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Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film by Lebow, Alisa, Juhasz, Alexa... ISBN: 9780470671641
Film Studies Critical Approaches by Hill, John, Gibson, Pamela ... ISBN: 9780198742807 List Price: $39.95
Reel Society Interactive Movie Version 2.0 by WILL Interactive ISBN: 9780072996630 List Price: $27.19
Film: Form and Function by Wead, George, Lellis, George ISBN: 9780395297407 List Price: $35.56
Introduction to Film Criticism Major Critical Approaches to Narrative Film by Bywater, Tim, Sobchack, Thomas ISBN: 9780582286061 List Price: $138.80
Shakespeare and Film by Crowl, Samuel ISBN: 9780393927658 List Price: $27.50
A Short History of the Movies: Abridged Edition by Kawin, Bruce, Mast, Gerald ISBN: 9780205665921 List Price: $70.20
Theories of International Relations and Zombies by Drezner, Daniel ISBN: 9780691147833
Siegfried Kracauer by Gilloch, Graeme ISBN: 9780745629629
Feminism and Film by Kaplan, E. Ann ISBN: 9780198782346 List Price: $65.00
Horror Film by Hutchings, Peter ISBN: 9780582437944 List Price: $42.95
Mas Alla De La Pantalla El Mundo Hispano A Traves Del Cine by Pessoa, Silvia, Sacchi, Fab... ISBN: 9781413010107 List Price: $78.95
Film History An Introduction by Thompson, Kristin, Bordwell... ISBN: 9780070384293 List Price: $111.75
Cult Film Reader by Mathijs, Ernest, Mendik, Xa... ISBN: 9780335219230 List Price: $59.00
Romantic Comedy (Routledge Film Guidebooks) by Mortimer, Claire ISBN: 9780415548632 List Price: $26.95
Short History of the Movies by Mast, Gerald, Kawin, Bruce F. ISBN: 9780321106032 List Price: $93.80
Basics Film-making: The Language of Film by Marland, John, Edgar-Hunt, ... ISBN: 9782940411276 List Price: $32.95
German Film Theory by Kaes, Anton ISBN: 9780691008509 List Price: $16.95
Postmodern Hollywood by Booker, M. Keith ISBN: 9780275999001 List Price: $49.95
Transparent Illusion Image and Ideology in French Text and Film by Pauly, Rebecca M. ISBN: 9780820419305 List Price: $41.95
World Cinema Critical Approaches by Hill, John, Gibson, Pamela ... ISBN: 9780198742821 List Price: $39.95
Celluloid Mirrors Hollywood and American Society Since 1945 by Davis, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780155015685 List Price: $53.95
Inventing Vietnam The War in Film and Television by Anderegg, Michael ISBN: 9780877228622 List Price: $31.95
American Cinema and Hollywood Critical Approaches by Hill, John, Gibson, Pamela ... ISBN: 9780198742814 List Price: $39.95
Film Nation Hollywood Looks at U.S. History by Burgoyne, Robert ISBN: 9780816620715 List Price: $24.50
Cinema and Painting How Art Is Used in Film by Vacche, Angela Dalle ISBN: 9780292715837 List Price: $30.00
Short Guide to Writing About Film by Corrigan, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780321412287 List Price: $45.80
Art of Watching Films by Boggs, Joe, Petrie, Dennis W. ISBN: 9780072556261 List Price: $66.05
Make-Believe Media The Politics of Entertainment by Parenti, Michael J. ISBN: 9780312056032 List Price: $57.95
American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard, Auster, Albert ISBN: 9780313382529
From Hanoi to Hollywood The Vietnam War in American Film by Dittmar, Linda, Michaud, Gene ISBN: 9780813515878 List Price: $26.95
Jane Austen and Co. Remaking the Past in Contemporary Culture by Pucci, Suzanne R., Thompson... ISBN: 9780791456163 List Price: $31.95
Flashback A Brief History of Film by Giannetti, Louis, Eyman, Scott ISBN: 9780130186621 List Price: $72.00
Philosophy through Film by Porter, Burton F. ISBN: 9781597380188 List Price: $44.95
Contemporary American Independent Film From The Margins To The Mainstream by Wyatt, Justin, Holmlund, Chris ISBN: 9780415254878 List Price: $39.95
Theatres of Human Sacrifice From Ancient Ritual to Screen Violence by Pizzato, Mark ISBN: 9780791462607 List Price: $31.95
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