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Literary is such a huge study area that we decided to provide a collection of textbooks that focus on selective literary collections. Depending on your area of literary study you may find that several of these books are applicable to your studies, or you might find just one covers everything you need. Check your college tutor's suggested reading list and use the ISBN numbers to easily find exactly which books you need. We have books on fiction, poetry and drama, American literature, the anthology of English literature, African American literature, and thematically arranged literature. By choosing to shop for your textbooks online instead of in a college bookstore you will avoid the temptation of bookstands full of books that you would love to read but can't afford as a student. Simply type in the ISBN number of the books you need to help you find them easily with no temptations. Our literary collection textbooks are the cheapest you will find. You can also sell your books back to us when you are done with them.

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An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl by Launey, Michel, Mackay, Chr... ISBN: 9780521518406 List Price: $90.00
Urdu Ghazals: An Anthology from 16th to 20th Century by Kanda, K. C. ISBN: 9788120718265
The Norton Anthology of American Literature: Volume C: 1865-1914 by Baym, Nina, Krupat, Arnold,... ISBN: 9780393927412 List Price: $37.50
Norton Anth.eng.lit.,v.1 (cloth) by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393962871 List Price: $37.00
Norton Anthology of World Literature Mpn by Lawall, Sarah N., Mack, May... ISBN: 9780393977608 List Price: $35.00
Literature by DiYanni, Robert ISBN: 9780070170377 List Price: $55.00
Introduction to Fiction With Myliteraturelab by Kennedy, X. J., Gioia, Dana ISBN: 9780321245502 List Price: $67.20
Literature A Pocket Anthology by Gwynn, R. S. ISBN: 9780321011145 List Price: $35.20
Prose and Travel Books in Prose and Verse 1926-1938 by Auden, W. H., Mendelson, Ed... ISBN: 9780691068039 List Price: $100.00
Revelations by Redd, Teresa M. ISBN: 9780536002341 List Price: $28.20
Norton Anthol.of Short Fiction,shorter by Cassill, R. V. ISBN: 9780393966640 List Price: $26.50
Literature An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama by Kennedy, X. J., Gioia, Dana M. ISBN: 9780321325365 List Price: $70.60
Remembered Earth by Hobson, Geary ISBN: 9780826305688 List Price: $37.50
Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors by Abrams, M. H., Greenblatt, ... ISBN: 9780393976199 List Price: $45.00
Medieval English Literature by Trapp, J. B., Gray, Douglas... ISBN: 9780195134926 List Price: $49.95
Longman Anthology of British Literature The Victorian Age by Carroll, Clare, Jordan, Con... ISBN: 9780321333926 List Price: $48.20
Survey of French Literature The Twentieth Century by Bishop, Morris, Rivers, Ken... ISBN: 9781585101825 List Price: $28.95
Literature Approaches to Fiction, Poetry and Drama by DiYanni, Robert ISBN: 9780072881844 List Price: $62.50
World Literature An Anthology of Great Short Stories, Drama, and Poetry by Rosenberg, Donna G., McGraw... ISBN: 9780844254821 List Price: $51.51
Harper American Literature by McQuade, Donald A., Atwan, ... ISBN: 9780065009644 List Price: $123.00
New Bones Contemporary Black Writers in America by Quashie, Kevin, Lausch, Joy... ISBN: 9780130141279 List Price: $68.40
Dramatic Festivals of Athens by Gould, John, Lewis, David M... ISBN: 9780198142584 List Price: $225.00
Collected Writings of Wallace Thurman A Harlem Renaissance Reader by Thurman, Wallace, Singh, Am... ISBN: 9780813533018 List Price: $30.00
Norton Anth.eng.lit.,v.2 (cloth) by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393962895 List Price: $37.00
Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2 by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393974904 List Price: $45.00
Anthology of Amer.lit,v.i by McMichael, George, Crews, F... ISBN: 9780133732832 List Price: $51.00
Speeches by Gagarin, Michael, Antiphon ISBN: 9780521380294 List Price: $111.00
Transmission And Transformation in the Middle Ages Texts And Contexts by Cawsey, Kathleen, Harris, J... ISBN: 9781851829903 List Price: $65.00
Land of Exile Contemporary Korean Fiction by Pihl, Marshall R., Pihl, Ma... ISBN: 9780765618108 List Price: $27.95
Twenty-Five Great Essays by DiYanni, Robert ISBN: 9780321094124 List Price: $20.00
Major Writers of America - Perry G. Miller by Miller, Perry G. ISBN: 9780155546028
Harlem Group of Negro Writers by Tolson, Melvin B., Mullen, ... ISBN: 9780313311871 List Price: $99.95
Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader by Wu, Jean Yu-wen Shen, Chen,... ISBN: 9780813545752 List Price: $37.50
Norton Anthology of World Literature 100-1500 by Lawall ISBN: 9780393977561 List Price: $25.00
Longman Anthology of World Literature The Twentieth Century by Damrosch, David, Alliston, ... ISBN: 9780321169785 List Price: $52.60
Nort.anthol.of World Mast.v.1-expanded by Spacks, Patricia M., Mack, ... ISBN: 9780393963465 List Price: $56.80
Norton Anthology of American Literature / Nina Baym, General Editor by Baym, Nina ISBN: 9780393958713 List Price: $49.95
Norton Lit. by Bain ISBN: 9780393959383 List Price: $29.00
Norton Anth.eng.lit.,major Author Ed. by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393955620 List Price: $44.50
Masterpieces of the Orient by Anderson, G. L. ISBN: 9780393091960 List Price: $61.80
296. Literature,v.2 by Perkins, George B., Perkins... ISBN: 9780070493681 List Price: $39.30
Heath Literature by Landy, Alice S. ISBN: 9780669244090 List Price: $29.96
Norton Anthology of World Literature With Color Inserts by Lawall, Sarah N., Mack, May... ISBN: 9780393977646 List Price: $63.90
Norton Anthology of World Literaturees by Lawall, Sarah N., Mack, May... ISBN: 9780393977653 List Price: $61.05
Modern American Prose Fifteen Writers + 15 by Clifford, John, DiYanni, Ro... ISBN: 9780070113961 List Price: $78.85
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