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Sources:notable Selections in Education by Schultz, Fred ISBN: 9781561343324 List Price: $14.95
Teachers, Schools, and Society by Sadker, Myra, Sadker, David... ISBN: 9780072877724 List Price: $105.00
American Educational History School, Society, And the Common Good by Jeynes, William H., Jeynes,... ISBN: 9781412914208 List Price: $121.00
Foundations of Education by Ornstein ISBN: 9780395637821 List Price: $66.36
Philosophy and Education in Their Historic Relations by Dewey, John, Chambliss, J. ... ISBN: 9780813387147 List Price: $63.00
In Perpetual Motion Theories of Power, Educational History, and the Child by Baker, Bernadette M. ISBN: 9780820448664 List Price: $45.95
Forced Justice School Desegregation and the Law by Armor, David J. ISBN: 9780195111354 List Price: $60.00
Cd-rom to Accompany Teachers, Schools, And Society by Sadker, Myra P., Sadker, Da... ISBN: 9780072877816 List Price: $19.05
Philosophy of Education: The Essential Texts by Cahn, Steven M. ISBN: 9780415997553
American School 1642-2000 by Spring, Joel H. ISBN: 9780072322743 List Price: $57.90
Foundations of Education Becoming a Teacher by Travers, Paul D., Rebore, R... ISBN: 9780205281435 List Price: $106.67
Teaching and Learning in the Early Years by Whitebread, David, Whitebre... ISBN: 9780415424790
Lessons from History of Education The Selected Works of Richard Aldrich by Aldrich, Richard ISBN: 9780415358927 List Price: $41.95
Imperfect Panacea American Faith in Education by Perkinson, Henry J. ISBN: 9780070493711
American Education A History by Urban, Wayne J., Wagoner, J... ISBN: 9780072878356 List Price: $82.40
Foundations of Education by Grant Staff ISBN: 9780321023285
Silences & Images The Social History of the Classroom by Rousmaniere, Kate, Lawn, Ma... ISBN: 9780820439266 List Price: $29.95
Stone Trumpet A Story of Practical School Reform 1960-1990 by Gibboney, Richard A. ISBN: 9780791420102 List Price: $29.95
Canadian Education: Historical Themes and Contemporary Issues by Titley, E. Brian, Titley, E... ISBN: 9781550590074 List Price: $18.95
Passion, Fusion, Tension New Education And Educational Sciences/education Nouvelle Et Scienc... by Hofstetter, Rita, Schneuwly... ISBN: 9780820483757 List Price: $45.95
History of American Education by Watras, Joseph ISBN: 9780205470266 List Price: $70.67
Early Years Education Major Themes in Education by Parker-Rees, Rod, Willan, J... ISBN: 9780415326698 List Price: $1,190.00
American Education-w/timeline by Urban, Wayne J., Wagoner, J... ISBN: 9780073111728
American Education by Urban, Wayne J., Wagoner, J... ISBN: 9780075409212 List Price: $39.25
Historical+philosoph.found.of Education by Gutek, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780132097437 List Price: $36.75
Legacy of Learning A History of Western Education by Power, Edward J. ISBN: 9780791406113 List Price: $31.95
Political Agenda Of Education A Study Of Colonialist And Nationalist Ideas by Kumar, Krishan ISBN: 9780761933168 List Price: $71.95
Education and Schooling in America by Gutek, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780205132034 List Price: $121.33
Larger Sense of Purpose Higher Education And Society by Shapiro, Harold T. ISBN: 9780691123639 List Price: $30.95
New Significance of Learning by Hogan, Padraig ISBN: 9780203864487
Struggle for the History of Education by Mcculloch ISBN: 9780415565356
Kloster und Bildung im Mittelalter by Kruppa, Nathalie, Wilke, Ju... ISBN: 9783525358719
School Tradition of the Old Testament The Bampton Lectures for 1994 by Heaton, Eric W. ISBN: 9780198263623 List Price: $99.00
Some Thoughts Concerning Education by Locke, John, Yolton, John W... ISBN: 9780198250166 List Price: $60.00
History of Us Teaching Guide and Resource Book by Johns Hopkins University Ce... ISBN: 9780195144420 List Price: $149.95
Teaching German in America Prolegomena to a History by Benseler, David, Lohns, Wal... ISBN: 9780299970239 List Price: $14.00
Historical Research in Educational Settings by McCulloch, Gary, Richardson... ISBN: 9780335202546 List Price: $37.95
History of Us Teaching Guide and Resource Book Lesson Plans, Transparencies, Review Game, A... by Johns Hopkins University Ce... ISBN: 9780195144451 List Price: $149.95
History of Education in America by Pulliam, John D. ISBN: 9780675212229 List Price: $28.00
Final Exam A Study of the Perpetual Scrutiny of American Education by Bracey, Gerald W. ISBN: 9780784208076 List Price: $24.98
Reading and Writing: Literacy in France from Calvin to Jules Ferry by Furet, Fran├žois, Ozouf, Jac... ISBN: 9780521274029 List Price: $21.95
Learning of Liberty: The Educational Ideas of the American Founders by Pangle, Lorraine S., Pangle... ISBN: 9780700605811 List Price: $35.00
Myth of the Common School - Charles Leslie Glenn - Paperback by Glenn, Charles L., Jr. ISBN: 9780870236037 List Price: $19.95
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