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American Education-w/timeline by Urban, Wayne J., Wagoner, J... ISBN: 9780073111728
Dropout Rates In The U.s. 1993 by McMillens, Marilyn M., Kauf... ISBN: 9780788126420 List Price: $30.00
How Teachers Taught by Cuban, Larry ISBN: 9780807732274 List Price: $53.00
Innovations in Education 1987: Reformers and Their Critics by Rich, John M. ISBN: 9780205111046 List Price: $30.00
Geschichte der Paedagogik by Weimer, Hermann, Schoeller,... ISBN: 9783110066463 List Price: $13.20
Ashby Report (1954) by Stephens, M. D. ISBN: 9781850410324
Education, Culture, and Identity in Twentieth-Century China by Peterson, Glen, Hayhoe, Rut... ISBN: 9789622095359
Hope for Audacity : From Cynicism to Hope in Educational Leadership and Policy by Batagiannis, Stella C. ISBN: 9781433118593 List Price: $139.95
Struggle for a Black Theology of Education : Pioneering Efforts of Post Civil War Clergy by Griffin, Paul R., Wilmore, ... ISBN: 9781884805066 List Price: $15.00
Brief History of Education by Clabaugh, Gary K., Rozycki,... ISBN: 9781929463060 List Price: $16.95
Klamath Childhood and Education by Pearsall, Marion, Gifford, ... ISBN: 9781555670986 List Price: $2.19
Some Thoughts Concerning Education by Locke, John, Exams Unlimite... ISBN: 9781591320326 List Price: $5.95
History of American Education by Unknown ISBN: 9781592477838
WEA Education Year Book, 1918 by Hughes, H. D., Brown, G. ISBN: 9780785531944
Samuel Smiles and Nineteenth Century Self-Help in Education by Stephens, M. D., Roderick, ... ISBN: 9780785531852
Dropout Rates in the United States, 1993 by McMilen, Marilyn M., Kaufma... ISBN: 9780788126369 List Price: $30.00
America's Teachers : Introduction to Education by Unknown ISBN: 9780801319730 List Price: $24.00
America's Teachers : An Introduction to Education by Newman, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780801314247
Schools of the Past : A Treasury of Photographs by Davis, O. L., Jr. ISBN: 9780873670807 List Price: $0.90
Foundations of Education by Grant Staff ISBN: 9780321023285
Matthew Arnold and the Education of the New Order (Cambridge Texts and Studies in the Histor... by Arnold, Smith, Peter, Summe... ISBN: 9780521073417 List Price: $24.50
Common Wealth of Learning : Millennium Goals Revisited by Macbeath, John, Younger, Mike ISBN: 9780415644839
One Best System? : A Revisionist History of Schooling in New Zealand by Shuker, Ron ISBN: 9780864690647 List Price: $40.00
Education Policy by Abbott, Ian, Rathbone, Mich... ISBN: 9780857025760
Teaching and Learning in the Early Years by Whitebread ISBN: 9780203930823
Education in a Changing Society. [by Richard I. Miller, Associate Director of the Project]. by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233561 List Price: $53.70
American Education and the Search for Equal Opportunity by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233073 List Price: $30.00
Education in the States : A Project of the Council of Chief State School Officers by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598220653 List Price: $200.00
Planning and Organizing for Teaching. [Writer : John I. Goodlad]. by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233592 List Price: $60.80
Structure and Administration of Education in American Democracy by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598232687 List Price: $42.20
Firsthand Report on Soviet Schools : Based on a Trip Through the U. S. S. R. by a Group of S... by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598518637 List Price: $30.00
From Bookshelves to Action : A Guide to Using the Recommendations of the NEA Project on Inst... by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598233257 List Price: $30.00
History of Higher Education in South Carolina, with a Sketch of the Free School System by Meriwether, Colyer ISBN: 9780598962560 List Price: $78.20
Today's College Students : A Reader by Sasso, Pietro A., DeVitis, ... ISBN: 9781433123955
Four Tudor Books on Education by Pepper, Robert D., Pepper, ... ISBN: 9780598712417 List Price: $83.70
Women in Higher Education, 1850-1970 by Panayotidis, E. Lisa, Stort... ISBN: 9780415858045
New Directions for Education in China by Cowan, Steven, Jin, Tinghe,... ISBN: 9781782771036
Introduction to the Foundations of American Education by Johnson, James A., Dupuis, ... ISBN: 9780205178384
Introduction to American Education: A Human Relations Approach by Gutek, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780690394375 List Price: $14.06
Stories of the Eight-year Study Reexamining Secondary Education in America by Kridel, Craig, Bullough, Ro... ISBN: 9780791470534 List Price: $86.50
Four Hundred Years of English Education by Armytage, W. H. G. ISBN: 9780521075961
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