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Literary is such a huge study area that we decided to provide a collection of textbooks that focus on selective literary collections. Depending on your area of literary study you may find that several of these books are applicable to your studies, or you might find just one covers everything you need. Check your college tutor's suggested reading list and use the ISBN numbers to easily find exactly which books you need. We have books on fiction, poetry and drama, American literature, the anthology of English literature, African American literature, and thematically arranged literature. By choosing to shop for your textbooks online instead of in a college bookstore you will avoid the temptation of bookstands full of books that you would love to read but can't afford as a student. Simply type in the ISBN number of the books you need to help you find them easily with no temptations. Our literary collection textbooks are the cheapest you will find. You can also sell your books back to us when you are done with them.

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INTRO TO LITERATURE (P) by Barnet, Sylvan, Berman, Mor... ISBN: 9780673522672 List Price: $54.00
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Victorian Age by Longman Group ISBN: 9780321337719 List Price: $79.40
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Victorian Age by Damrosch, David, Henderson,... ISBN: 9780321333957 List Price: $48.20
American Literature: A Prentice Hall Anthology by Emory Elliott, Linda K. Ker... ISBN: 9780130272447 List Price: $49.00
Klassische Student in England : Historische Reflexionen Uber Bentley, Porson Und Housman by Brink, Charles O., Deufert, M. ISBN: 9783519074410 List Price: $63.50
Literature and Its Writers An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Charters, Ann, Charters, Sa... ISBN: 9780312209797 List Price: $63.78
The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vol. B: 1820 to 1865 by Arnold Krupat, Robert S. Le... ISBN: 9780393927405
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Middle Ages/the Early Modern Period/the Restorat... by Damrosch, David, Damrosch, ... ISBN: 9780321093882 List Price: $104.40
Drama An Introduction by DiYanni, Robert ISBN: 9780072295115
Norton Introduction to Literature Portable Edtion by Booth, Alison, Hunter, J. P... ISBN: 9780393928563 List Price: $58.50
Writing Essays About Literature: A Guide and Style Sheet by Kelley Griffith ISBN: 9781413003956 List Price: $101.95
English Romantic Poetry and Prose by Noyes, Russell ISBN: 9780195010077 List Price: $89.95
Pinceladas Literarias Hispanoamericanas by Gutierrez, Gloria Bautista,... ISBN: 9780471297475 List Price: $100.95
An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl by Launey, Michel, Mackay, Chr... ISBN: 9780521518406 List Price: $90.00
Norton Anthology of English Literature (Volume 2 with Audio CD) by Abrams, M. H., Greenblatt, ... ISBN: 9780393947762 List Price: $63.90
Literary Fort Worth by Alter, Judy, Lee, James Ward ISBN: 9780875652535 List Price: $17.95
Literature a Portable Anthology + Easy Writer 3e by Gardner, Janet E., Lawn, Be... ISBN: 9780312412791 List Price: $35.75
Introduction to Classical Nahuatl by Launey, Michel, Mackay, Chr... ISBN: 9780521732291 List Price: $39.99
Lecturas Basicas:literary Rdr. by Castillo-Feliu, Guillermo I. ISBN: 9780030133381 List Price: $32.50
American Standard by Covert, Blane ISBN: 9780980087802
Cronicas Brasileiras Nova Fase by Preto-Rodas, Richard A., Ho... ISBN: 9780813012469 List Price: $29.95
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Victorian Age by Gioia, Dana, Damrosch, Davi... ISBN: 9780321337702 List Price: $79.40
African American Lives The Struggle for Freedom by Carson, Clayborne, Lapsansk... ISBN: 9780321025869 List Price: $109.80
Literature An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Gioia, Dana, Kennedy, X. J. ISBN: 9780321475770 List Price: $82.20
Longman Anthology of British Lit.,v.2b by Damrosch, David, Henderson,... ISBN: 9780321067661 List Price: $28.95
Close Imagining by DeMott, Benjamin ISBN: 9780312003364 List Price: $37.95
Anthology of Spanish-American Literature, Vol. 1 - John E. Englekirk - Paperback by Englekirk, John E. ISBN: 9780130387868 List Price: $54.00
Revelations: Expository Essays by and About Blacks by Unknown ISBN: 9780536579713 List Price: $78.00
Little Literature Reading - Writing - Argument by Barnet, Sylvan, Burto, Will... ISBN: 9780321396198 List Price: $66.67
Longman Anthology of British Lit.,v.1b by Damrosch, David, Carroll, C... ISBN: 9780321067630 List Price: $28.95
The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 2A: The Romantics and Their Contemporaries by Dettmar, Kevin J. H., Damro... ISBN: 9780205655281 List Price: $45.33
Backpack Literature by Gioia, Dana, Kennedy, X. J. ISBN: 9780205551033 List Price: $62.60
Irish Writing in the 20th Century A Reader by Pierce, David ISBN: 9781859182086 List Price: $25.00
Las Literaturas Hispanicas Introduccion a Su Estudio Espana by Garfield, Evelyn P., Schulm... ISBN: 9780814318645 List Price: $34.95
Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces, Vol. 2 by Mack, Maynard ISBN: 9780393096583
From Furmanov to Sholokhov by Luker, Nicholas, Luder, Nic... ISBN: 9780875010373 List Price: $17.95
Portable Legacies by Crockett, Lynne, Schmidt, J... ISBN: 9781428206427 List Price: $69.95
Best American Essays, College Edition by Atwan, Robert ISBN: 9780618832590 List Price: $67.95
American Tradition in Literature by Perkins, George B., Perkins... ISBN: 9780072491562 List Price: $83.75
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