Timothy Corrigan, Patricia ... ISBN: 9780312446345
A History of Film (7th Edition) by Virginia Wright Wexman ISBN: 9780205625284 List Price: $153.20
A Short History of the Movies (11th Edition) by Gerald Mast, Bruce F. Kawin ISBN: 9780205755578 List Price: $145.73
Digital Moviemaking by Gross, Lynne S., Ward, Larr... ISBN: 9780495570509 List Price: $155.95
Understanding Movies by Giannetti, Louis ISBN: 9780132336994 List Price: $80.00
History and Film: Moving Pictures and the Study of the Past by Pereboom, Maarten ISBN: 9780131938465 List Price: $38.60
Short Guide to Writing About Film by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780321096654 List Price: $41.60
Horror Film by Hutchings, Peter ISBN: 9780582437944 List Price: $42.95
Moving Images: Making Movies, Understanding Media by Carl Casinghino ISBN: 9781435485853 List Price: $91.95
Movies and Mental Illness: Using Films to Understand Psychopathology by Danny Wedding, Ryan M. Niemiec ISBN: 9780889373716 List Price: $49.00
Film Production Technique: Creating the Accomplished Image by Mamer, Bruce ISBN: 9780495411161 List Price: $146.95
Short Guide to Writing about Film (8th Edition) by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780205059089 List Price: $44.80
Theatre to Cinema Stage Pictorialism and the Early Feature Film by Brewster, Ben, Jacobs, Lea ISBN: 9780198159506 List Price: $74.00
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film by Grant, Barry Keith ISBN: 9780028657912 List Price: $552.00
Feminism and Film by Kaplan, E. Ann ISBN: 9780198782346 List Price: $65.00
Cinema for French Conversation Le Cinema En Cours De Francais by Rice, Anne-Christine ISBN: 9781585102686 List Price: $69.95
American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard, Auster, Albert ISBN: 9780313382529
Ways In: Approaches To Reading and Writing about Literature and Film by Gilbert H. Muller, John A. ... ISBN: 9780072512908
Short Guide to Writing about Film, A (7th Edition) by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780205668946 List Price: $45.67
Film Analysis: A Norton Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780393979831
American Film and Society since 1945 by Leonard Quart, Albert Auster ISBN: 9781440800795 List Price: $34.95
Mas Alla De La Pantalla El Mundo Hispano A Traves Del Cine by Pessoa, Silvia, Sacchi, Fab... ISBN: 9781413010107 List Price: $78.95
Experimental Cinema, the Film Reader by Dixon, Wheeler Winston, Fos... ISBN: 9780415277877 List Price: $39.95
Movie History: A Survey: Second Edition by Douglas Gomery, Clara Pafor... ISBN: 9780415775458 List Price: $58.95
Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism by Marcus, Millicent ISBN: 9780691102085 List Price: $49.95
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