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Literary is such a huge study area that we decided to provide a collection of textbooks that focus on selective literary collections. Depending on your area of literary study you may find that several of these books are applicable to your studies, or you might find just one covers everything you need. Check your college tutor's suggested reading list and use the ISBN numbers to easily find exactly which books you need. We have books on fiction, poetry and drama, American literature, the anthology of English literature, African American literature, and thematically arranged literature. By choosing to shop for your textbooks online instead of in a college bookstore you will avoid the temptation of bookstands full of books that you would love to read but can't afford as a student. Simply type in the ISBN number of the books you need to help you find them easily with no temptations. Our literary collection textbooks are the cheapest you will find. You can also sell your books back to us when you are done with them.

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Cambridge Companion To Roman Satire by Freudenburg, Kirk ISBN: 9780521006279 List Price: $35.99
Lyrical Ballads and Related Writings Complete Text With Introduction Contexts, Reactions by Wordsworth, William, Coleri... ISBN: 9780618107322 List Price: $30.95
Select Nonsense of Sukumar Ray by Ray, Sukumar, Chaudhuri, Su... ISBN: 9780195630398 List Price: $9.95
Revelations: An Anthology of Expository Essays by Redd ISBN: 9780536632364 List Price: $31.20
Hispanic American Literature An Anthology by Cortina, Rodolfo ISBN: 9780844257303 List Price: $68.90
Norton Anthology of English Literature (Volume 2 with Audio CD) by Abrams, M. H., Greenblatt, ... ISBN: 9780393947762 List Price: $63.90
Literature and Its Writers An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Charters, Ann, Charters, Sa... ISBN: 9780312209797 List Price: $63.78
Essay An Introduction by DiYanni, Robert ISBN: 9780072498615 List Price: $19.38
Literature a Portable Anthology + Easy Writer 3e by Gardner, Janet E., Lawn, Be... ISBN: 9780312412791 List Price: $35.75
Longman Anthology of World Literature The Twentieth Century by Damrosch, David, Alliston, ... ISBN: 9780321055361 List Price: $67.60
Caribbean New Wave: Contemporary Short Stories by Brown, Stewart ISBN: 9780435988142 List Price: $13.69
Medieval English Literature by Garbaty, Thomas J. ISBN: 9780881339505 List Price: $69.95
Ancient Egyptian Literature An Anthology by Foster, John L. ISBN: 9780292725270 List Price: $24.95
Norton Anthology of World Literature Mpn by Lawall, Sarah N., Mack, May... ISBN: 9780393977585 List Price: $10.01
Putu Wijaya in Performance A Script And Study in Indonesian Theatre by Rafferty, Ellen ISBN: 9780614241785 List Price: $24.95
On the Nature of the Universe by Carus, Lucretius, Melville,... ISBN: 9780198150978 List Price: $199.00
Perrine's Literature Structure, Sound, and Sense by Arp, Thomas R., Johnson, Greg ISBN: 9780155074941 List Price: $85.95
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Middle Ages/the Early Modern Period/the Restorat... by Damrosch, David, Damrosch, ... ISBN: 9780321093882 List Price: $104.40
Norton Anth.eng.lit.,v.1 (paper) by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393962888 List Price: $51.15
American Literature: A Prentice Hall Anthology by Elliott, Emory, Kerber, Lin... ISBN: 9780130272447 List Price: $46.00
Persian Letters by de la Brede Montesquieu, Ba... ISBN: 9780872204911 List Price: $37.95
Works of Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman by Tillman, Katherine D., Tate... ISBN: 9780195062007 List Price: $70.00
Model Student Essays by Unknown ISBN: 9780136455165 List Price: $6.67
New Hampshire Literature: A Sampler by Gilmore, Robert C. ISBN: 9780874512106 List Price: $30.00
The Houghton Mifflin Anthology of Short Fiction (Instructor's Edition) by Hampl, Patricia ISBN: 9780395534915 List Price: $3.96
What Manner of Woman: Essays on English and American Life and Literature by Springer, Marlene ISBN: 9780814777794 List Price: $22.50
New Beginning : A Collection of Essays by Kim, Dae-Jung, Totten, Geor... ISBN: 9781884445194 List Price: $25.00
Writings of Jonathan Swift by Swift, Jonathan, Greenberg,... ISBN: 9780393094152 List Price: $20.60
Charles Olson and Cid Corman Complete Correspondence, 1956-1964 by Evans, George ISBN: 9780915032136 List Price: $40.00
ROBERT BROWNING (ED KERMODE) (P) by Browning, Robert, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9780192823724 List Price: $28.00
Cronicas Brasileiras Nova Fase by Preto-Rodas, Richard A., Ho... ISBN: 9780813012469 List Price: $29.95
Heath Anthology Of American Literature Early Nineteenth Century 1800-1865 by Lauter, Paul, Schweitzer, I... ISBN: 9780618532988 List Price: $70.95
Introduction to Literature, an (Second Printing) by Barnet, Sylvan, Cain, Willi... ISBN: 9780205668373 List Price: $82.40
Major Modern Essayists by Muller, Gilbert H., Crooks,... ISBN: 9780134979830 List Price: $89.00
Introduction to Literature Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Barnet, Sylvan, Burto, Will... ISBN: 9780321105707 List Price: $81.60
Longman Anthology of World Literature by Damrosch, David, Pike, Davi... ISBN: 9780205625963 List Price: $51.40
Norton Anthology of World Literature Mpn by Lawall, Sarah N., Mack, May... ISBN: 9780393977592 List Price: $10.01
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Romantics And Their Contemporaries by Damrosch, David, Manning, P... ISBN: 9780321333940 List Price: $48.20
Reading Life A Writer's Reader With Infotrac by Fink, Inge, Gautreaux, Gabr... ISBN: 9780759398108 List Price: $88.95
Heath Anthology Of American Literature Contemporary Period 1945 To The Present by Lauter, Paul, Paredes, Raym... ISBN: 9780618533015 List Price: $70.95
Norton Anthology of World Literature Mpn by Lawall ISBN: 9780393977578 List Price: $25.00
Poetry and Prose of Alexander Pope by Pope, Alexander, Williams, ... ISBN: 9780395051566 List Price: $27.95
Medieval English Prose for Women Selections from the Katherine Group and Anerene Wisse by Millett, Bella, Wogan-Brown... ISBN: 9780198119975 List Price: $65.00
Lucian: A Selection by Lucian, Hopkinson, Neil ISBN: 9780521603041 List Price: $38.99
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Kennedy, X. J., Gioia, Dana ISBN: 9780321087683 List Price: $80.20
Classical Literature: An Introduction by Croally ISBN: 9780415468138 List Price: $39.95
Antiphon - The Speeches by Gagarin, Michael, Antiphon,... ISBN: 9780521389310 List Price: $41.99
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