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Digital Moviemaking by Gross, Lynne S., Ward, Larr... ISBN: 9780495570509 List Price: $155.95
Digital Moviemaking by Gross, Lynne S., Ward, Larr... ISBN: 9780495050346 List Price: $149.95
Video Communication & Production by Stinson, Jim ISBN: 9781590707678 List Price: $78.00
Shot By Shot Practical Guide to Filmmaking by Cantine, John, Howard, Susa... ISBN: 9780963743312 List Price: $13.00
Introduction To Video Production Studio, Field, And Beyond by Compesi, Ronald, Gomez, Jai... ISBN: 9780205361076 List Price: $106.20
Film Production Technique Creating The Accomplished Image by Mamer, Bruce ISBN: 9780534629168 List Price: $140.95
Film Production Theory by Geuens, Jean-Pierre ISBN: 9780791445266 List Price: $31.95
Basics Film-Making: Directing Fiction by Edgar-Hunt, Robert ISBN: 9782940411009 List Price: $29.95
Documentary Filmmaking: A Contemporary Field Guide by Hewitt, John, Vazquez, Gustavo ISBN: 9780195374438 List Price: $29.95
Sight Sound Motion Applied Media Aesthetics by Zettl, Herbert ISBN: 9780495095729 List Price: $168.95
World of Film and Video Production Aesthetics and Practices by Dancyger, Ken ISBN: 9780155028616 List Price: $67.95
First Cut Conversations With Film Editors by Oldham, Gabriella ISBN: 9780520075887 List Price: $27.95
Video Basics-text Only by Zettl, Herbert ISBN: 9780534526863 List Price: $63.95
Working Cinema: Learning from the Masters by Madsen, Roy P. ISBN: 9780534118808 List Price: $44.95
Art of Technique An Aesthetic Approach to Film and Video Production by Douglass, John S., Harnden,... ISBN: 9780205142484 List Price: $94.00
Technique of Film And Video Editing History, Theory, And Practice by Dancyger, Ken ISBN: 9780240807652 List Price: $49.95
Selected Takes Film Editors on Editing by LoBrutto, Vincent ISBN: 9780275933951 List Price: $33.95
Art of Video Production by Shyles, Leonard C. ISBN: 9781412916752 List Price: $82.95
Avid Editing A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users by Kauffmann, Sam ISBN: 9780240805412 List Price: $62.95
Producing And Directing the Short Film And Video by Rea, Peter W., Irving, Davi... ISBN: 9780240807355 List Price: $57.95
Videolab 3.0 by Zettl, Herbert ISBN: 9780495004912 List Price: $187.95
303 Digital Filmmaking Solutions by Gloman, Chuck ISBN: 9780071416511 List Price: $29.95
Video Communication & Production by Stinson, Jim ISBN: 9781566377980 List Price: $38.25
Film Production Technique Creating the Accomplished Image by Mamer, Bruce ISBN: 9780534205683 List Price: $59.95
Making Sense of Movies Filmmaking in the Hollywood Style by Stanley, Robert Henry ISBN: 9780072397659 List Price: $81.88
Sight, Sound, Motion with infotrac Applied Media Aesthetics by Zettl, Herbert ISBN: 9780534527235 List Price: $143.95
By Design Interviews With Film Production Designers by LoBrutto, Vincent ISBN: 9780275940317 List Price: $33.95
Creative Postproduction Editing, Sound, Visual Effects, and Music for Film and Video by Benedetti, Robert, Brown, M... ISBN: 9780205375752 List Price: $70.40
Jungle Video: A Practical Guide to Production by Ogden, Andrew, Spence, Steve ISBN: 9780960275601 List Price: $4.95
Documentary Testimonies: Global Archives of Suffering (Afi Film Readers) by Sarkar, Bhaskar ISBN: 9780415996631 List Price: $120.00
Managing Interactive Video-Multimedia Projects by Bergman, Robert E., Moore, ... ISBN: 9780877782094 List Price: $44.95
Shot By Shot Practical Guide to Filmmaking by Cantine, John, Howard, Susa... ISBN: 9780963743305 List Price: $10.95
Some Procedures for Sound Editing on Videotape by Raskin, Richard ISBN: 9788772881515 List Price: $4.95
Film Editing Nutz and Boltz; Sound Editing Mutz and Boltz by Bullock, Tom ISBN: 9780964039001 List Price: $40.00
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