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Foundations of Education by Ornstein, Allan C., Levine,... ISBN: 9780495808954 List Price: $153.95
School and Society by Tozer, Steven, Senese, Guy ... ISBN: 9780073378374 List Price: $123.44
Curriculum Development Theory into Practice by Tanner, Daniel, Tanner, Laurel ISBN: 9780130864734 List Price: $136.00
The American School by Spring, Joel ISBN: 9780073525891 List Price: $86.88
Educational Foundations by Huerta, Grace ISBN: 9780618562558 List Price: $110.95
Foundations of American Education by Webb, L. Dean, Metha, Arlen... ISBN: 9780137157266 List Price: $101.33
History of Education in America by Pulliam, John D., Van Patte... ISBN: 9780131705463 List Price: $81.33
Foundations of Education by Levine, Daniel U., Ornstein... ISBN: 9780618904129 List Price: $134.76
Way Schools Work A Sociological Analysis of Education by DeMarrais, Kathleen Bennett... ISBN: 9780801319563 List Price: $97.33
Hope for Audacity : From Cynicism to Hope in Educational Leadership and Policy by Batagiannis, Stella C. ISBN: 9781433118586 List Price: $36.95
Foundations of American Education by Webb, L. Dean, Metha, Arlen... ISBN: 9780130452320 List Price: $72.00
American Indian Education A History by Reyhner, Jon, Eder, Jeanne ISBN: 9780806137834 List Price: $24.95
Historical Introduction to American Education by Gutek, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780881335385 List Price: $32.95
Philosophical Foundations of Education by Ozmon, Howard A., Craver, S... ISBN: 9780131996250 List Price: $77.33
Power and Ideology in Education by Karabel, Jerome, Halsey, Al... ISBN: 9780195021394 List Price: $69.95
Teachers, Schools, and Society With Student Cd-rom by Sadker, David M., Sadker, M... ISBN: 9780073331614 List Price: $145.00
Forced Justice School Desegregation and the Law by Armor, David J. ISBN: 9780195090123 List Price: $125.00
History of Special Education by Osgood, Robert L. ISBN: 9780275989132
In History and in Education Essays Presented to Peter Gordon by Aldrich, Richard J. ISBN: 9780713002010 List Price: $45.00
History of Education in America by Pulliam, John D., Van Patte... ISBN: 9780130618948 List Price: $57.00
Separate Sisterhood The Women Who Shaped Southern Education in the Progressive Era by Reynolds, Katherine Chaddoc... ISBN: 9780820456843 List Price: $24.95
Education in a Free Society: An American History by Rippa, S. Alexander ISBN: 9780801301278 List Price: $24.95
Images of American Life by Spring, Joel H. ISBN: 9780791410691 List Price: $64.50
Teachers, Schools, and Society by Sadker, Myra P., Sadker, Da... ISBN: 9780070549227 List Price: $56.80
Greek and Roman Education Sourcebook by Joyal, Yardley, Mcdougall ISBN: 9780415338073 List Price: $35.95
Education in a Free Society An American History by Rippa, S. Alexander ISBN: 9780801316364 List Price: $112.00
Battleground by Mathison, Sandra, Ross, E. ... ISBN: 9780313339417
American School 1642-2004 by Spring, Joel ISBN: 9780072875669 List Price: $86.88
Don't Whistle in School The History of America's Public Schools by Feldman, Ruth Tenzer ISBN: 9780822517450 List Price: $26.60
Century Early Childhood: History, Trend and Issue - Glenda F. Roberson - Hardcover by Roberson, Glenda F., Johnso... ISBN: 9780536587619 List Price: $63.00
Education in the Development of Tanzania 1919-90 by Buchert, Lene ISBN: 9780821410844 List Price: $22.95
Social Reconstruction People, Politics, Perspectives by Riley, Karen Lea ISBN: 9781593112141 List Price: $39.99
School and Society Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Tozer, Steven E., Violas, P... ISBN: 9780070652828 List Price: $62.50
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