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Flashback: A Brief Film History by Giannetti, Louis, Eyman, Sc... ISBN: 9780205695904 List Price: $90.00
The Art of Watching Films by Petrie, Dennis, Boggs, Joe ISBN: 9780073386171 List Price: $100.63
Film History: An Introduction by Thompson, Kristin, Bordwell... ISBN: 9780073386133 List Price: $116.56
History of Narrative Film by Cook, David A. ISBN: 9780393978681 List Price: $78.75
A History of Film by Wexman, Virginia Wright ISBN: 9780205625284 List Price: $110.20
A Short History of the Movies by Mast, Gerald, Kawin, Bruce ISBN: 9780205210626 List Price: $72.40
Critical Approaches to Writing About Film by Moscowitz, John E. ISBN: 9780130837073 List Price: $56.20
Introduction to Film Criticism Major Critical Approaches to Narrative Film by Bywater, Tim, Sobchack, Thomas ISBN: 9780582286061 List Price: $138.80
Short Guide to Writing about Film, A (7th Edition) by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780205668946 List Price: $45.67
Film Analysis by Geiger, Jeffrey, Rutsky, R. L. ISBN: 9780393979831 List Price: $31.25
Film Studies Critical Approaches by Hill, John, Gibson, Pamela ... ISBN: 9780198742807 List Price: $39.95
The Art of Watching Films with Tutorial CD by Petrie, Dennis, Boggs, Joe ISBN: 9780077487768 List Price: $100.94
Movie History: A Survey by Gomery, Douglas, Pafort-Ove... ISBN: 9780415775458 List Price: $41.95
Horror Film by Hutchings, Peter ISBN: 9780582437944 List Price: $42.95
Contemporary American Independent Film From The Margins To The Mainstream by Wyatt, Justin, Holmlund, Chris ISBN: 9780415254878 List Price: $39.95
Cult Film Reader by Mathijs, Ernest, Mendik, Xa... ISBN: 9780335219230 List Price: $59.00
Shakespeare and Film by Crowl, Samuel ISBN: 9780393927658 List Price: $27.50
Short Guide to Writing About Film by Corrigan, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780321412287 List Price: $45.80
Film A Critical Introduction by Pramaggiore, Maria T., Wall... ISBN: 9780205518692 List Price: $101.20
Disney, Pixar, and the Hidden Messages of Children's Films by Booker, M. Keith ISBN: 9780313376726 List Price: $44.95
Women Directors and Their Films by Hurd, Mary G. ISBN: 9780275985783 List Price: $44.95
Sound Theory Sound Practice by Altman, Rick ISBN: 9780415904575 List Price: $36.95
Feminism and Film by Kaplan, E. Ann ISBN: 9780198782346 List Price: $65.00
Art of Watching Films by Petrie, Dennis W., Boggs, J... ISBN: 9780073310282 List Price: $100.63
American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard, Auster, Albert ISBN: 9780313382529
Film History An Introduction by Thompson, Kristin, Bordwell... ISBN: 9780070384293 List Price: $111.75
Flashback A Brief History of Film by Giannetti, Louis, Eyman, Scott ISBN: 9780131874572 List Price: $104.40
Romantic Comedy (Routledge Film Guidebooks) by Mortimer, Claire ISBN: 9780415548632 List Price: $26.95
A Short History of the Movies: Abridged Edition by Kawin, Bruce, Mast, Gerald ISBN: 9780205665921 List Price: $70.20
Understanding the Film An Introduction to Film Appreciation by Bone, Jan, Johnson, Ron, Mc... ISBN: 9780844257976 List Price: $53.40
Short History of the Movies by Mast, Gerald, Kawin, Bruce ... ISBN: 9780321418210 List Price: $67.80
Politics of James Bond From Fleming's Novels to the Big Screen by Black, Jeremy ISBN: 9780275968595 List Price: $33.95
Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film by Jackson, Russell ISBN: 9780521685016 List Price: $30.99
Working-Class Hollywood Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in America by Ross, Steven J. ISBN: 9780691024646 List Price: $30.95
World Cinema Critical Approaches by Hill, John, Gibson, Pamela ... ISBN: 9780198742821 List Price: $39.95
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